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  1. I have an IMAP email account setup in Outlook 2013. In previous versions, Outlook would create a seperate PST file for contacts and calendars as well as having the OST file for emails. Does anyone know if this still happens or is it all in one file now. I was having problems with Outlook not receiving emails correctly and just creating a new OST file didn't fix it, so I deleted the Outlook profile and recreated it. My emails are coming in correctly now, but I can't open the old OST file to import the contacts and calendars. When I try to open the OST I get an error that it can't open the file because it was created with another account. Can anyone suggest how to get the contacts and calendars back?
  2. I couldn't find a section for Server 2011 so I am writing this here. I have a server running Windows SBSE 2011. I am having a problem with adding users through the dashboard. If I add a user this way, it takes almost an hour for it to complete the add process. But if I add a user through the regular Server Manager, it will add the user with no problem.
  3. Ok, so can anyone tell me which ports I need to throttle the VPN connection back on a Cisco RV042 router. I have attached what I have tried so far, but those don't seem to be working. Unless I set it to All Traffic, then it will slow it down.
  4. Ok, thanks allen2, that makes sense. Now, I cannot reduce the amount of traffic so it looks like I will need to shape the traffic. I will give that a try.
  5. But why would office #1 not see any difference but office #2 does? Even with just browsing the web?
  6. I have 2 RV042 routers, one is version 1 and the other is Version 3 and both have up to date firmware loaded. Both ISPs are cable, one is Comcast and the other is Mediacom. I have set both MTUs to various different settings and set the upload download speeds in Bandwidth Management. Speedtest.net shows speeds at office # 1 of 30/5 and office # 2 is 10/2. The VPN connection is always active. My problem seems to be this, if data is ever being transferred between the offices the internet speed for office #2 slows down to 1.5/.12 but there isn't really any notable differences at office #1. Does anyone have any idea of what could cause the drop in speed.
  7. I forgot to mention that it needs to run on Windows.
  8. Can anyone suggest a good data backup program for backing up files offsite? We have 3 offices in different locations and we want to backup each office to the other 2. I would like for the program to have bit (or block) level backup because some of our files are pretty big. I would like for the program to cost no more than about $75 per license. I am currently running Goodsync, but I'm just really not all that happy with it. I am currently testing Backup4all, but it doesn't seem to support bit level backup.
  9. I have a SBS 2011 Standard server up and running. It's been running for a few weeks now. Just the other day, I noticed the clock was off by several hours. Any attempt to change the clock through the time and date settings have failed. It just reverts back to the origional time when I click ok. I thought I set the correct date and time I first set it up. It is running all of the default rolls.AD/DNS, DHCP, Web, Exchange......
  10. IE, Chrome, Firefox. None of them worked. I believe I might have found the problem. There was a leftover Norton service running and Norton wasn't installed anymore (I uninstalled it over a month ago). I uninstalled it and they all started working again. I had been working on this problem for 3 days.
  11. I have this Windows 7 laptop that I am having problems browsing the internet with. I have already scanned for viruses with Malwarebytes and Super Antispyware - no viruses. I have checked internet connection settings for proxies, no proxies. I can ping google, no problem. I can ping any computer on the LAN by IP and NetBOIS, no problem. I have disabled the firewall, reinstalled NIC drivers. I can browse the internet while in safe mode but I can't browse in normal mode and I also can't access network shares through WIndows Explorer.
  12. I have a question about Powerline equipment. If I was to use a Powerline kit to send a signal to my living room from my office and then wanted to send another signal to another bed room, would I need to by a completely new kit for the bedroom? Or, could I just buy another single adapter to send to the bedroom. Look at the illistrations below.
  13. Well good new. Come to find out my qnap does support SCSI-3 persisitent reservations. I totally missed this when I was looking the first time. Scroll down to the iSCSI section. QNAP TS-639 Pro Turbo NAS
  14. Ok, thanks once again. I have been playing around with FreeNAS for the last couple of days and it seems to be missing the one freature I am looking for. That is the ability to upgrade/replace drives in the RAID configuration on the fly without having to create a new RAID set. Guess I'll have to keep looking or save up the funds to purchase what I need.
  15. Thanks cluberti! Can you recommend a good entry level NAS that will do this, or is there such a thing?
  16. I might have misunderstood what you are saying but setting up wireless for a domain is really no different than a wired, you just need a WAP within the domain network.
  17. I appologize if this is the wrong forum, but I figured either here on the Network section. I figured it could go either way. I just purchased a QNAP TS-639 which has iSCSI. It is loaded with 6 2TB drives in a RAID 6. Currently, I have 1 Win Server 08 running 6 VM's all on internal drives. I'm trying to plan for the future and I am wondering the best way to migrate the VM's over to the NAS. I am planning on sometime in the future to switch over to a Hyper-V cluster. With that being said, on the NAS, do I create an iSCSI target and mount that on the current server? Or, should I setup a file share on the NAS and run the VM from the share? It is my understanding that an iSCSI target should only be connected to one machine at a time. So, I am guessing that I shouldn't go the iSCSI target route if I am going to have a cluster.
  18. Is the router you are talking about at work or home? The router at work is the one you need to worry about. If it is a decent small business router, you can easily set up a PPTP that will allow you to log into your network and access your files. I am more familiar with the Linksys RV042 which will do it no problem or you can use 2 of these to create a constant VPN tunnel between work and home. If you are dead set on using your 2k8 server, the first thing you have to do is allow what ever port it is that VPN uses (I can't remember which one it is at the moment) through your router.
  19. If you are running windows server, install DHCP Server then create a scope then you can assign an IP based on the MAC address. If you are running DCHP via a router, then usually (depending on the make and model of the router) you can assign an IP address based on the MAC through that. If you do end up installing DCHP on the server, after you get the scope configured, make sure you disable DHCP on the router. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
  20. What you will need to do is add the new server to the domain, install rolls and configure then promote the new server.
  21. Are you wanting to transfer the VM to the new server or have the new server take over the rolls?
  22. I am having a similar issue. It would be nice if we could set some sort of limit as to the number of backups it keeps.
  23. You're joking right? Not very convenient way to copy/delete files. But better than nothing. If nothing else will work, that will do it. I'm just sayin...
  24. You could boot the computer with a boot disk like Ubuntu or other Linux live distro and delete the files on the drive through that.
  25. Try logging in as Administrator and see if it will delete.

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