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  1. A few people users been reporting that missing flashing cursor issue all along the 10.50/60 series testing in the Opera forums and I myself suffer from it but it seems neither you nor CharlesF are experiencing it, so perhaps it's only affecting Windows ME and not 98 for some reason. The lack of flashing cursor does not affect 98SE. See this post! http://www.msfn.org/...971#entry940971
  2. Yep they did! It's on the 'Winds of Change' Album!!
  3. FWIW This problem does not seem to affect 98SE, it only shows up when Opera 10.50+ versions are installed on 98SE2ME or ME itself. The only workaround I know for this is to left click on the box you need to fill and hit 'Insert' button on the keyboard. This will get you a rather bold flashing line in place of the normal line, which is less than perfect but useable. HTH
  4. It really bothers me that people suggest google all the time. If google had all the answers, I wouldn't be asking questions, now will I? Google do not have all the answers so beware! Thanks for your reply but it was of no help.I'm aware of the ones from google but............ It amazes me that some people still need to be spoon-fed answers rather than look for themselves!!!
  5. Question has already been answered in this post!!! http://www.msfn.org/...2/page__st__635
  6. Most of the tweaks that are applicable to earlier versions of Opera still apply. Google will get you plenty of answers.
  7. IMHO Replacing opera.dll 10.60 with that from 10.54 will still for the most part give you Opera 10.54. Have you checked what version it says under Help - About Opera with that dll in place.
  8. KB982381 and KB980195 are in the updated MDIE6CU3.4 See the MD thread for download details.
  9. No problem here running TCPView v2.51 with RP9.6.3, the display is normal and fully readable with the default font on my 98SE2ME box. I cannot test it on my 98SE unit, which has the same versions installed of both programs as that is out on loan 'till the weekend. HTH
  10. Download unicows.exe and transfer that and run it on the PC and that will place unicows.dll into the C:\Windows\System folder or transfer the unzipped unicows.dll into that folder directly.
  11. My take on Windows 98 and Windows 7 comparisons remind me of a quote by Albert Einstein;
  12. See this thread http://www.msfn.org/...ash-player-101/
  13. The most current version of Flash is, can you try it with that version?
  14. See Minimal requirements on this page http://adblockplus.org/en/installation
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