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  1. Hello there, Did it several times with succes. Make sure your image is 672 x 512 pixels ! It will fit exactly between the small black lines. Greetings, DJPro
  2. My sincere condolences. I am so sorry for your loss. With my deepest sympathy, DJPro
  3. you are right, sorry not to mention I use version 8.0.2
  4. Hi Mritter, This is the error I got with IE9. scripterror in WPI/WPIscripts/themes.js line 352 sign 4 lblselections not defined code 0 Best Regards, DJPro
  5. Hello there, Something about warranty, what I do know OEM-builders only give warranty for hardware problems. So if your HDD dies they will replace it for example. If you repartition your harddrive or if you delete the recovery partition and do a whole new install of windows they don't care. In the past I send some laptops back where I did a complete new install and repartition, after some time something went wrong with for example a memory module, those laptops came back with a new module and they didn't care about the harddrive that was comletely repartitioned. At least, you don't get warrant
  6. Hello, I also used the Office Customization Tool and -> cmds[pn]=['"%root%\\Apps\\Microsoft Office\\2010\\setup.exe"']; and everything is working perfect (it waits until office is installed and then goes to the next command). The thing I noticed is that you don't have an order number -> ordr[pn]=[29]; for example for every item in your config file. Don't know if this is the problem but maybe you can add an order number for every item. (didn't test this) Maybe you can check and test again. greetz, DJPro
  7. Go to options -> General - and there you can set the number of collums. Or you can also do it manually by opening the 'WPIScripts' folder and look for 'useroptions.js' : under the // General tab there is 'NumCols=4;' for example.
  8. You can open 'useroptions.js' in WPIScripts folder. Then find ShowExtraButtons=false; -> you can set false or true to see the options and other buttons. Greetings, DJPro
  9. I mostly work with 1 entry: cmds[pn]=['{JSCRIPT}=if (getBits()==32) RunCmd(\'%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\UltraVNC\\UltraVNC_1.0.8.2_x32_Setup.exe\'%comma%false%comma%true)','{JSCRIPT}=if (getBits()==64) RunCmd(\'%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\UltraVNC\\UltraVNC_1.0.8.2_x64_Setup.exe\'%comma%false%comma%true)']; Don't forget to put the silent switches for the installer if it needs some.
  10. Seems to me your pc is still infected. A while ago I had an infection on my USB-stick and it showed also those strange 'chinese-letters'. I unplugged it, plugged it in again and it wasn't recognised anymore -> USB-stick death. I would backup all important files and do a new installation. Or maybe, if you haven't done already, install 'Malwarebytes' and do a full scan to check for malware. Greetz, DJPro
  11. in Add-on Maker: Installation File: setup.exe Command for Silent Installation: TRANSFORMS=Unattend.MST /qb-
  12. Hi Bendfella, This is a way you can do it: setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattend.MST /qb- Kind Regards, DJPro
  13. Hi Mritter, As I posted before when you put the 'exit' button in the side panel like the other buttons nothing flash. So if the 'exit' button remains in the 'main window' nothing will flash, it's only when it's stated in the bottom bar. So I thought it had to do with some overlay or how the cells are placed in Internet Explorer. I changed the script wpi.htm in \Common\Themes\Windows this line: <!-- The main display window --> <td class="opTxt" style="width:100%; height:100%; vertical-align:top; padding:0px;"> into this: <!-- The main display window --&g
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