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  1. I need FREE hosting.

    yea i saw ur post, just warning people, get the service before it expires
  2. [Desktops] 2003

    Thank you Widnez_boy and Datalore, the icons are from here, they're called Penstyle. The wallpaper is from the creator of Autopatch Xp: FunFish at http://www.n-e-o-w-i-n.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=125369
  3. I need FREE hosting.

    Try this www.1and1.com 500mb of webspace, only 25 days left for this offer
  4. Which OS do you think is/will be the best?

    OMG Panther is one of the best OSX, can believe you say it sux :/, have you ever used it? http://www.apple.com/macosx/
  5. What u playing at the moment?

    Need For Speed Underground, Online and Ski Simulation Game <---- This is the best game
  6. TweakNT

    this is a 1 month old post, the link might be dead
  7. Thanks for the reply, the program is now working perfectly fine. Great program by the way
  8. I got this error when I try to open any version, any solution to this?
  9. This is a 2 month old post not exactly a "new site"
  10. Remove Components

    My suggestion is to open Service and find the correspondent components read the descriptions. You might not find all components according to DaveXP's [component] list. But it still helps. You can also go to Microsoft's website
  11. I have just read Numinou's "Using HIVE files instead of registry tweaks" guide. Could people post some of their HIVE modification that they use on their unattended installs?
  12. [Desktops] 2003

    here is mine
  13. i'm very sorry, never mind my last post, it didnt do anything to my system
  14. which folder should I choose, since i dont wanna mess around with my old system files.