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  1. making a windows 2000 bootable cd

    we'll see what happens!
  2. i have 2 windows 2000 cds 1) bootable slipstreamed sp4 cd that gives file errors 2) nonbootable oem cd (that i assume works, havent tried because it isnt bootable) is there a way that i can extract the boot image from the bootable cd, then make an iso of the nonbootable and put the boot image in it? or something to that effect.
  3. this may be in the wrong forum, if it is apologies in advance. i want to install a distro of linux on my notebook, and i have some questions on possible conflicts. the current setup is as follows 1 hard drive, 2 partitions partition 1 (c drive) is windows longhorn partition 2 (f drive) is windows xp pro my question is, if i delete the longhorn partition and install linux in its space, will it affect my ability to boot to xp because its on the secondary partition? or is there something similar to boot.ini in linux. the other option would be to delete both and install windows on the main partition and linux on the secondary. any thoughts?
  4. Business Implementation

    I am doing a "business report" for my business communications class on companies and their offerings for the business world. ie: comps, service, support, hardware/software, etc. I would like to see if anyone has any experience with any of these companies and if they have done any business with them. (please note this does not mean your home computer) Also, if there is a company that you have done business with/or know of that i have left out please mark other, and post what the company is, their website, how the transaction went, and your results/opinions. Thanks, Jim
  5. os install problems

    yea i did the cd rom thing before. the i pulled out one of the sticks of ram though, and bam! install went like a dream. looks like i am going to have to exchange the ram now though
  6. os install problems

    i'll try that with the ram and see what happens
  7. os install problems

    i have been having some problems on just a typical os install. i keep getting errors of the system not being able to copy a certain file. you can tell it to retry or skip with a message saying the installation may fail. well the thing is i have tried multiple operating system disks, which have worked before on other machines, and they all have they show the same error (different files). ive tried my oem copy of xp corp, a slipstreamed sp1 xp corp, and a slipstreamed sp4 windows 2000 pro disk. any ideas?
  8. What u playing at the moment?

    i am suprised no one has said call of duty, the single player on that game was amazing. my current addictions are quakeworld and wc3