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maybe add ability to sort the categories of the comp.s to something like

Safe to Remove

Recommend to leave





something like that

will be good to newbie users :)

and make the user fast choosing each time

like build-in present file without have to build it

added in 2.5.2008

able to copy just one image from install.wim [ could save time of copying or/and to vlite progress ]

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ok one more idea

An option to remove more files, using relative paths. For example, this option to be located in the Components section I could specify to remove files like so:



I'd think it to be better if it is specific like that. I edit the image after vliting to remove 16-bit support. There are two winspool.drv files, \Windows\system\winspool.drv and \Windows\system32\winspool.drv, and as far as I know the one in system32 needs to remain while the one in system can be safely deleted. I remove 100 or so files as part of NTVDM and editing the image afterwards just makes the image grow.

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Remove individual games or atleast Inkball lol


Keybord Layouts - Theres tons of them lol, dunno where the keyboarrd layout folder is though

Uncommon Fonts Removal


Application Layer Gateway Service

Aplication Management

Protected Storage

Windows Event Collector

Windows Event Log

Windows CardSpace

Windows Management Instrumentation

Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

Windows Update and Everything related (cryptographics services, BITS, etc...) useful for WinSXS removal.


Hide Desktop Shortcut Arrow

Start Menu Customization Tweaks

Choose Services state like on nlite tweak section.

Visual effects tweaks


Update how much space a specific component uses because the newer components dont have the size of them above the descriptions.

Updating Last session.ini's to XML so you can use the "+" and "-" to hide things you dont need to see i.e. Languages, keyboard layouts and each seperate catagory.

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Oh, instead of 1MB of Paint you have 10MB of Paint.NET and 400MB of .NET Frameworks? Perfect reasoning.

yes if u look at the feature!

Tihiy's point was that with an eeepc, you've only got 2-4gb of hard drive space

so having .net framework on there is a bit mental

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Nuhi, can vLite load the compatibility/app items from a INI file ? This form, each users can create their compatibility options. By example, I would have this compatibility items:

Laptop recomended: Mobility Center, Windows Mobile Device Center, Windows Portable Devices, Network and Sharing Center, WLAN Support, .....

LAN file and printer sharing: File and printer sharing (Server), Computer Browser, Network and Sharing Center, Network Explorer, ...

Firewall and Antispyware: Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, Security Center, Malicious Software Removal Tool, ...

Catch the idea ? Is this possible ? Or you plan extend the compatibility items ?

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Set services startup settings

Tweak to patch vista to allow unsigned themes

Ability to integrate Unsigned themes

Set Screen resolution, Wallpaper, Screensaver, Color Depth, which icons are on desktop, Refresh Rate, etc

Ability to remove: Disk Cleanup, Individual Games, Keyboard Layouts, .NET Frameworks

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What about vLite to come with some ( tested ) presets already for component removal ? Just to select them and then make just some tweaks around it. Let's say something like :

- minimal installation

- media center ( full media center - but for rest minimal installation )

- tablet pc ( same as media center )

and others. Me for example I want an Media Center installation - to be fully working but nothing else.

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