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  1. My score is the same as yours except my CPU and ram get a 7.3. (Overclocked Q9300 to 3.2Ghz and running 8GB of ram ) It's nice to finally have a 6 but I feel like for the money I spent on this system it should have been 7 average.
  2. Not only that, but Office 2007 SP1 can't be slipstreamed.They're going backwards... or just dumb, one of those. With Office you just put the sp1 files in the update folder and that's it. worked for me Not for me. Wasted like 3 DVD's trying to get it to work too.
  3. Set services startup settings Tweak to patch vista to allow unsigned themes Ability to integrate Unsigned themes Set Screen resolution, Wallpaper, Screensaver, Color Depth, which icons are on desktop, Refresh Rate, etc Ability to remove: Disk Cleanup, Individual Games, Keyboard Layouts, .NET Frameworks
  4. Well I just found out the hard way tonight that SP1 RTM won't work on a vLited install. I personally run Vista Business x64 myself. I guess after SP1 RTM is offically released I'll order an x64 disc from Windows Alternate Media (I haven't used it yet with my key) and hope it comes with sp1 integrated.
  5. I'm using the offical retail x64 dvd untouched as my base. It seems one of the Windows Updates I have installs it. I get my update list from http://aaron-kelley.net/downloads/hotfix/ and it's listed as an update. :-\
  6. cbosdell

    Problem vLite

    did you restart your computer?
  7. the defragmenter in TuneUp Utilities 2008 works great!
  8. Hey, I just wanted to report a few more issues with the latest version vLite. I've made two custom vLite installs in the last week or so and both have had these issues. Windows PowerShell installs automatically on both which I don't think ever happened before? Also even though I select to disable UAC it starts enabled. Besides that everything is going great. Thanks! edit: I must have imagined using some tweaks vLite didn't have for the file type and IE settings so I took those out. Sorry about that.
  9. I have what probably is a stupid question. What should I put in the workgroup box as my workgroup on the unattended page so it doesn't pop up while installing xp? Can I just make something up? I'm not part of a network or anything and just use ethernet to connect to my dsl. Thanks!
  10. cbosdell

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Hey. I just wanted to report a few issues with the latest version of nLite. When I make an unattended install disc with nLite it still prompts me for the Computer Name even though I specified it. The name I enter shows up but I have to press next which takes away from the unattendedness of it all. I'm using the hide pages default for the unattended install. Also, lately it seems when I make an nLite disc the themes service is disabled by default even though I specify it to start automatically in the services config page. Besides that, everything's going great.
  11. cbosdell

    XPero's utilities

    thanks but that link is missing the folder type fixer utility.
  12. cbosdell

    XPero's utilities

    Can someone point me to a download for the Folder Type Fixer program? The link seems to be dead.
  13. Thanks! It says all versions of vista are supported then that 64bit versions aren't? I run Vista Ultimate x64 so I guess I can't use Vize?
  14. I just built a new computer last night and tried to install Windows Vista on it. I pop the disk in and boot to it and it beings to load the setup files then goes to the blank progress bar page and freezes there (as in never leaves the page). I've tried several times with a total of four different vista discs to no luck. XP Installs just fine more or less but I want Vista. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get vista to install? This is getting really annoying! Thanks! edit: I finally got it to work.
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