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Best game on PC?


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Half-Life 1 + 2 + Episode 1 now waiting for Episode 2. :)

Let's not forget Deathmatch! *Headshot!* Whahahaha!

ES4 - Oblivion was sweet, too...

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Its got to be the classic's - C&C mainly - on the PC for me I think.

I can't think of any other game [except possibly Final Fantasy Online] that comes close to the sheer amount of hours my friend & I have played that game for.


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i remember before C&C was released i played a demo of it from a magazine. i got so hooked on that little demo, me and my friends must've played those couple levels a hundred times.

but the best game of all time for me is Betrayal at Krondor. that was a sweet game. (ultima 7 is a close second)

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the secret of monkey island (monkey island 1) would have to be the best adventure game of all time

i still think aoe2 is the best rts

i probably consider ut as my favorite fps

and i cant really say much for rpg, since ive only played diablo 1

but theres nothing wrong with it, there are only about 3 people on battle net though.

but the best game changes from time to time because of what you feel like playing

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