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  1. I will soon buy new components for my computer. Currently i have: Core 2 duo E8200 4Gig of RAM Gigabyte ep35c-ds3r motherboard Radeon 6850 1GB 650W chieftec PSU And i will swap RAM,CPU and MB. Which components should i buy for about 300-350€ ? I mainly use my computer for gaming and i would like to play upcoming games like: Max payne 3, Mass effect 3, Diablo 3, . . . I don't know which cpu to buy (i3, i5 or Phenom II X6 T1055 for example?) Please help me taking this hard choice and compiling my new rig. Many thanks, M16si from Slovenia Greeeetzzzz
  2. so its okay to change my 3 chich cables with TOSLINK optical cable and still get all the benefits of 5.1 ? Is sound better with optical cable (S/PDIF)?
  3. Hi, i have a Logitech Z-680 sound system, and i just don't know anything about connecting them. Since I connected them for the first time with a direct 6-channel cable (sound is very weird, and its not the sound card problem, because before i had x540 and they worked nicely) I was thinking of buying an optical cable (Input: Optical)(Input: COAX???) <---- (those are the options in Z-680's command console) I don't know anything about optical cable for sound systems (does 5.1 work with optical?) And What is COAX anyway? Im noob in these thing and i would Appreciate some help, so i can optimally listen to movies and playing games.. Thank you very much. m16si
  4. I urgently need a program similar to Cute PDF reader. Is out there a better software than Cute PDF?' Thnx m16si
  5. i think i will be able to afford CORE I5-2500K... because i will buy it in december not sooner... Please paste a few links, with some "good" motherboards. must i buy ram and processor with same FSB (mhz) i don't really understand FSB or those mhz? Thank you
  6. Last week my old graphic card 4850 radeon died. I immediaetly bought radeon 6850, its a good graphic card. but i think my processor and motherboard bottleneck the whole system (E8200 and GA-P35C-DS3R 775lga motherboard). am i right that this system bottlenecks my graphic card??? i was looking to buy new motherboard, ram and processor. since my budget is low i was thinking about... 4gigs ram corsair (2x2gb), and i3 550 processor. About the motherboard i don't have a clue what to buy, i was looking noumerous motherboards but there so much of this stuff on the market. I "think" i want a 1156 socket (is it good or another one), but the stuff complicates about chip set i looked at motherboards and they have i57, h57, i67,... and lots of other chipsets... Which chipset is the ?Fastest? or i don't know gives most performance???? and i would like to buy modern tech chipset not some 1,2 year old board with old chipset... Please help me make a decision thank you all for helping.... m16si
  7. m16si

    Language Error

    Yes there are three languages installed English, pyccknn (russian i think), and slovenian (my native language), When i try to uninstall language pack, windows doesn't recognise any of there languages. and doesn't shows any language to uninstall..
  8. m16si

    Language Error

    Im running Windows 7 64-bit. And last week i installed some wierd files, mods for company of heroes, and some other things. And language changed to russian. But not in windows, and not everywhere. For example i have Fable III pc game, and when i install it with English language pack, game is in russian when i run it ????????????????????? And when i try to install new chipset drivers, install is in russian???? I don't know what i destroyed of corrupted but is there any way to reverse setting back to english?? Again i must tell you that russian language isn't everywhere but only in some installations or tabs. Thanks for everything and any ideas.. Bye m16si
  9. Hi. In my company i have HP Compaq 6715s Laptop. And Right now i have Windows XP installed and they work very poor, and im going to format it this week. Will Windows 7 work on my computer?? And i want to ask will it work excellent or good or poor??? Because i don't want a slow working computer on my workplace. It has next specifications: Amd Sempron 3600+ 2 GB of DDR2 Ram Radeon X1250 Thnx for anwsers
  10. Do you still remember the old games like Recoil or Mass destruction where you were driving tanks around diffrent levels blowing up things???!??? Well right now in 2011 im looking for similar games like Recoil Or mass destruction... Do you have any games in mind???? Or is it possible to boost graphic in Recoil or Mass Destruction Link to there two incredible games from the past : http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/massdestruction/index.html http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/recoil/ Have fun lots of greetzzz from Slovenia
  11. Hello, I run a small company, and my employes always hang on facebook when Im not around the office. I would like to block facebook access. I've heard that you can block it by going into windows folder and write a line in hosts ( www.facebook.com) but my employes found a way to pass it. We have a Sinope E568+ router, and i would like to block it from router directly. Any ideas???? Please help Bye and greetz from Slovenia M16si
  12. Amm sorry I din't write all the specifications.. I need to convert this DL DVD because my DVD player (Philips) for Television doesn't read it... I just want to fix it by copying another copy for me because it's a pitty that I payed a lot for this dvd and now it doesn't work on my telly:( .... Thank you for helping.... still need suggestions.... Bye and lotsss of greetzzz from Slovenia
  13. Is there any easy way to convert NTSC format to PAL. Because im in europe DVD movie I ordered doens't work on this region of DVD player. And i need to convert it to PAL. Any suggestions ? Thnx cheerz from Slovenia
  14. Hello i have a problem. I want to setup an external HDD into a workgroup, so that 4 computers can access it through a workgroup and share informations and data with it! I have 4 laptops that work on wireless internet. And three computers have Windows XP and one has Windows Vista. Could you please describe the whole procedure because i really don't know where to start. Thank you very much... m16si
  15. Hello i have alot of duplicate mp3s in my library and i want to know which is the best program for removing duplicates from my computer? Thnx Bye
  16. Im currently using Windows 7 Build 7600 (i think). My older brother is still nagging me to install XP (dual boot). So can i install XP on my HDD without spliting disk into several partitions? Thnx Bye
  17. I just installed Windows 7 on my new HDD Seagate Barracuda 1TB which supports NCQ. I have a GigaByte EP-p35c-ds3r. And i don't know how to turn on NCQ or AHCI i really don't know the diffrence because im new at this field. Earlier none of my disks supported NCQ. Im really shooting in the dark here. I have enabled AHCI in bios but i just get a Blue Screen when booting to Win7. Please help! Thnx Greetz Tine from Slovenia
  18. Where can i get a large list of HTML tags so i can print them.... I have a new school subject next year called Web development and i want to learn in advance so i won't have to worry next year ! I also wanted to ask which program is good for typing HTML code i currently use Notepad :S ! Thanx in advance cheerzzz from Slovenia
  19. I want to burn a Dragon Ball collection. In Bsplayer i want to use japan as a deafult sound. In Windows media player classic there is japan choosen by deafult. But in Bsplayer there is english as deafult. Do you have any idea how to set japan as deafult language in bsplayer? I know it is a little unimportant problem but i would like to solve it! Thnx for any ideas! Greetzzzz from Slovenia m16si
  20. Dear forum members, I am asking for your help with setting up top and bottom margins (menu File, submenu Page setup) in word document. Requirements for top margin are following: - between edge of the paper (A4 – paper size) and text must be blank space; this field must be wide between 2 and 2,5 cm. I prefer highest possible margin, that is 2,5 cm. - My question is how to setup margin (in submenu Page setup) and layout to fulfill previously mentioned requirements. I have set up top margin to 2,5cm, layout (from edge - header) is set to 0,0 cm. Final result is not satisfying, because blank space measures 3,3 cm. Where have I gone wrong? Is it possible that measure is wrong because of printer settings, are my settings by default ok? - For orientation Portrait is used - Header option is not used (Header does not exsits!) Requirements for bottom margin are following: - Footer is used (pages are numbered; central alignment is used) - Blank space between edge of a paper and page number must be exactly 2,0 cm - My current settings are: bottom margin is set to 0,0 cm , layout (from edge – footer) is set to 2,0 cm; i know that this settings are false, because narrow space between page number and text must exist Thnx for any answers in advance. Best regards M16si
  21. I have a lot of errors on my HDD... And i usually use windows chkdsk, but now i can't use chkdsk because it takes too long and my computer must be turned on because i need it at work to remotely access it... Is there any good software to fix errors on my hdd in windows? (im not talking about bad sectors but registry and other problems,...) thnx
  22. My cousin is buying a new rig. He is going to buy Gigabyte GA-EP45T-DS3 motherboard. And we were wondering what is better, 2x 2GB ram or 4x 1GB ram ??? What do you think? Thnx for advice Cheerzz
  23. I just bought budget Sound system called X-540 from Logitech... I quickly plugged all the speakers and subwoofer....... Than i played one of my favourite movies Saving Private Ryan.... But i can't get rear speakers to work and i also tried other dvd's... - Im 100% I correctly plugged my speakers and connected them to my PC.... - I have on-board sound card that is more than enough to run my speakers (Gigabyte P35C-DS3R) Must i uninstall sound drivers and reinstall them ? Is it because i used to have 2.0 stereo speakers and windows still thinks it's 2.0 ? I tried to configure the system in realtek HD audio Manager but no success.. when i click the pictures to test the speakers i hear rear speakers in front ones.... Must i install any Logitech software? Any Ideas ? thnx
  24. I think you should go with Radeon HD3870 i know it's not listed but i think it will be the best choice! i found this one on the page that you send ( Asus - Radeon HD3870 512MB DDR4 - 135€ ) Bye

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