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    So great to see Nuhi's return !! Thanks for the hard work ! Would like to finally see a trully portable version yeah, and as I don't run any .net shit here, would love to be able to get rid of the annoying runtime installation somehow. Well, at least, the old minimal runtime package still works (nLruntimeR3.exe)...
  2. i just checked and the funny thing is that i didnt even have this key on this pc, so i needed to create it
  3. thanks, i'll try that its a new removable component in latest nLite beta, so i guess its a problem, as it doesnt seem to work properly (checking this component for remove should apply the registry tweak you talked about (?))
  4. and i cannot click on the checkbox, NOT to display this screen @ each window's start, as theres no checkbox : So how can i remove it for good ? thanks
  5. emodel

    win 2003 sp2 final

    did you guys slipstream over sp1 ? (i guess its okay to do so...)
  6. emodel

    win 2003 sp2 final

    thanks for your report I guess its better to wait, then
  7. hi can we merge it already with nlite 1.3, or does it need an updated version ? thanks
  8. cooool vista fun ? which one ? Filling the hard drives ? hahaha
  9. hehe As i'll never need a dx10 card (as i only play on emulators), i wont need to "upgrade" to vista (lucky me) The shame is that some people who use 2k/xp/2k3 buy it, thinking its an upgrade. It would be so nice to see people boycot it (sure, for new pc's, we cant do anything). I needed to switch from 98 to nt5 kernel, because of stability, now i dont NEED to switch anymore, but i'll HAVE to at some point, and thats a shame. Still, i'll use xp for many years to come. Now, if only FL studio worked on linux....
  10. Now the question is, how is it possible just to make an OS so that its so big !? Are there 4 or 5 movies installed maybe ? On my laptop, xp is less than 300mb (installed)... (which is still 270mb too much for what it does)
  11. as VLC is the only "clean" one, it's the only one i would ever consider (all codecs included) (i use the portable version)
  12. emodel


    well in case you dont know, a lot of people use nlite to nlite the cd So i wont integrate that huge pile of crap (version 3.0 is 50 mb i guess hahaha) Anyway you missed the moint, this alt library is to be able to run nlite, i dont want to integrate anything...
  13. emodel


    "These runtimes are relatively small to download and it doesn't register any DLLs, just copies needed files." It seems the only dll installed (beside those in nlite folder) is in the windows sys32 folder - mscoree.dll The installer's dat also refers to mscories.dll which should be installed too, but theres no such file in sys32 !? I ask cos i would like to zip the needed dll's, so that when i reinstall windows, i just have to drop them in the right location. thanks
  14. I use qemu cos it doesnt put a lot of crap in your windows, unlike the others (which install services etc)
  15. Just read what is displayed in nLite and you'll know
  16. don't forget to set your screen to 32bpp, otherwise you won't see Aero as available
  17. Well i didnt try with latest 1.2.1, (i guess it still gives bsod) but this should be stated indeed. It maybe doesnt give the same (bad) result with XP though...
  18. 99% sure, yes I removed a lot of things (almost all services), and its working perfect (as long as you dont tweak services startup). Keep us posted.
  19. ??!! (ide drive) I stated clearly that I can't tweak services startupwithout causing a bsod.
  20. ::: update ::: monday is okay finally, but I'll take a shower between 2 & 2:22pm
  21. it is indeed well, now, there are still 25 services i'd like to remove :-P
  22. thanks Nuhi I guess this is fixed in latest RC ?
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