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  1. I'll give it a try someday, but right now I have no time. i'll give it a go in the holidays. But someone will have to help me, because 1) I don't know where you get all the parts from 2) How? and how much does it cost to build a descent PC/Laptop I think my mum had a very reliable laptop (very old, she's got a new one now), It's a Toshiba, and it has windows 95. Well, it's been like more than 10 years and it still works fine and it hardly ever crashed.
  2. Who do you think I am, some kind of genius? And plus the fact that you have to buy all your equipments and components and all that time and efforts needed to go into all this. I ll try to build one when I get a bit older and knows more about technology and how the PC is built
  3. Which game do you think is the best ever made on the PC? Have your say. Personally, my is age of empires III
  4. The most powerful and runs the quickest as well as having the largest hard drive memory overall. Coz there are so many models of the same make you can't tell which TOSHIBA pc is the best.
  5. There are so many PCs and laptops on the market currently of different makes but which one is the best and most powerful?
  6. Hi everyone, and go microsoft

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