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[Release] Darkside Logon Screen


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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... and did I say THANK YOU yet? :D

Peace is a lie

There is only passion

Through passion I gain strength

Through strength I gain power

Through power I gain victory

Through victory my chains are broken

The Force shall set me free

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cheers for info digerati

i'd been using pecompact student edition to compress things like filezilla.exe and all standalone exe's that i have (some are .net or already compressed so dont work) but it saves a lot of space on hard drive!

ie filezilla is now 509kb, then xp file compression takes it down to 505ish

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can you please please replace bitmap 114, because i delete my user account pictures, now mine comes up with the guitar from yours

i edited my main one to have nlite.bmp, obiously an nlite logo wouldn't fit for everyone, so need something else..

they're 48x48 by the way

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xpero, your stars could do with touching up a bit, can see gradient change in them..

but yeah, that touched up at 48x48 :)

actually, i windows flag would probably go quite well too (or would it be too many flags on one page?)

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Probably too many flags.

I done that image with a black salt shaker as the "Dark XPize"

If someone provides me with a decent image that everyone likes then maybe I could release a new version with the user image changed.

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Beautiful work antonio. One of the best I've ever seen.

But can you make shutdown/logoff/restart screen to match your work? It looks kind of weird having black theme with matching "welcome" and "saving settings" screens and blue shutdown/logoff/restart screen.

Also, will this be included in XPize 4.6?

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