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nLite 1.2 Beta - Return of the warrior


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man if you were a woman nuhi I would... hehehehe, never mind

He's a horny one, Nuhi. Put on a wig and a dress. LMAO :lol:

He's just excited that you seperated format drive support from floppy drive component. :P

The process worked flawlessly as usual, but upon checking the source files again, it listed some things I had removed, so I removed them 'again' and checked it a 3rd time, one that I didn't select for removal was gone (DHCP Client). Languages, drivers and other things seemed to stay behind. I was just trying to make an update screenie for my signature. ;)

Keep up the great work, Nuhi. I'll check back in another 3 months. :P

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Great changelog, I'm going to try it as soon as possible ;)

# new: Desktop Themes integration

# new: User accounts unattended setup

new: Format drive support (separated from Floppy support)

and new components that I can remove!!!!!!

Thanks a lot, nuhi, you ARE God!

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Wow I like this one more then the previous finals already! Really the return of a Warrior... it looks better, I like it.

Did see the same thrown exception as user Emodel! Perhaps needs a 'catch exception' there.

It happened like this: Just after I imported 2 .ini's, I noticed KAV2006 became more active... I imported a 3rd ini and then I got the error.

I shutdown KAV and other running processes (Live Messenger). Restarted nLite and it is running fine now!

BTW, what is the benefit of merging driver.cab with the sp*.cab's?

Whoops, now that Services has been merged with Tweaks, I cannot load my selections for Services from an existing .INI. I can only load the Tweaks part (wich doesnt contain Services ofcourse). Well that's normal with big updates.

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Just wanted to say, thanks for another great release.

A small bug, in the burning part of the program. I have two dvd-burners, and somehow nLite get's confused, and thinks my nec is my phillips and vice versa. No biggi, but got me stumped when I tried out this new function.

So all I need to do is an install to confirm it's all ok.


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So I see it has some stuff for 2003 SP2 compatibility. I just tried using nLite with SP2 and got a ton of missing file errors I had to esc out of. Will this fix that? And are there any problems it fixes that I should be wary of while using 1.0.1?

Note: there is a new "refresh" of the beta; v2786.

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