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Blueray or HDDVD?


Blueray or HDDVD?  

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  1. 1. Blueray or HDDVD?

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well i voted for HD DVD.

Blueray is just completely over kill; HD DVD is already sufficient for HDTV.

HD DVD will be considerably cheaper too. I think the primary advantage the HD DVD has it its discs can be played back in all the DVD players people already own, albeit at only DVD resolution. So all the current DVD being sold could be replaced by HD DVD's and its a win/win unless it significantly affected the price. So I want to know when we can get HD DVD readers for our computers? :)

My main concerns about the HDCP/DRM is the inability to make backups - unless the discs are 99% scratch proof, and the revocation lists. However I've researched this a bit and it sounds like people already have broken HDCP or are prepared too.

btw check out this page, has mouseover DVD and HDTV stills from LOTR.


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Where's the option for "Upscaling Standard DVD Player"? I dunno about you guys, but screw Bluray and HD-DVD until one or the other dies.

Better yet, let BOTH of them die and let's have a REAL format upgrade instead of these half-assed DRM nightmwares.


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It's not going to make much difference. As noted, they both work for movies, but neither is sufficient for a proper backup.

Let's just hope they both get superceded in a big way and the whole thing dies. They both deserve to considering what they want to charge for both the drives and the media. Blu-Ray was out and available some two years ago...at least in Japan, and they waited and waited to release it in the US and Europe and never agreed on a common standard. What a bunch of turds they are.

Let's hope they lose their investment to a fast solid state random access 150+GB medium.

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