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WPI 5.0rc2 Bug Reports

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Okay, I am running into a weird error in the way WPI displays my applications. Instead of sorting the applications by category sort order, the menu seems to display the applications based on either install order (the first category displayed is the one with the number one install order)if I select install by category.

Or if I select not to install by category it displays them based off of alphabetical order (the category with the application beginning with A is displayed first).

This did not occur in 4.3.8.

I am doing something a bit unique with my menu, I am adding category tabs on the left side of wpi so that you can browse through the categories by clicking. I use the cat sort order entries to do this.

Can you maybe point me in the right direction as to what may have changed between 3.8 -and 5.0 that might cause this?

Any help is much apprectiated!!!

I am using 5.0rc2

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I did not change anything in the way WPI sorts/handles/displays the config list. The first thing that comes to mind is that WPI does sort the list alphabetically, as seen in the Navigation pane, and then saves it in that order. So if you then moved them around manually with a text editor, the order could be changed. Other than that, I really don't have a good answer for you.

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Question for "faaip565" does the sort work for you prior to you editing code with using one of the "config.js" in the "Example Configs". If so does it then work once you use your "config.js" if not it might be that you are missing lines of code in your "config.js" file. but if it still works it will be the code you are adding.

The way code was added prior to v5.0 is a little different than it is now. I have found that the code has changed. Someplaces they are minor but if you are using same code you added from earlyer than v5.0 you will need to modify it somewhat.

Hope this helps. If not try posting your WPI files

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Okay, Now the bug(if it is that and not a self caused issue) has changed slightly.

Yes I was using a standalone config.js editor, and the alterations I had made were not loaded into WPI yet. Once I opened up the config in WPI itself and saved it updated.

Now it does not change based on wether or not I have install by cat selected.

However it still completely ignores my cat sort order in the options menu, and instead lists all categories based on which one has the application that is alphabetically first.

i.e. ( not that you guys need it explained but just in case)

CAT sort order is (ADMIN, UTILS, GAMES)

apps are (Aliens adventure, nlite, winrar)

Games category is displayed first on screen because Aliens adventure is in that category.

Any ideas??

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How does your "Catagories Sort Order" look?

Do you list them "ADMIN, UTILS, GAMES"


Do you list them "ADMIN,UTILS,GAMES"

there should not be any spaces and also they are Case sensitive.

So if The title is "Admin" "UTILS" and "games"

then it needs to look like this


That should fix your problem.

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here :

1. execute before , execute after , doesnt match my needs.

before for me is before wpi.hta starts,

(i run a program in autoIT who check for installed updates in regs

who create a log file for every installed update, i have separate entries in separate

categories for installed and uninstalled updates...need separate categories,are 47 seven today,)

after for me is after wpi.hta ends, not inside wpi.hta.

(also run an autoIT program, with restart/shutdown/exit/device manager....+++ more options...+++...

who also can launch wpi, so i cant launch wpi from wpi...)

so need to back to wpi.cmd for me .

by the way : not translated execute before+after in programs window.

2. options -> installer -> disable when dependencies not met -> not checked

<If this is not checked, all checkboxes are enabled. If a program is selected, its parents will become selected too.>

here this is not true : my parents programs are not selected automaticaly

3. force installation on exit :

checked : perform force installs on exit

+ ALSO perform force installs on begin install, this is oK

UNchecked : DO NOT perform force installs on exit

+ also DO NOT perform force installs on begin install , this is not oK

(here suppose to force installs on begin installs and do not perform them on exit,

this was like i said at least in versions before 4.3.8)

this is why i need, i run my cleanup.cmd here, but only on begin install.

4. @Kelsenellenelvian & @mritter :

congrats for this piece of art.

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why the Allanol Winamp MSI doesn't install on WPI 5.0 RC2

is it a matter of INI issue or what?

plz anyone confirm this prob?

I'm waiting for the REGEDIT /S problem to be fixed

another thing, how can I press (Begin Install) be only keyboard?!

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Let me start by adding my appreciation for the hard work done to get to this point.

Specifically thanks also for adding the logging function: it's already proving very useful for me!

The log now lets me see that nircmd.exe on Windows 200 SP 4 returns errorlevel 9009. That's obviously not WPI's problem, but should I expect the return code to do anythign other than affect the gree-tick,yellow-?,red-cross that is displayed as WPI progresses through the list of apps to install?

I did find one issue when running on W2K-SP4 .. as it starts WPI complains that checkExclusions() is not supported on line 511 of check.js. I'm having to report this based on paper notes I took during the install - my ISP was down last night - so I may not have the exact wording.

Once again, many thanks for a terrific piece of work.

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no bug , just an old problem who still exist

with no_column_break_in_categories checked :

if i have 20 categories , each with 14 programs

but 13 of them in every category hided (cond[]=false) ,

wpi will show 20 programs in 20 columns (1program x 20categories)

(7 pages with 3 columns) each column with only one program listed

wpi still preserve space in columns for ALL programs in a category

i dont know if is easy to count the programs in a category

AFTER the cond[] is evaluated ...

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I have gotten the installer code working much better. I just had an idea on how to overcome all the args variations. I also figured out more for the RegEdit tweaks. RC3 should be soon, my beta testers are feeding me results and ideas.

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I had another go at isntalling last night, this time installing WIndows XP SP 2 + the latest hotfixes and applications.

From the log I still see all the nircmd.exe lines failing and the expected actions have not happened (desktop not cleaned up, Start menu not rearranged).

My config.js is unchanged since v4.3.8 so I'm not sure what is going on.

Here is a sample entry:

prog[pn]=['Daemon Tools']
desc[pn]=['Installs Damon Tools virtual CD <i>Recommended</i>']
cmd1[pn]=['%CDROM%\\DVD-Apps\\daemon347.msi /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress']
cmd2[pn]=['%CDROM%\\DVD-Tools\\nircmd.exe execmd DEL /Q "~$folder.common_desktop$\\DAEMON Tools.lnk"']

cmd2 is supposed to go and remove a Desktop link, but the link is there after the install. If I run that same command afterwards, manually, the link is indeed removed.

My ISP is still playing up so I can only post from the office and I cannot a snippet from the log file, but it looks (from memory) something like this:

'D:\DVD-Tools\nircmd.exe' 'execmd DEL/Q "~$folder.common_desktop$\\DAEMON Tools.lnk"'

I'll try reverting to v4.3.8 tonight, leaving everything else unchanged.

Any other ideas for what I else I should try?


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