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  1. that doesn't make the checkbox disappear it just fades out a bit i believe.
  2. try this cubs: go to your wpiscripts folder. open up your boxes.js file and edit it in notepad. search for this portion of the script. //insert checkbox and label // -- checkbox -- txt += '<input type="checkbox" id="chkbox' + i + '"'; if (uid==null || uid=="") txt += 'name="chkbox' + i + '" '; else txt += 'name="' + uid + '" '; txt += 'onclick="checkDeps(' + i + '); checkCategory(' + i + ');"'; txt += 'onMouseOver="qdh(prog[' + i + '],desc[' + i + '],Style[0]);" '; txt += 'onMouseOut="htm();"'; if (forc !=null && forc=='yes') txt += ' checked'; if ((DoGray && DisableIfDoGray) || (forc != null && forc=='yes')) txt += ' disabled'; txt += (' />\n'); and modify it to this: //insert checkbox and label // -- checkbox -- if (!DoGray) {txt += '<input type="checkbox" id="chkbox' + i + '"'; if (uid==null || uid=="") txt += 'name="chkbox' + i + '" '; else txt += 'name="' + uid + '" '; txt += 'onclick="checkDeps(' + i + '); checkCategory(' + i + ');"'; txt += 'onMouseOver="qdh(prog[' + i + '],desc[' + i + '],Style[0]);" '; txt += 'onMouseOut="htm();"'; if (forc !=null && forc=='yes') txt += ' checked'; if ((DoGray && DisableIfDoGray) || (forc != null && forc=='yes')) txt += ' disabled'; txt += (' />\n');} This should give you the desired effect.
  3. LOL okay thanks for the response. I kind of figured that would be the case. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong
  4. Not really sure if this would be considered a bug or not. But I just recently upgraded to 6.0 and I have noticed an extreme delay while loading up the initial application list. I have around 200 applications to choose from. I noticed this delay before on previous versions of WPI but now it takes a minute and a half for it to load up. Any suggestions?
  5. Hmmm can you check your file associations for HTAs?
  6. Dyna, You can fix your issue with the install order, and keep your install by category feature by altering you category sort order to have your system programs install first, and your treiber programs install second. i altered the user options to reflect this and it installed as advertised. hope this helps.
  7. No unfortunately I have no spaces in my cat sort order. I believe it has something to do with the tab system that I am working on for my menu. Mritter has been looking at it.
  8. Okay, Now the bug(if it is that and not a self caused issue) has changed slightly. Yes I was using a standalone config.js editor, and the alterations I had made were not loaded into WPI yet. Once I opened up the config in WPI itself and saved it updated. Now it does not change based on wether or not I have install by cat selected. However it still completely ignores my cat sort order in the options menu, and instead lists all categories based on which one has the application that is alphabetically first. i.e. ( not that you guys need it explained but just in case) CAT sort order is (ADMIN, UTILS, GAMES) apps are (Aliens adventure, nlite, winrar) Games category is displayed first on screen because Aliens adventure is in that category. Any ideas??
  9. Okay, I am running into a weird error in the way WPI displays my applications. Instead of sorting the applications by category sort order, the menu seems to display the applications based on either install order (the first category displayed is the one with the number one install order)if I select install by category. Or if I select not to install by category it displays them based off of alphabetical order (the category with the application beginning with A is displayed first). This did not occur in 4.3.8. I am doing something a bit unique with my menu, I am adding category tabs on the left side of wpi so that you can browse through the categories by clicking. I use the cat sort order entries to do this. Can you maybe point me in the right direction as to what may have changed between 3.8 -and 5.0 that might cause this? Any help is much apprectiated!!! I am using 5.0rc2
  10. Nevermind I found it sorry for wasting your time please delete this thread
  11. Can you tell me where the color and size of bars underneath the category names is defined in 5.0?
  12. I had some issues with the dependencies within the menu. Selecting all applications would only select the dependent applications after the primary dependency. (i.e. only the applications that were alphabetically or categorically after the main dependency). This forces me to adjust my categories and alter the name of the main dependency (with an astix or number) to get all of the applications to be selected. Additionally when I have Installed an application and I use the grayed out condition met. The defaults or category selection checkboxes still select the applications behind the scenes, and they try to install. Is there anyway to remove the delay when you load up the config within the gui itself?
  13. If that is the case is there anyway I can increase the number of alotted pixels per category name??
  14. I am using the category names to create a tab system that allows me to browse up and down the page by category. I was able to shorten one category name to make it work. If there is anyway I can adjust this it would help me greatly in case i run into a category name in the future I can not shorten

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