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  1. Yes, when you send the args to WPI, WPI is blocked. That is normal. I looked again through the code and the only thing that can go wrong is imo the registry reading and writing. I guess that if anything should go wrong, we should check whether the entries were successfully written to the registry ...
  2. Hi guys! I'm currently looking into the USSF bug but I can't reproduce it. Can you please explain step by step what you are doing? What is text in the command boxes before and after you run USSF from WPI? And especially, are you using USSF in silent mode?
  3. Well, I don't think you can do that the easy way ... maybe trying to read the css with js/vb or making a hidden div and apply the class to it (then read the property) could solve the problem ...
  4. I'm not sure I got it right, but if you want to define a class in css and apply it to a element via js, you should use document.getElementById('elem').className = 'cname'; And the css class should be .cname { ... } LE: just reread the whole thread, I guess I got it wrong ... you mean you already applied the css style and the js property isn't working correctly?
  5. Check this out. PS: I'm not quite active here at this time, but I'll be back soon .
  6. Well, I haven't been around for almost an year ... and this app was discontinued. It doesn't work with the 5.x branch and since WPI evolved now it covers some of this app's functionality. The reason I abandoned (at least for a while) the forum was the exams I have in about 2 weeks, exams that kept me away from working. So in about 2 months from now I'll start working on a new project that is meant to be somenthing between WIHU and WPI and it will include most of this app's functionality. Until then I must learn some C++ and get the basic functions work done ...
  7. Although I'm not around because I have some personal problems, I noticed this upgrade which, in my opinion, is a huge one. This new design looks awesome. PS: You know what you have to do, people ... donate.
  8. Ok ... maybe CMenu got some updates ... Last time I checked (that beeing when I wrote the last version of ussf) CMenu had no other switches. Anyway, that means we can detect more programs I'm quite busy atm, but I'll try to update USSF too with those switches ...
  9. CMenu ain't going to detect anything else than USSF already did .
  10. Actually I don't think this is working for the 5.x versions, so you can't use it anymore. Unless I find some time to update, there will be no further support for it.
  11. Try to unpack a regular AutoIT script with upx -d and run it. And then try to unpack CDSwitch and it will give you the error metioned above. So I can say that CDSwitch is a little different .
  12. As I said, not necessarly a virus. Maybe an incomplete download. But I know that such an error (I mean with that text) is shown only if you did something really bad to the executable (unpack / try to hack / decompile etc). CDSwitch is a little different from other executables written in AutoIT. Its special "feature" is that once you unpacked it, it won't work again. I won't write a longer reply because I don't want my ideas to be used to decompile other programs.
  13. It should not throw an error if you launch it from the windows gui.
  14. Try redownloading the file and scanning it for viruses. That error is not specific to this app, but for corrupted autoit scripts; what I mean is the file you have got corrupted somehow.
  15. Make sure that 'Install by category' is not cheked in the Options page.

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