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WPI 5.0rc2 Bug Reports

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great .. i copied my old config.js file ..nad it picked it up in the new version.. i was just testing it ..

but was having one problem.. i want it to install by the install order number i gave.... but when i install it doesnt follow the install order number ??

what am i doiing wrong


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Forced Installs not working.


Sorry. Thought I clicked forced installs upon exit but I guess it helps if I hit save.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.

But thanks for the quick reply!

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And first of all, congratulations for the amazing work.

There may be a small glitch in installer.js:

In function InstallPrograms(), I found somewhat unfair :w00t: the handling of the commands:

Only those passing the FileExists(cmdLine) test proceed to the shell. Others are tagged as failed even before getting a chance to defend themselves.

This way of doing leaves behing a whole lot of valid commands which are located in the PATH and that people usually call without any path (making the FileExists test failing).

The most common example is 'REGEDIT' but RUNDLL32, NET, MSIEXEC, all the CMD commands, and many other would fail the test as well, while still being valid commands.

As a practical case, with the new 'feature' I can't have anymore an Item grouping a whole lot of reg files like this:

regb = 1stfile.reg
cmd1 = regedit /s 2ndfile.reg
cmd2 = regedit /s 3rdfile.reg
[rega = 8thfile.reg]]

My WPI_Log shows:

cmd1 Fail: 'regedit' '/s 2ndfile.reg'

because it could not find 'regedit' (while it just used it for itself one command before :huh: )

Of course I could go by using %windir%\regedit.exe, but that would be far from elegant.

The thing is, I am also denied to install .inf files using RUNDLL32, to connect to shares using NET, etc.

So I am really not sure that FileExists(cmdLine) is a good test, at least 'as is'. Specially if it's the only one.

If I may suggest a couple of ideas for solving the problem:

- At least an option might be necessary to disable it. (As for myself, I would prefer an option to enable it, for those who really need to check that).

- The purpose of this test is to find out problematic commands by writing a log file of the results, isn't it?

I don't know enough javascript, but doesn't the shell.run function return an error code if it fails?

Wouldn't this be more recommended for debuging a list of applications?

And at least the command would be marked as failed AFTER having been run :D

Anyway, I am really impressed by the quality of the application and if I can be of anymore help to solve this, I'd be more than glad to give a hand.

Thanks again,


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Guest able10

I set the timer to 600 seconds. The readout was 0:600 and started counting down from there.

I just recently found this program and was trying v4.3.8. The clock in that version shows 10:00 and counts down. Was this change intentional or is this an error?


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