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HFSLIP - Test releases


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Hello Tomcat76.

I have a nice and small sugestion.

Add in folder HFGUIRUNONCE and HFSVCPACK, parser to apply EXE files in MODIFYPE existent on HFTOOLS.

On various upgrade on HFGUIRUNONCE and HFSVCPACK with my made silent install packs, is necessary apply manually modifype one by one.

It's better if hsfslip auto modifype on copy files from these folders to SOURCESS.


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HFSLIP 1.7.5 No Support XP SP3 RTM v5.1.2600.5512 ~ :wacko:

None of those are included in SP3. I still need to check how HFSLIP handles slipstreaming of IE7 and WMP11 on SP3.

An updated version of HFSLIP will be available by April 29 when SP3 is released to the public.

It's being worked on. I slipstreamed it by hand, and THEN ran HFSLIP on my source folder with IE7 updates only. There seems to be some wacky problems, though. Just sit tight, Tomcat will fix the issues and release a new HFSLIP. :D

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Hi TommyP :hello:

Because I am slipstreaming XP with service pack 3 for my friend, I used the latest test version... hfslip-1.7.6rc5.cmd

I noticed that there is no mention (on the very first display page of HFSLIP) of slipstreaming Windows XP service pack 3 but rather, only of XP service pack 2... just wanted to point that out to you.

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Windows XP SP3 / WMP11 / IE7

Source files were copied from a Windows XP Corporate CD that was previously slipstreamed with SP2.

hfslip-1.7.6rc5.zip was unzipped to C:\HFSLIP

Ran the batch file to create the appropriate directories.

Copied the following 2 files to C:\HFSLIP\HF

1) IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe

2) WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe

Extracted the following file using Winzip to C:\HFSLIP\HF\WMP11\

1) wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe

Copied the source files from my XP CD mentioned above to C:\HFSLIP\SOURCE

Ran the batch file again, followed the prompts, and ended up with a SOURCESS folder.

Used CDIMAGE to create an ISO

Installed on Virtual PC 2007 for testing.

Found the install to go flawlessly.

Windows XP shows SP3 and IE7 and WMP11 both run without any problems.

Just wanted to pass along this information!



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Thanks for the heads up, mechtn.

BTW... You are not required to extract the WMP11 executable (except when your host OS is Windows 2000 *and* it's the English WMP11 update), but it's still OK because HFSLIP doesn't have to extract the WMP11 executable anymore which will speed up the HFSLIP run.

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Hi out there,

just want to happily confirm rc5 is working great for me.

Did it to a fresh german XP SP3 source.

Added this to HF






Everything seems to work ok

Windows Update is quiet except for MRT

setuperr.log is clean

I didn't add the WUA/WGA stuff, I thought it might be already integrated, but no. So I still have to check with that.

thanks alot


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HFSLIP replaces old versions while integrating IE7 to SP3 source.







These are not related IE7. Most of them version 6. Comes from IE6 with little update.

SP3 containes higher version of script file. IE7 replace older.

In fact original setup does not touch these files. Skip them because source files are higher version.


I dont know which one is better.

10.0.5730.13 comes with IE7 EDIT: In more informations look likes 6.0.5730.13

2007.10.31.2 comes with SP3.


SP3+WU+IE7+WMP11+rootsupd+MRT works perfect

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Hi Tomcat76!

hfslip-1.7.6rc5 bug ...

Terms of test:

WinXP Pro Italian image with SP3 (VL) RTM

HF folder with ...

IE 7.0.5730.13


Windows Update KB947864 update requires that apparently is present in the image. While trying the on-line update is reported error code 0x8007F0F1 (Files from the package are incompatible with files on your system.).

In addition to this, is prevented the installation of the package "PDFFactory Pro" with a critical error not declared that abortion is the installation process.

After uninstalling and reinstalling IE7 is possible to install KB947864 and therefore also "PDFFactory Pro" ... ideas about it?

Thank you!

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New IE7_INST.EXE package.

If there is an alternative method, you can explain to me?

Uh, yes... The default one: slipstream. This is done by not specifying IE7SVCPACK or IE7GUILOGON in HFANSWER.INI. But leave that for now.

Is everything OK if you remove any IE7 updates from the HF folder?

What the RC of HFSLIP 1.7.6 is doing with IE7 updates on XP SP3 isn't really favorable as eryen pointed out above. We're five days away from the next Patch Tuesday so I will just let the final HFSLIP 1.7.6 handle IE7 updates as usual.

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