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  1. Unfortunately it WON'T work. You have 4 (four) characters available, like \I386, you cannot have \SETUP\XPR3, only \XPR3. As said, you can have a hex edited SETUPLDR.BIN and TXTSETUP.SIF in each of the four-letter folder, and chainload it through grub4dos (or Aerostudio that can use grub4dos) or BCDW, or whatever, cannot say about Easyboot. jaclaz In fact... /XPR3 folder been used for recovery and installation console. All other files must be in folder, where TXTSETUP.SIF defined. \i386 or \Abrakadabra\badabooomm\WindowsXP123 Maybe that was an extrem example, but still it work like that. Soo basicly yo can create too many installation in one media, if your media can contain all of these OS'es.
  2. Windows XP's boot sectors are same, just like Win2k3 all versions... So in fact u just need only 3-5 sector. For Windows 95/98/ME boot disk... For Windows 2K all versions... setupldr.bin (in i386) For Windows XP all versions... setupldr.bin (in 386) For Windows 2k3 all versions... setupldr.bin (in i386) For Vindows Vista ...... i realy hate this... i even dont want to talk about it PowerPacker will take all setupldr.bin files automaticaly.... U have to add 9X versions manually.
  3. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=126 This is the utility u are looking for.
  4. You have to optimize CD/DVD to create smaller image files. With Optimize selection only one file will be archived from multiple OS'es... In UltraIso u can activate "Optimize" selection from image properteries.
  5. This link still works. Also you may use VideoMach to compress your avi files with RLE method.
  6. I have got ResHacker already buddy but im having trouble replacing the avi's with the new ones at the moment lol!! Stoner81 U may try restorator. Just drag&drog avi files inside... Move.avi=>AVI/160 Copy.avi=>AVI/161 Delete.avi=>AVI/162
  7. At last i finaly found a program can save as avi with BMP/RLE compression. Now my shell32.dll (34MB :S) slimmed to 15MB... Also edited afew. Now all look like same in basic. Left side of frame is white.
  8. http://rapidshare.com/files/146729625/movecopydelete.rar move.avi 574kb copy.avi 320kb delete.avi 408kb
  9. eryen

    SP1 + language packs?

    Integrating Language pack to SP1 integrated source creates more cleaner and reliable source to installation than Vista+SP1... Integrating SP1 creates huge pending.xml file that will register/install/remove, new or old files at last setup sequence.
  10. HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\D7314F9862C648A4DB8BE2A5B47BE100\InstallProperties","LocalPackage",,"Something here" If u have this register. MU will bypass Silverlight.
  11. Yep i found my problem. My system date is old. So SOURCE\DOSNET.INF is newer than new created but old time flagged SOURCESS\DOSNET.INF. Realized after i saw this XCOPY/DE SOURCE SOURCESS Sorry :i feel like a fool:
  12. I dont know why but HFSLIP creates DOSNET.INF, TXTSETUP.SIF etc. in SOURCESS folder. Then Start to copy all SOURCE files to SOURCESS :/ At that moment ask me do i over write files.
  13. HFSLIP asks me, do i want to overwrite Source\DOSNET.INF to Sourcess\DOSNET.INF Source\TXTSETUP.SIF to Sources\TXTSETUP.SIF WBEMOC.INF too 1.7.9 Final was same too. I say NO?! WindowsXP-KB922120-v5-x86-TRK.exe not integrated. SP3 does not included LLTD PS: Temp solution for me Changed all SP2 to SP3 in 922120 hotfix. Files copied, inf entries created. WindowsXP-KB922120-v5.1-x86-TRK.exe
  14. From vanilla cd only SP3.cab, Components and dotnet folders etc. From SP2 source. SP2.cab and other files came with SP2 U may merge driver.cab with sp3.cab Also u may delete component and dotnet folder if u dont use.
  15. After i added afew addons. my sysoc.inf file is still untouched. Is there any problem ??
  16. I've never get error with HFSLIP+nLite. I just remove Messenger, MSN Explorer and Dr. Watson.
  17. In fact, i didnot know that changes. I realized that after completely folder compare.
  18. If u look at files with HEX Editor. UNICODE files has that FF FE string at the begining to define this is an Unicode file. WBEMOC.IN_ is partially corrupted. Best and easiest way is. copy /b unicode.header+wbemoc.inf Attached unicode.header containes FF FE unicode definer. Wbemoc.inf becomes real unicode file. Also. I created a CD. Rootsupd, 905474 and WUA slipstremed with HFSLIP. WMP11 slipstreamed with WMP11Slipstreamer by booggy (las version modifies wbemoc to. After hflisp can not read this file. ) IE7 with nLite. Messneger, DrWatson, MSN Explorer removed. There is no error, with it. wbemoc is not corrupted. (nLite didnot touced it atleast) wbemoc made by HFSLIP works on that system. In past i saw that framedyn error too. I was using a personal inf files, included all my setting. (More then nLite) In last 2 mounth, if i include that inf file i see that error. There is an tweak corrupt my installation. I dont kow which. I dont have enoght time to check all of them, one by one. unicode.zip
  19. Your nLite'd Wbemoc.inf is totally corrupted. Double UNICODE converted. Or something like that... String look like UNICODE but new line stings still ANSI. Maybe other files are corrupt like this. With that file WinXP will not install correct.
  20. WBEMOC.INF is partial corrupt made by HFSLIP. That is an UNICODE file but not contain FF FE binary string at the begining of file. I just realize that while testing WMP11 Slipstreamer.
  21. Hımmm... I guess i found it. HFSLIP modifies WBEMOC.INF file. Deletes napclientprov.mof and napclientschema.mof entries in it. WMP11Slipstreamer can not read new file anymore. I just opened that file. ReSaved. Compressed. Replaced in source. Than WMP11 Slipstreamer works. Is this HFSLIP's fault? But still 0.99i can slipstream in same source. I feel so stupid now. Going to complain TomCat wbemoc.inf
  22. That's all, nothing more. Nothing removed. Just added these files with HFSLIP on original Windows XP SP3 source Older WMP11Slipstreamer works after these files added. wmp.inf
  23. I have an error. I atteched Turkish wmp.inf and update.inf files. Maybe u my want to look at it. ADD: Tested with English WMP11 on my Turkish Windows XP. (To see wmp11.inf and update.inf) And still same error. So i think that is not because of WMP files. Probably Windows XP files. I may attach all files u may want. wmp11.inf update.inf
  24. Sorry to disturb but. I realize that. Slipstreamer not take all string from WMP11 setup. What ever language of setup you use. Slipstreamer allways write en-US stings to wmp.inf. These ara my locals. But Slipstreamer not using them. Original source WMP11 Slipstreamer wmp.inf file.

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