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  1. Scientists know that an atom will change its behavior the moment that you look at it, or even begin thinking about it. This is a fact widely known and accepted by the scientific community. They have measured it with machines thousands of times to prove it. But what they haven't yet understood is that the atom they are looking at is part of their own consciousness and that is why it changes just by focusing on it. Once you are identified with being you, you are not only what you eat, you are also what you think and you are connected to what you think of, what you feel and what you experience. These scientific experiments verified that connection. Astral travel is not really travel at all. It's hard to fathom but everything that you see is inside your being. It's all a hologram that your higher consciousness projects. In the inner realm there is no time and no distance, therefore you can actually be in multiple places at the same time, all depending on where you focus. In an instant, wherever the mind or astral spirit focuses, the hologram will appear. In otherwords, your body and even the whole world that you know is inside your astral body and not the other way around. The astral body is a layer of the onion that is larger than the body and encompasses it. The reason why it's so nice not to be identified with the body and feel as if you are floating outside of it is, simply because it is so small. When your higher consciousness comes back to it and attempts to use it, it's like trying to stuff yourself back into extremely tight clothes or into a toy car order to use it as a vehicle - it often just doesn't fit well. We are always also "outside the body" because we are in essence much larger than the body, but rarely recognize this because our focus is on identifying with and using the body as a tool. That's why when a person enters into deep meditation, they are no longer a separate identity, they are no longer separated from their surroundings, they are one with it, they have transcended the hologram. The only true way to transcend the hologram is to become one with it and then you really are outside of this little "I", this little person locked into a compartmental body. This is what people call enlightenment or a conscious awakening. This is what the maker of the movie, "The Matrix" was trying to point out. Once you expand into this awareness and become aware that your body is not your being, you will experience that some people are more fixated in their bodies than others. Each has a different level of being and no two are the same. The mind is a machine programmed for existential survival and fears not having a body because it does not know that the consciousness is not the body. The body is a thought. Fear happens when you feel threatened because you identify with being alive, being a body. This is mostly good but must be understood to be an identification that can prove to be detrimental to the higher awareness of your being. Fear is a built in function to help us survice. It mostly makes a person feel tight and small. It returns you to the here and now and the identification of being an "I" or a "me". It also makes you shut your vital functions down to a minimum. Fear can physically kill people if it turns into a state of shock. If you experience the so-called astral travel and experience fear, it mostly has to do with the fact that you have forgotten to keep part of your attention on your body and your breathing. What you need to do if you ever fear something, anything at all is breathe deeply because it helps you expand again and return to your natural state of being one with your surroundings. The problem with most scientists is that they are not aware enough to look at an object and understand that the object is interwoven with the space that surrounds it. Science claims to have found out that we only use at the very most 10% of our brain. They have not come up with the reason for having such a large brain if only 10% of it is being used. That other 90% of the brain uses a different kind of energy which creates no heat and no electricity and can therefore not physically be traced. It's like cold fusion. It is used to create not only the hologram we live in, but ALL the physical and astral circumstances which you are in and everything that you experience. In other words, you really do create your own reality. A person can be put under hypnosis and the hologram can be manipulated by the power of suggestion. If for example you were hypnotized and accepted the suggestion not so see a certain person in the room, that person could be in the room but you would physically not be able to tell that he or she is there, even with your eyes wide open and you being wide awake, because your brain no longer accepted the input that this part of the hologram exists. Which actually makes an interesting question arise... what is it that your consciousness possibly constantly filters out in your direct ambience that you don't physically see? If you find the point in the hologram in which you can create your own separate reality, you will begin to experience so called magical or psychic things happening in your surroundings, just like Uri Geller, who can bend spoons and stop watches. It's all real, but people have to be open to this form of reality. If they aren't, they simply won't experience it, just like when you are hypnotized not to see someone in the room. That's why a lot of people claim that psychic energies and psychic phenomenon doesn't exist, whereas others have experienced it and do. A person trying to do astral travel is like trying to meditate. It's a paradox. Meditation happens when you don't do anything, so how can you "do" meditation? Describing the matrix or enlightenment to someone that thinks they have never experienced it is like trying to describe water to a fish. You are simply in it. Meditation is somewhat like a river, because the moment you think you know what it is, it has already changed. Meditation is not a thought and cannot truly be fathomed by the mind, because the mind needs to be shut down to experience it. Attempting astral travel is like a person trying to jump out of their own skin. It doesn't work when you focus on it like that. Focus the awareness on the matrix and your focus shifts away from the body. It's a knack to be able to remain aware of the body but not be identified with the thoughts and the functions of it and enter into a different state of consciousness. Before learning so-called astral projection, it's wiser to learn to be "here and now". The higher consciousness is an extremely creative and funny process. The more you focus on the here and now, the more the consciousness will carry you away to different places in your mind and physical body as well. The more you try to focus on different places, the more you will be reminded by the consciousness of the here and now. Once you understand the matrix, you know that you are not a body and that you can program your own mind to have a nicer reality.
  2. Ever since I slipstreamed service pack 3 and all the newest security packs into a cdrom, I keep getting a wierd error. When it gets around to formatting the hard drive, I get a message that windows cannot format the hard drive because there is not enough memory. If I format the same harddrive with my original XP cdrom it works without any problems.
  3. Hi... can someone tell me why the search function in these forums doesn't work like a google search function? When I of a search, for example: "out of memory", I get an error from the search engine that tells me that my search is 3 letters or less. Using wildcards for example *out*of*memory* doesn't work either. Anyone that searches for "Microsoft Office" will not find it because the search engine obviously only searches for the first word. Is there some secret trick to doing a search in the forums or is this just a very limited possibility?
  4. I'm amazed nobody answered this... but if you happen to look back at this question, heres an anwer for you: read all the information on autoit and windows post installation wizard. There's a program that finds out the silent switches, but I'm not going to tell you where it is, find it on your own.
  5. Has anyone had this before? I keep getting this annoying error message: "cannot find c:\_wIn_Xp\winnt32.exe" when my installation is almost finished. It is probably from my recovery console entry in the winnt.sif: Command1="%systemroot%\winnt32.exe /cmdcons /unattend" I read what it says in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307654 which makes me wonder what I did wrong. Has anyone had problems with this before? WINNT.SIF
  6. I haven't been in the forums for a while because I've moved half way across the universe... and well unfortunately a few of my harddisks didn't survive the long journey and I have to install everything except my laptop again anyway. Wow. I didn't expect such a great detailed answer. It's got me itching to toy with it and rev it to the max. THANK YOU!
  7. IE8 sux. I tried adding it to my installation routine and once it begins installing IE8 it keeps rebooting. The problem is that it seems that the installation routine actually invokes Internet Explorer 8 which is a complete memory hog and then because its out of memory it is considered a system crash it and will reboot, then it tries to reinstall and will constantly reboot itself because its in a loop. I've dumped IE 8 and checking whether one of the hotfixes might also be one of the problems. Don't worry about your English... it's fine compared to a lot of the people that have posted here.
  8. I just found nlite. Thanks, will try it out.
  9. Vista was only for people that don't really tinker with stuff and accept having zero control over their computer system. It seems the further up the road you get with the windows operating systems, the less control and less configuration possibilities you have. Therefore I hate Vista and would probably like Windows 7 just as little. Anyone that likes writing their own scripts and tweaking their computer to the max will know what I mean.
  10. I've run into this problem before even without an unattended installation. Your problem seems to be the exact same as mine was: XP doesn't accept the name "COMPUTER" for your computer. It also doesn't accept the name "ADMINISTRATOR" for the Administrator. The workaround is simple: Put a zero where the "O" in COMPUTER is and violá it now works. Do the same with the word ADMINISTRATOR if you choose that as a name.
  11. I remember that someone once mentioned that all the windows files are compressed like 1394VDBG.SY_ instead of 1394VDBG.SYS and that windows could be made to install faster if the files weren't compressed. I tried creating an installation DVD with the uncompressed versions and the installation routine is still looking only for the compressed files. Is there a way to get windows to accept the uncompressed versions? Fred Vorck also cut his 2000 installation routine down by throwing out useless files and editing the layout or setup files. Is there someone that has already done that with XP as well that has some info on it?
  12. The PC that I slipstreamed IE8 into Windows XP on only has XP on it. I get that same error message even though I've tried it on three computers and on about 4 different hard drives. IT IS an issue. BTW... it'd be nice if my MSFN profile would let me be able to choose more than one operating system, it seems so stagnant to have to choose only one. HFSLIP.zip
  13. Hi. Your slipstreamer worked fine with office xp. Now I wanted to do the same thing with office 2000 small business edition for a friend to show him how great this tool is and suddenly, all I get is the popup window of the Windows Installer that shows me the switches. What's going on? How do I adjust the code of the program so that it'll work correctly?
  14. Sometimes the properties of a file will need to be changed, for example when someone needs a back-dated file, as is the case with a lot of our customers. They find mistakes in files that have already been logged in their files as being final versions. If you right-click on a file without opening it and choose properties, you'll find data that doesn't get changed even if you change the properties inside Excel.
  15. If you hit CTRL+F and check the extended part of the search function, you may find that the program is searching for a certain format. Sometimes this happens to me when somehow the program starts going haywire and doing things on its own, searching for words in a certain format. I went back to using my old Winword 2003, this was one of the many reasons.

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