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Post Pictures and Specifications of your computer here!


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Wow, that video card bends a lot under the load of the cooling system, I would do something to support the card better.

Thanks for pointing out, didn't notice when i installed it... Fixed now, it was bending down because of the pipe coming from the CPU. shortened it and now it's ok :)

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Cell phone pics = BAD! But here they are, I will try to get better ones later. See the "my servers" link in my sig for details.



Unclesocks + Amp collection


I know its hard to make out, but the two labels on the front say "UNCLE SOCKS" and "CHINESE WARLORD" respectively. This server was named after a background randomly placed on all the image servers. This one got characters from this series:


I can't remember all of them, but one was called "moocow" and had an up close shot of a cow's mouth licking a camera.

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I'm doing an internship at a software development company, so here's the specs on my work machine:

Dell Dimension 5150

Intel Pentium D Dual Core 2.8 GHz


ATI Radeon Xpress 3150 (?)

It has dual displays (not dells), a 20" DVI SXGA and a 19" VGA SXGA, and a Microsoft IntelliMouse

Not super-speedy, but works pretty well, and I love having dual displays :D

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My main PC :

Gigabyte EP35-DS4 mobo

Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66ghz (O/C at 3.2ghz) w/ Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

3GB DDR2 (soon going to update to 5 or 7 GB)

Gigabyte GV-R4850MC-1GH (ATI HD4850, 1GB) w/ GFXChilla

2x Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB in Raid0

Max In Power BigMax case (with a 25cm fan on the side)

2x 12cm fans

Asus VW192S + Asus VW195S 19" screens

Edirol FA-101 Audio Interface

Logitech Wave 450 keyboard

Windows 7 Pro x64

Laptop :

Asus F80L-4P007C

Pentium DC T2390- 1.86Ghz


14.1" screen

Western Digital 250GB 7200rpm

Windows XP SP3 (will soon update to 7)


Gigabyte GA-C230D

Intel Atom 230


Samsung 500GB

Intel Gigabit LAN

Mini-Box.com M300 Mini-ITX Case

Debian Etch

I will post pics later.

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few new goodies...


Everex PC3500G:

1.5GHz Via C7-D

2gb DDR2-667

1x 80gb

3x 160gb

Ubuntu 9.04

Workstation: (hasn't changed a whole lot)

2.66GHz E6750 (scythe ninja rev A)

MSI Neo P45

ECS nVidia 9600GT (Accelero S1 rev 2)

250gb WD

640gb WD

M-Audio Delta 24/96

Firewire 400 3 port PCI


Corsair 400CX


used Apple Powerbook G4 (coming soon)


2gb RAM



Airport Extreme


Thinkpad T22

900mhz P3

512mb RAM



Wireless B


Toshiba Satellite





Wireless G

That's all I think...the toshiba is going to my sister when i get me powerbook, i'm letting a friend borrow the thinkpad until she gets her own laptop...I'm also thinking of getting one of this HP netbooks, the little black one, but maybe in a while.

I also have an old 2nd gen iPhone, no SIM...I use that as my super-mini netbook...no downloading anything, but good for wifi, horrid battery life though.

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Cooler Master Elite 330


MSI Neo P45

8GB G-Skill DDR2-800

1x 250GB <- OS/apps

1x 640GB <-data

400W Corsair

M-Audio Delta AP2496

M-Audio Delta 1010

ECS nVidia 9600GT 512mb


Scythe Ninja Rev A (original)

Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev 2

Thermalright HR-05

-> thinking of HR-05 SLI for southbridge

-> thinking of swapping both 120mm fans for Scythe 800RPM slipstreams

-> thinking of swapping 9600GT for 4850

System works great for Multitrack recording, up to 10 simultaneous tracks, I do 4/5 to start, but got the 8 channel card for the sake of future usage.

Cleaned up the cabling completely this time. Looks way better than the first system that was inside it.

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Hi there hardware people! I wanted to post the specs (and soon pictures) of my Shuttle SS59G LAN-BOX! It was built for, you guessed it, LAN parties and gaming/general use in the bedroom.


CPU: Intel Pentium 4 630 3.0GHz (2MB L2 Cache model, runs OK but wanna upgrade to a 3.2 or 3.4GHz model for a small boost)

Cooling: Shuttle I.C.E. 92mm with a Zalman ZM-F2BL 92mm blue LED fan. I'm going to get another one of these Zalman fans soon to screw onto the back of the case for a push/pull configuration so that none of the hot air goes back into the system once it has gone through the I.C.E. heatsink. I will also get a front 3.5inch fan controller than can take more than two fans and is silver to replace the black one that can only take two fans.

Motherboard: Propriety Shuttle board with a socket 775/AGP/DDR SIS 661FX chipset

RAM: Kingston Value RAM 2x512MB DDR 400Mhz Dual Channel (gonna upgrade to 2x1GB RAM in the next two weeks so don't worry bout my low amount of RAM at present!)

Hard Drive: Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB (wanted lots of storage cause the shuttle case only holds two 3.5inch drives and one of them is taken up with my fan controller)

Graphics Card: HIS ATI Radeon x1950PRO 256MB (did the job at first with the 1024x768 res it currently is on but its going with a bigger 19 or 20inch soon so I'm getting a Powercolor Radeon HD 4670 1GB with a Zalman VNF100 cooler...pretty much the fastest AGP card you can buy!)

Sound Card: Integrated AC97 (would think about a cheap new sound card but really I wouldn't tell the difference much and the only PCI slot is going to be taken up by the Zalman GPU cooler soon)

Optical Drive: Some cheapo DVD drive which is only used for OS and games installing then I take it out to save weight (yes, weight) and make the front panel look nicer

Case: Shuttle "G" chassis

Power Supply: Shuttle PC40 250W with two Sythe Mini-Kaze Ultra 40mm fans (these little 1U power supplies are very tough little things and a 250W model can run a modern system like the other, more powerful, PC in my sig fine!)

Monitor: LOL...17inch CRT monitor made by IBM about 10 years ago... :P Gonna upgrade to an LCD like my main system soon!

Keyboard/Mouse: Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600/Basic Logitech mouse (being replaced with a Logitech G5 along with the other upgrades)

Speakers: Hey, I don't need speakers. I have some headphones I got for free!

Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP3 heavily nLited. Might consider Windows 7 some time in 2010, wouldn't be too bad at all with the DX10 GPU and the 2GB RAM when I get them.

Pictures will be up in about two weeks when I get the new RAM/GPU/GPU cooler/extra CPU fan/mouse!

Sorry if this has speeeeling mistakes in it, it is 11.45PM right now on the 31st of December. Happy New Year! :D

EDIT: I cut the rear fan grille out today with my trusty dremel and temps dropped by a few degrees. It doesn't look clean, but when I get the other fan screwed to the back you won't be able to see the sharp edges of the cut.

EDIT2: I have got the new RAM in, but the GPU cooler is still on the way. Have mounted a fan on the outside of the case and also got the G5. I did try using the GPU just without the case on so it fit but for some reason the latest drivers did not install at all and the drivers on the disk caused a loop of reboots. So I'm going to stick with the x1950 until I get the GPU cooler to make it go in the shuttle permanently, then I will reformat and start over.

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Pics are finally up! Take a look!


This is a standard front on shot of the shuttle. I put a DVD drive in and don't have the silver fan controller but ah well, looks OK.


Side view. Was thinking of cutting out a window but can't be bothered now and I like the "Shuttle" written on the side.


Rear view. You can see that I have cut the fan grille out and also mounted the fan to the outside of the case. It is powered on but you can't see the blue LEDs because of the light. Look at my other pics to see the LEDs! Not a massive amount of ports but its got firewire and I can put an ESATA bracket in the PCI slot next to the video card so I'm pretty set.


Here's the video card, the HD 4670 with a passive Zalman cooler. You can't really see but I have cut part of the drive cage out to allow the third heatpipe to fit. The card has not exceeded 50C at idle all day which is slightly better than my old X1950pro did with a fan running at 35%.


The PSU side. Nothing much to say, looks all neat and tidy enough.


This is where the HDD, optical drive, fans, and fan controller all connect so it's pretty messy. Under the cables is where the fan would normally mount in front of the heatsink. You can also see part of the passive GPU cooler which takes up the PCI slot behind it.


Let there be light! Sorry for blurry photo, it's hard with a disco ball!


Better photo of the fan. Note the Champion System sticker. Got that at a mountain bike race but it goes well with PC's too :P


Going cross-country.

So yeah, other pics I did have somehow were lost off ImageShack or something, but anyway :lol:

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You made that picture with the axle in your hand? :sneaky:

Small system, not the newest one but those shuttles do look good indeed. Digeratiprime is a HUGE fan of those too by the way.

For Image Hosting you can use kwikpiks.com, hosted by our own Zxian.

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You made that picture with the axle in your hand? :sneaky:

Small system, not the newest one but those shuttles do look good indeed. Digeratiprime is a HUGE fan of those too by the way.

For Image Hosting you can use kwikpiks.com, hosted by our own Zxian.

Haha I should have put the axe leaning up against it to showcase how tough these little things are. It gets bits cut out of it, carried around outside to take that photo, a way better graphics card and HDD than it should have, I reckon it would withstand an axe no probs :whistle:

Yeah its pretty old but I got the mobo, case, PSU, optical drive and CPU second hand so all those things cost me under $200. Then just got the RAM, HDD and graphics card as well as the main fan, one PSU fan and fan controller all new. Its pretty quiet too but I still have to replace the other PSU fan with a slightly quieter one and maybe put a Noctua fan in for a push/pull CPU heatsink configuration.

Thanks for the tip on image hosting, I will check it out.

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Here's Mine :

Case : Simbadda Sim-C Series C2773 (Indonesian product, actually i'm from indonesia)

CPU : AMD Athlon 7750 2.97 GHz Kuma (Overclocked from 2.7 GHz with standard HS, currently running stable at 52-54 oC. planning to upgrade to a better HS soon)

MB : GigaByte M720-US3 (I Like the design :lol: )

HDD : Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 500GB SATA (Luckily haven't any problem with this yet, and planning to upgrade and setup with a RAID0 with a WD Blue 500GB SATA)

Memory : 2x2GB DDR2 SDRAM PC6400 Samsung (Upgrading soon to 4x2GB)

ODD : Asus QuieTrack 22x DVD Combo + Samsung 22x DVD/RW (ASUS is quieter more than samsung)

PSU : Simbadda PurePower 450W (Don't have any plans to upgrading)

GPU : GigaByte HD4670 1GB DDR3 128Bit (Suitable for me, as i don't play a very very goldlike graphic looking games)

Monitor : Dual Setup, Acer P205X 20" 16:9 (1600x900) + Advance 19" 16:10 (1440x900)

Keyb/Mouse : Logitech EX100 + AnTech Mouse (I don't used the EX100 mouse, since it run out the battery pretty fast)

OS : Vista Ultimate x86

I'll post the picture later.

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