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  1. VAIO Camera is not working

  2. VAIO Camera is not working

    It is no hope if you are trying to install original software Sony Vaio Capture Utility for Windows XP. Since the capture utility provided by Sony is only for Vista. The package for installation Vaio Capture Utility (Vista) can never work on XP, since the installer package detecting windows version. I have experienced this problem before. The drivers for windows xp is okay. You can try it (if they functional) using Yahoo Messenger. I suggest you to install Cyberlink YouCam. It might work. It's worth to try it. Good luck.
  3. VAIO Camera is not working

    It's not the driver problem. Its the application problem. Try to install other Vaio camera capture utility.
  4. Well, it was troubled after 6 months of usage, after that, troubles keep coming And i'm talking about the same notebooks with same problem (Aspire 4520) coming to me. Actually i am working in computer store. Presario V3000 is almost same as Aspire 4520. it is sucks too.
  5. 4 years ago i have a friend that bought this laptop. It was working fine for 6 months, since he asking me why the ODD is not working anymore. And i start investigating. At first i replaced his ODD's ribbon cable, and problems solved. Then for a several months, likely 3 months later he came again to me with the same problem like before. I wonder why the cable connector was broken so easily and i trying to solve the really problem is. Did some test, and it was so frustrating, the laptop has so bad internal design. The heatsink system is not working when you are working under windows. And it caused the CPU temperature is so high when installing windows. Boot from external media such as USB CD-ROM sometimes failed too. Installing windows is pain in the a**! I have to open the bottom lid and put a fan to cooling the CPU to make this work. Acer has denied for excuse (for bad design) if you complaining this laptop, (maybe in my area only). They only suggest to change for internal spare parts (If you have warranties). And they rejects for laptop upgrading to another brand type. I was disappoint for their service. Why they are selling the failed products like this? Maybe in the future there is another type of laptop have bad design like this? Who knows? Now, many people came to me complaining about this laptop, many case. ODD not working, CPU dead, mainboard failure, Memory errors, even HDD bad sectors. From this experience, i suggest you guys to not choose Acer Aspire 4520 as your laptop. Seriously.
  6. Need Help. TV Tuner Problem on Vista 32Bit

    Again, i tried it on another computer using XP and it work perfectly. Am i missing one thing? It was working before, i don't want to reinstall windows. anyody pls help !!!
  7. Need Help. TV Tuner Problem on Vista 32Bit

    tried, But problem still exist i am start assuming that there is problem somewhere in my windows. Not in the drivers or tv application.
  8. Horas! (Greetings) from Indonesia ...

    Firstly, i want to ask ... does this forum have an image storage? I mean for my posting pictures later.
  9. I have been working in a computer store for 1 year, and want to get more knowledge from seniors here. Greets, Semangka
  10. Yes you are right, the blank CDs or DVDs with various brand and maybe various compound to made of, exist nowadays, and we are suppose to be picky about choosing them.
  11. Inverter or panel

    But in some cases i have been experienced, the LCD Connector ribbon cable may be damaged, let's pray that is the really problem is, since the cost of LCD replacement is very expensive and take long time.
  12. Need Help. TV Tuner Problem on Vista 32Bit

    Thanks for the reply, I'm sorry i'm posting it from my workplace, actually the computer is at home. Yes, i think it is the software related. Because it has no problem on XP. Here's the Picture So far i have been tested : installing DirectX 9.0c ---> still problem. installing original driver SAA7130 TV Tuner (From CD) ---> Drivers looks Okay. Drivers list in Device Manager shows --> SAA7130 Video Capture and SAA7130 Audio. When i ran the Honestech TVR 2.0 ---> BSOD then restart itself instantly. Then i tried to update the Honestech TVR 2.0 to Honestech 2.5 ----> still problem Tried to update my VGA Card Driver (ATI Radeon HD4670) ---> still problem Tried to update driver SAA7130 to the newer version (From the TV Expert website, Lifeview Website, and Philips Website) ---> BSOD dissappear. And drivers in Device Manager combine into one : SAA7130 TV Tuner. Then, i can hear all the sound flawlessly .... But Honestech TVR software shows only Black Screen. So far i have investigated is the Honestech TVR software (To play the TV Tuner) is working good, but the Chipset driver for SAA7130 is the really problem is. (ps. I'll correct the post later about the Drivers list name on Device Manager when at home, if there are any mistypos)
  13. Need Suggestion or advice about upgrading

    Hmm, interesting topic. I've found out and already know this matter before, since i have been working in a computer store for 2 years until now. It is indeed that complaints from our costumers that have been bought Seagate hard disks is many, compared to Western Digitals. My boss said that many defective seagate hdds are produced back (marked as green label HDD/certified repaired HDD) and to be sell again by dealers with no reduced price. Even my customers is complaining back to me about this matter, i only can explain about his product is still has warranty on it after being repaired. So I'll go with Western Digital Harddisk 500GB. And if i'm purchase a 500GB WD, and setup a RAID system, is there any chance that i will getting errors later? or any of you guys have seen errors with Seagate+WD (RAID0)? My Seagate HDD is working fine for me now. Any advice ? thanks
  14. Iam currently running a 500GB 7200.11 HDD Seagate SATA on a Gigabyte M720-US3 Mainboard now. I am needing a larger space, and planning to do an upgrade to 2x500GB HDD (+1 x 500GB). In addition for the upgrade, i want to setup a RAID0 system. My Question is : 1. What Brand is suitable for me? Since I prefer a WD Blue 500GB. is it match smoothly? Or I just buy a similar 500GB Seagate? 2. What OS do you suggest best for my mainboard? since i maybe need to reinstall OS for RAID system. My OS Currently is Vista x86. Is this a good time for upgrading/purchase Win 7 already (Of course for RAID System stability)? Or i just install my current OS back? Thanks for the advice, Regards, Semangka