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Does Bill Gates have a msfn account?


Does Bill Gates have a msfn account?...  

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  1. 1. ...What do u think?

    • Yes, (insert funny comment here)
    • Maby, i thought i saw someone with a bad haircut :p
    • NO, ur CRAZY!!!

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I'd like to formally apologize for any annoyances i have caused anyone during the last couple days, I'm really sorry! some people thought of it as "crap/spam" which i really don't think it is, but thats not what matters! So once again i would like to say I'm sorry! And i think of u guyes as my "buddies on msfn" and i wouldent want to loose your respect!

Thank You

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I doubt he has an account here but you never know. Now we do know that MS keeps an eye on this site as xper has had notices about certain topics. If I were BG or MS, I definately would keep an eye on what goes on here because of the knowledge that is passed back and forth and the projects that are done here or associated with this site.


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