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[Desktops] 2006

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Thanks a bunch! One step closer to being as good as you.... :P

Being as good as me......Means not caring about what the masses think about my personal preference on my desktops....Doing the best you can to suit your own tastes and not the tastes of those who tend to try to match each others tops by following the trendy.. LOL!!

I've benn customizing my tops for about 10 years now, back in the days when my bud Dangeruss was around, a time when competition was not included in the personal preferences. It's supposed to be fun, enjoyable. When you have mastered that, you will have mastered the art of desktop customization..Be it thick skinned, minimal,abstract..Etc..Etc...You need to sit back look at YOUR design and feel totally satisfied..

JU KNOW....??........ Never follow the crowd, suit your own tastes.. ;) I enjoy looking at all the different styles, whether I wear them or not....Someone has spent time to make it look great in their eyes..

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@Dagonet' - *slowly claps with gratitude* Very well said Dagonet', almost brought a tear to my eye

Hey Wolf... :)

Ya know...... I've been to and removed myself from sites that have the intellectual level to believe you should have to make your desktops look JUST LIKE THEIRS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LMFAO!!!

Narrowminded fools...Kinda like saying.....

Why did you buy a Blue Car......I don't like Blue...??....... (Umm Hello)...Pretty strange and or petty thinking in my eyes...By the way....I didn't remain long at those sites after I saw the leadership qualities or Lack Thereof... LOL!!

Cheers Wolf.... Have a good'n dude :)

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question: I remember there being some sort of app/widget that showed your drive's stats. like, free space, total size, name of the drive.. could someone tell me the name of this app? now that I have a dock, it's kinda annoying to have to go through my computer to find out how much free space I have.. :P and hopefully those apps are multi-monitor compatable, like rocketdock!

btw, rocketdock wins all

edit: what zxian has

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