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[Desktops] 2006

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nothing fancy by any means, i just need a color change from the xp default once in a while

the VS and wallpaper are from crystalxp.net, called Crystal dlb 2

the first ss is bare desktop

the second is firefox with the tab_expose extension

and the third is firefox open to my dvdprofiler page, dvdprofiler locally, and itunes for background noise

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OEM - how about - reducing size or images...

A it screws the forum layout.

B is almost big enought to require scrolling

BTW what the .... is wrong with thumbs... :???

and looks even as if id seen the wall paper befor on a win2k theme,

it is yours?????

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@ravendark Looks good! almost a windows MCE

it does somewhat

i rather like the shade of blue used for the VS its much more.....comfortable than most i have seen.

im not sure about the wallpaper though, i think it may have to go, a little to plain for me.

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