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[Desktops] 2006

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Heh, I just realised my 'dirty' picture is like a couple of days more recent, I just changed the RocketDock theme around to ToonBLue, theres an extra icon in there and obviously the dates are a lil different :P

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Hey "Playsafe" ,

can u give me the instructions where you got the stuff for your desktop...

Its totally awesome

the transformation pack 4 doesn't seem to change it like yours.

Sorry for replying late. I hardly had any activity on my computer in last some days.

I used Vista Transformation Pack 4 with the option of Longhorn while installation. ObjectDock for top bar. Yahoo Widgets for clock and weather info. XPize for Icons. XPize requires .NET Framework 2.0. And for wallpaper I use www.deviantart.com, there are a lot of fine artists doing hardwork for us.

The Order in which i install them is.

1. .NET Framework 2


3. Vista Transformation Pack 4 (By installing it after XPIZE, this taskbar overrides the one by XPIZE, no doubt the one with XPIZe is also very good)

4. ObjectDock

5. Yahoo Widgets

There are a lot of links and information catagorized beautifuly in Zxian's Guide to Desktop Enhancement

Zxian's Guide

just go through its first post.

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First Top From My New AMD Athlon 64X2 (Dual Core)PC... (Still have the Athlon 64x 4000 also...About six weeks old now..Love them!!) Dual Core i got today..

The Environment..Relaxed And Content.. Is the name of this offering.. ;)

Wall: DarkBliss

Skin: Wire and Glass (Recolored..Blinds 5)

Icons: Slin Sign

Widgets: Clear Weather/Clear Meter/Horizontal Calendar (Recolored..Hue-Opacity)

Cursor: PRO!! Tools ;)

Windows Media Center: Wall Slide Show

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/WLL.jpg


New Pioneer Plasma 42"..Had to get it to go with the new PC.. LOL!! ;) Also got a 1000 Watt..5.1 Pioneer Surroud to go along with it..All linked to the Dual Core..Nice Scchhuuff.

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/PIOL.jpg


Those cute lil legs on the lazy boy be long to a scantilly clad cute and classy redhead..Who has been my better half and wife for 24 years.. B) :woot:

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