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  1. [Desktops] 2006

    Heh, I just realised my 'dirty' picture is like a couple of days more recent, I just changed the RocketDock theme around to ToonBLue, theres an extra icon in there and obviously the dates are a lil different
  2. [Desktops] 2006

    My first post into the desktops section I hope my entry is worthy lol. Clean: Clicky! Messy: Clicky! My theme is called Roue Theme (Can't remember where I got it now, sorry!), I'm using RocketDock with all of the icons replaced with high quality PNG's which took some hunting down Rainlendar is what you can see in the bottom left corner with it's default theme. I have my taskbar set to auto hide for a real minimalist look Excuse my wallpaper though heh, its a photo I took on my phone at this year's Download Festival, it's grainy I know but its a picture I've fallen in love with. It was a sunset at the main stage on the final night of the festival with tens of thousands of people coming in from all directions, perfect picture moment for me!
  3. Possible the best FREE game ever!?

    I suppose for those who have never played any TM games its an ok deal but believe me, this isn't a patch on Sunrise/Original. If you download this game and enjoy it, buy either one of those (preferrably Sunrise being the newer game), and I swear, you will LOVE that
  4. C&C: The First Decade is out!

    The only way I see this being a good product is if EA actually bother to fix up the huge numbers of bugs that still plagued pretty much every C&C game. So far all I see is that they've done a little bit of tweaking to make sure they all run on XP... The only C&C game I own for the PC is RA2, and that game literally is impossible to enjoy online anymore with the ammount of cheaters that simply destroy the game for the minority of users who are playing legitamately without intention of cheating, and yes I did say a minority. The game is still riddled with bugs, and for some strange reason, the 'bug' if you can call it such where everything you build, be it buildings, vehicles, infantry, anything blow up after exactly a minute still plagues RA2 and from what I know, Generals as well... If EA aren't intending on releasing any patches to make the games enjoyable in a modern day standard, as well as allowing those with older versions of the games to play alongside, well then its just another EA typical re-hash and worthless cash in, and it probably won't be the end that they try to milk as much money as they possibly can from the old C&C games. Shame too....
  5. Have all the SNES, and GBA ROMs

    I think quite a chunk of GBA games in particular were alot of SNES remakes, but to be fair, they all have their own exclusives in good numbers, so if you have the time and resources to easily get complete romsets, I'd go for it if I were you
  6. It's amazing that how over the last few years, free software has become much more open to every computer user and in the most part, most free software can actually take over as full replacements for the commercial stuff that you buy. It's now possible and VERY easy to get a system up and running for any user imaginable using free software, and recently, more and more free games have been coming into full attention that aren't simple little crappy flash things you find on the internet but full on 3D games with rich experiences just like those you that you would normally be expected to pay a full price for down in your local games store. I'm not even going to scrape the barrel here but I'm gonna put up a list of some of the free games I know of so that you can all check em out. Some of em are full on serious titles with dedicated development teams, others are much smaller scale for simple fun blasts. Who knows, this could become a sticky if it gets enough Albatross 18, Download Size - Roughly 170MB, My Rating out of 5 - **** , Genre - Golf, Online? - Yes I know you might be thinking its strange I post a golf game up, but this is a surprisingly fun game that takes the mad gameplay of Mario Golf and mixes it in with the oh so cutesy anime style visuals that you'd expect from most Korean games. It's very easy to learn, the opening tutorial basically puts you on your way with what you need to know to play the game, and then from there its up to you to learn the 3 (I think theres 3 anyway) individual courses, all with their own 18 holes. Some of them are easy, some of them will have you pulling your hair out. Easy game to play, VERY tough to master, especially with all of the special skills and shots you can learn. Blockland, Download Size - 9MB, My Rating - *** Genre - LEGO!!!, Online? - Yes I recommend this one if you're a parent with young children or if you're simply a big kid yourself. This quite simply, is online lego! It's a non competetive game where you and other people can build basically whatever you want or at least what your imagination limits you too. It's a quirky and fun little title that you can easily play in moments of boredom, but don't count on playing this game seriously, it's not THAT deep lol. Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2, Download Size - 330MB & 345MB respectively, My Rating - ***** , Genre - Top Down Shoot Em Up, Driving, Free Roam, Online? - Only by Direct IP connections, I also remember though of 3rd party mods to take the games online too. Come on, you all know these two. The GTA games are arguably the most controversial of all time, and the series as a whole is definitely one of the most famous and well known. Spawning god knows how many imitators and clones, none have ever come close to capturing the same ammount of fun and pure carnage that ANY of the GTA games has allowed you to commit to. These 2 classic originals hold the same gameplay that has made 3, Vice City and San Andreas some of the biggest games of all time. The obvious change is in the perspective and technology. Visually, yeah these games are p*** poor by any standards, well... GTA1 at least, 2 is sweet heh. But they both still hold classic gameplay that's still just as fun to play today as it was a few years ago on the PS1 or on old PC's heh. What I love so much is that I never dedicated myself to the 2 GTA's that much, I always would simply drive around killing and causing hell. But when 3 came out, and I played the whole thing through to 100% completion, I went back to the older games and realised just how much depth was in these too, with missions, hidden extras and all of the little things to find in such huge cities, barely a thing has changed, and GTA 1 & 2 are definite thumbs up from me Gunz Online - The Duel, Download Size - Roughly 130MB, My Rating - **** , Genre - 3rd Person Shooter, Online? - Yes Take any deathmatch based game you can think of, take it into the 3rd person, add in some swords and a touch of the Matrix, you have Gunz. Despite it's flaws in it's english translation, it's bugs and lag, this game has a pretty huge online following and only grows more popular. It's a **** fun game to play too, at heart, its a deathmatch based game, where you're running around all sorts of locations killing opponents either with your guns or your swords/knifes. Each kill gets you XP to level you up, affecting your HP, Strength, and other RPG like stats. Each match earns you money as well to spend on new weapons and accessories for stat upgrades. While being a very fun game, the main problem here is that it is a fairly repetetive game and if you play it to say, Level 15 or so, you'll begin to realise what I mean as it slowly becomes something of a grinding game. But it's still good to come back to every now and then. GunBound, Download Size - 110MB, My Rating - **** , Genre - Turn Based Shoot Em Up, Online? - Yes This was the first free game I discovered, and one of the first games ever to get me so hooked so quickly. Before I knew it, my X-Fire profile was loaded with hours clocked for this addictive game. It kinda captures the same level of fun that you got from games such as Worms, but its certainly not entirely the same kind of game. Before you go into a match against your opponents, you pick a vehicle of your choice from a pretty decent selection. Each vehicle has it's own unique attributes, ie: Shot types, Strengths, Weaknesses, Special Shots, and it's up to you to decide what vehicle suits you best, and to learn how to use it. There are vehicles aimed at beginners and of course, those for the real dedicated players to learn so the learning curve is pretty good. And the level based system makes sure that you won't end up in a completely uneven match. Like Gunz, this game too can become something of a repetetive grind fest as I soon found out heh, but enjoy it in short bursts and I think you will keep it installed on your computers for some time Silkroad Online, Download Size - 515MB, My Rating - ***** , Genre - MMORPG, Online? - Duh, yes! Oh good god where do I start. I discovered this game sometime in December, it was getting alot of attention on the X-Fire forums so I decided to download it and see what the fuss is about. I expected to end up with an MMO similar to Knight Online, and by that I mean crap... Wow, was I surprised! It's the kind of MMO where level grinding and skill building is more important than teamwork based games such as Guild Wars, but that does mean that people who like to play games alone (such as myself) can easily get involved and do well in it. Rather than most MMO's set in some old ancient european medieval setting or something, SRO takes the experience to the east, which is quite a selling point to me. In this game, your characters aren't defined by classes or jobs (well to some extent), but rather, you're given complete freedom in how to customise and build your character. Equip him/her with any kind of armour or weapon you want, and load them out with as many skills as possible, or focus on building a small but strong ammount of spells to use at your disposal. I could go on about this game forever, I could also go on about the things I hate about it heh, don't get me wrong, while I love this game and AM hooked on it, there are some terrible bugs about it, when the servers get full the lag can be terrible and most likely will get you killed! And of course, being an asian game ported over to western audiences, the translation sucks, and this game, ESPECIALLY sucks in the 'Engrish' department. However, please download it and please check it out, its a Free to Play forever game so you've nothing to lose, and I think you will enjoy it. Trackmania Nations, Download Size - 270MB, My Rating - Have yet to play, Genre - Racing, Online? - Yes Now I can't say too much as I haven't installed and tried this yet, and it is a fairly new game. However I am a big fan of Trackmania Sunrise and so I was surprised to find that Nadeo went and released a free standalone Trackmania game. Apparently this offering is aimed solely at serious competetive (E-Sports kinda thing) play rather than anything else, but that hasn't stopped it from being snapped up by a big ammount of people anyway. I will come back later with more on this game when I try it out myself, but its Trackmania, so it's gotta be good. Warning Forever, Download Size - 700KB, My Rating - ***, Genre - Old School Shoot Em Up, Online? - No I posted about this in the gamer's hangout not too long ago raving about this game, and it's still great. It focuses on classic scrolling shooter style gameplay. Rather than putting you through levels full of waves of baddies though, this game takes you straight to a boss. Each level is a new boss, and each next level, is a bigger and badder boss. Take it down to advance. The game is ALL about high-scores and if you send this around to mates, I'm sure you'll end up getting competetive with it like I did. Take down the bosses quickly without losing lives for more points, but to do that you gotta take more risks to do so. For 700kb, how can you not?! Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Download Size - 250MB, My Rating - ***** , Genre - First Person Shooter, Online? - Yes I've took a huge break from playing this game, and you'll see how dedicated I've been to this through my X-Fire profile, but this is quite possibly the game I've been most involved with in my time as a PC Gamer. It's a WW2 based FPS that puts you in Axis VS Allies objective based maps. The objectives can be simple, ranging from escorting vehicles to certain locations, stealing enemy documents/weapons, or blowing up certain locations. It's more indepth than a deathmatch type game and teamwork is certainly essential. Individual classes for each team mean theres something for everyone and you'll need to combine the advantages of all of the different classes to become victorious too. Soliders are experienced in handling heavy weaponry and explosives. Medics can heal and revive fallen allies in the heat of battle. Engineers use their building skills to repair vehicles, blow up locations or to build machine gun turrets where available as well as other building related things. Covert Ops can disguise themselves as the enemy to stealthily work their way into enemy lines. Field Ops can supply teammates with ammo, as well as calling in air strikes and artillery. Its the 3rd most online played FPS alongside CS 1.6 and CS:S and has a HUGE following with a very dedicated fan base. New maps are always released so there's never any fear of repetetiveness and for the most part, the community is very friendly too and willing to help out new players. I'm taking a break myself from ET but I do love this game and will eventually get back into it and be as serious about it as I was once heh. If you like BF2 then you need to check this out because this is probably the main game in which BF2 ripped half of it's influence from. That's it for now folks, I will work on updating this post with more games when I get around to playing and trying them out Have fun!
  7. Urgh, I kinda left this thread to die, my bad Well I went away... recently lol, I'm back at Uni and so I've gotten back onto the project. After a good bit of work, I've made something of an improvement over my original idea. The index1.htm file in this post is the old idea, it's very monotonous and way too plain, so I've gone away, knocked up a colour scheme similar to X-Fire's, come up with some good looking nested tables with borders and the result is in the 'index.htm' file That's the final design I'm going to be going with for my site for now, and with the day I intend to begin the building on it. index1.htm index.htm What I would like to know, is if it is possible to add some kind of smoothing to those inner borders, the dark grey ones. While I'm happy with how it looks like, I wish the corners on those grey borders were rounded off to give a smoother look to the page. How could I go about doing something like that if it was possible? Actually... looking at it, that would look nice on all of the boxes
  8. Half-Life 2: Aftermath Expansion

    Looking forward to it, but I'll certainly be p***ed off if they don't close the whole HL/HL2 story. After two games, it's still **** near impossible to know what the hells going on. I love my Half Life games, but crikey, they are SERIOUSLY lacking in story content, which is strange seeing as how they're supposedly raved and ranted over for their 'brilliant' story telling lol. Anyway, forget my little whinge heh, I'll definitely wanna try this out.
  9. Counter-Strike Replacement - WANTED

    Your best bet for a real CS replacement is a mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory called True Combat: Elite (this is an evolution of the mod True Combat, which was and still is around for Quake 3) Go here to check it out, it's so much more realistic than CS for a start, no crosshairs, true to life iron sights aiming, none of that HP/Armour Points/Buying weapons crap. The game is still in development, and so far there are only the two modes Body Count (Deathmatch), and Bomb Defusal/Plant, so at the moment you might as well call it a CS rip off, but this plays so much better than CS ever will. Plus this game has alot more stuff planned for future releases in the form of new game modes and objectives.
  10. Woo, my first post in this section of the forums In September I begun a University course that relates to digital media today, and as well as theoretical studying into all sides of it, it allows for practical involvement in many areas too. One of those areas that I've had interest in from the start, is web design, and throughout the course, or up to now at least, this has been taught through learning Dreamweaver. It's the end of my first term, and over Christmas, I've been set a project to design a website using what we've learnt so far in Dreamweaver (which admittedly isn't a great deal). The aim of the website is to be an online portfolio of all of the work we will do on the course over the next 3 years, as well as being somewhere to showcase older work (In particular, I will be using this site to show off my audio work done on a BTEC course in the last 2 years). The site itself is going to be a learning project, and over time it is expected that visually the site will improve as we learn progressively, a good example will be the inclusion of Flash which we're to begin studying in the new year. The website will actually be going live as well from my tutor's webspace, I'll actually be able to update this as I please, and I really intend to make this into something I have a passion for. So for now, it can be fairly basic, but as long as the content there, thats all that matters. I don't want this though, I do want to push myself, but I'd like to get as much help as possible from real people who will know what they're doing (Hopefully thats you guys lol) I have had a couple of other ideas that I will present to you if you wish, but for now, I'll let you look at the rough up of how my site is going to look. It would mean so much to me if any of you experienced designers could take a look at this, and add your input as to how/where I could go with it. It will be very basic but as I said, I'm learning this myself, and this is completely from the ground up in more ways than one hehe. EDIT: Well I've gone and made my first mistake lol, I assumed I'd be able to attach files here but obviously I can't. I don't know if thats restrictions on certain parts of the forum or what but never mind, I'll show you a shot of what I have right now. Ignore the blahblah crap heh, I wanted some filler text in there to see how it would all come out on a browser, so far I'm happy with that, my only main nag is the blank space in the top left of the page above my navigation links. I was advised on filling that with some kind of logo but I'm stumped as to what I can put in there. So far its all simple tables, with the links being a nested table centred in a bigger column, so I'm left with that annoying space at the top and bottom. BTW, part of my course involves learning Photoshop and Fireworks, so if anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do, if you were to explain them I would happily have a try at recreating them in either of those programmes.
  11. Rocommended PC Gaming Controller

    Yeah I hear the 360 controllers are **** sweet for PC use. And as for the Saitek 3000, I'd agree with that, I myself have a Saitek P880 controller and it is a fantastic quality controller. The build quality on it is solid, its got a decent weight to it, its the kind of the controller you pick up, feel the weight and size of it and know that its not a cheapo one that feels like you could break it in an instant. Its kinda like a mix of a Saturn and a PS2 controller, 6 main buttons on the front but with only 2 shoulder buttons as opposed to 4, although the 6 front kinda make up for that. The analog sticks are nicely built, pretty tight moving so they do the job fine. My only gripes with it is the D-Pad itself, if it wasn't built with the diagonals in mind so much it might be a lil better in my opinion. But for £20 (when I got it anyway) its a fantastic bit of kit, if you can find the better options, ie, the wireless/force feedback options for same price tags, go for those.
  12. Warning Forever

    ... **** YOU! Every time I've tried recently I simply cannot beat my latest high score lol. 17830600 - Stage 17 - Dead 11 - Time 07:28:26 From a time of 11 minutes though, it sounds as if you've played that fairly safe and risk free... But with 24 deaths?! Thats just confusing! Rest assured... I will beat you!
  13. Warning Forever

    If anyone is trying this out, know that my high score is improving everytime I play it lol, although I still imagine theres someone out there who could destroy what I got! 12151400 - 14 - 12 - 5:48:21
  14. Warning Forever

    If you point your wubbly mouse thingy here and click that shiz, download the latest version of Warning Forever, its a freeware japanese old school scrolling shooter with one focus only: HIGH SCORES! You dont scroll through levels taking on waves of bad ships, you cut straight to boss battles, the bosses getting bigger and meaner with every level you progress. Easy to play, EXTREMELY difficult to master, but VERY fun to play Here are some screenies for you to see how simple this game is, and this should bring back some nostalgic tears of joy to all those who used to waste god knows how much money in arcades on games like this. ENJOY! If you wanna challenge already, my best so far is: Score - 10230000 - Stage 13 - Deaths: 13 - Time: 4:54:30 (Minutes:Seconds:Milisecs)