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[Desktops] 2006

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thnx pS- for the link, although i couldnt get it to work with yz toolbar or rklauncher. ill keep playing around with it to see if i can get it.

It's Lucid Weather for sysstats. You can use it with Avedesk.

thanks, avedesk worked perfectly. with the shadows its a lil slow on my laptop, but on my desktop its great. thanks again :D

heres my laptop


and heres my desktop


i like kubuntu now, using it on my desktop for default OS now, just gotta get my external drive to work with it. :sneaky:

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Cygnus-litesteps the only way to go :)

im still working on my theme

btw if anyone knows of a litestep module that can tell me my upload/download speed, plz tell me, this ones really bugging the hell out of me. or if anyone knows how to extract the [netin] or [netout] variable from the rainmeter module...





and you all know that im playing the greatest song of all time :P

edit: forgot to change the desktop text


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lol kool desktop :)

btw, you wouldnt by any chance know how to get rid of the virtual desktop stuff on the taskbar in the austerity theme would you? i been looking for a long time to get rid of it to free up some space for my taskbar. :blink:

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thats what its called? good, now at least i know what im looking for :P lol, thanks! im on it right now.

ok i just removed all the vwm stuff i could find in theme.rc, and now im gettin a ton of errors lol.

here they are:

Variable "VWMsWidth" not defined.

Expression: *Shortcut "Browser/im" $VWMx+VWMsWidth$ -48 icons\browser1.png icons\browser2.png icons browser3.png #0Ox ["$Browser$"]["$IM$"]

Error 2 (x6)

Variable "VWMsWidth" not defined.

Expresion: $VWMx+VWMsWidth$

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k, i looked through the base.rc file and taskbar.rc file, i deleted everything to do with vwm in base.rc, taskbar had nothing in it. im still getting the same error, but it looks like a step in the right direction though. my quicklaunch icons though are moved over to the left and under my main menu button. heres a screen shot of what i mean.


if we cant get it, we cant get it. thats ok, you know of any good themes that have very little use of the total desktop space? lol :P

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