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What do you want for Christmas?


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Skipping the "wishing everyone health, happiness and prosperity" and going for the selfish. I would like a nice laptop or a 6-9 megapixel camera or both. At my age, Santa only visits those who are self indulgent and I have read his list and I've been a very bad boy. :P


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To see my mother.

I'm already getting an extremely powerful PC that will rape FEAR...

My gf spent $500+ on me for XMas and I have NO IDEA what she got me, so I'm in for a huge surprise.

Other than that, I wish for a few good movies, old ones, but nonetheless very good. That's all.

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:zzz: *skipping the 'Peace on earth' bullcrapp (because we wont get that anyway)

And since im not into politics:

> Angela merkel, (pri minister of Germany)

> George W Bush (pres of the US)

> Jan Peter Balkenende (pri minister of the Netherlands)

to all get brains (at last), is also not realy an option, :unsure:

So i guess im in for the 'white xmass' thingy, and the saving of a few square miles of rainforrest.


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