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Which version of Windows sucks the most?


Which version of Windows sucks the most?  

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  1. 1. Which version of Windows sucks the most?

    • Windows ME
    • Windows XP Home Edition
    • Windows XP Professional Edition
    • Windows Longhorn M5
    • Windows 98
    • Windows 98 SE
    • Windows Blackcomb
    • Windows 95
    • DOS 6.22
    • Windows Server 2003

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Never touched ME.

But XP Pro before SP2 sucked for me. Crashed a lot, would just freeze all the time, took up huge amount of bloat. Was more stable after SP2, but even more bloated.

Yeah, you can cut out bloat with nLite, but why bother when you can just start off with Win2k and cut bloat from that to get a lean, mean OS?

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windows me is probably the worst, but i never had any problems with it to be honest. with 98 after the USP and 98se2me and stuff, 98 was pretty **** stable and it ran fine for me too. so, i dont really have a worst os to be honest. i wanted to get server 2003 running on my laptop, but evertime id go to install it, it would give me a blue screen <_< but it runs just fine on my brothers desktop, so its obviously a hardware issue.

the most troublesome OS iv ever used, and its not because its bad software i just dont know, would be linux. i had so much trouble getting it set up so i couldn't really use it to its fullest extent. iv tried ubuntu, but its slow as molasses, but ill say it is stable as hell.

anyway, right now im using XPSP2/98 dual boot on my laptop and XP Pro SP2 on my desktop and no problems. both computers run great, 98 is fast and stable, XP is a lil slower but much more efficient.

now i go eat, im hungry :P

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Win XP and Vista are the worst:

-It accelerated the obligatory dependency of Internet.

-Make popular the "kill good oldies" policy.

-Bad compatibility with most non XP software.





WinMe is just a pound of bugs.

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except that vista is in the nt line so you cant say that

anyway i havent actually used ME i know its terrible but i havent used it so the one i dislike the most is vista which makes it worst and there is nothing wrong with the 9x line

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I am a WinME user and I have voted XP Pro.

I have tested WinNT4, Win98SE, Win2k, WinME and WinXP Pro under the same virtual machine on my AthlonXP 2600/WinME computer.

NT4 is the fastest to operate. 2K, ME and 98SE are a bit slower but with not much visible difference between themselves. Maybe 2K is a bit slower than the 2 other ones. XP Pro is incredibly slow in everything.

Nearly 2 minutes to boot versus just 20 seconds for ME. Several seconds to launch notepad, etc...

Probably if I had also tested Vista in this virtual box it would have earned the palm instead of XP Pro.

As for WinME being a pile of s***, which seems to be the opinion of 75% of posters in this thread, I think that what gives this impression is the stupid movie you are forced to watch when you install the OS and the horrible white logo.

Maybe it's also somewhat buggy out of the box, I can't remember, but well updated and trimmed of the useless system restore, wmi, etc... it's pretty good albeit I would not recommend it on a much lower specs machine than mine.

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