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Total Number of Computers


Total Number of Computers  

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Wow, 7 in your room, do they all have mointors? how big is your room?

Its been brought down to six since I'm using one as a server now...

I have two connected to a KVM switch that share one monitor, I have two laptops (an Apple iBook and an old 150MHz NEC laptop). The NEC laptop has Linux installed on it. Then I have an old Mac Classic that has its own monitor (8" monitor) and another old Mac which is sitting in my closet, but still works! ;)

I've got a 1.7GHz Dell in my basement that no one uses (since my parents prefer using their laptops), two servers next to it (web/ftp server and a voip server) as well as my mother's laptop.

My father's laptop got stolen last week. Someone broke into his car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY and ran off with it. I don't know how the robber saw it since my dad has tinted windows and was hiding it under one of his seats...

Yeah i was thinking to buy a KVM Switch becasue i have this Old (Kinda) Pc that i will use as a firewall and a print server.

I know someone that made a gaming pc and put it in a beer keg it's pretty cool (Realy is cool). He made brackets for the Mobo and hard drive, drives , etc and it's all welded and he has a 27 inch wide screen mointor and a 512mb Video card, 4 gigs of ram Two 500 Gig HDD , has 3 Drives , DVD Burner, Cd Burner, Cd-rom Drive, 1000 Watt Power supply, Has a huge fan at top that lights up Red, White and Blue. and has 8 usb ports and Four on the mointor so thats 12 Usb Ports total. Processor - 1 x AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4400+ / 2.2 GHz - Socket 939 - L2 2 MB and all liquid cooled. Very Sweet

Sorry about your farthers Laptop One of my friends laptop got stolen too he only had it for like 3 days someone walk right through the front door and stole the computer then walk through the back door. never saw it again.

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3 Laptops, 2 Desktops (1 is a barebone) and 1 lame server for ICS (Im using a USB DSL Modem) and file server.

I have got 11 pcs

I have got 11 pcs

Does that mean you have 22? :P

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Only counting the working,complete, running systems, 35 ...

The best being my main system which is an Athlon XP2400+

with 768mb ram.

The next best here would be the Asus -Cusi-FX running

a PIII - 866 w512mb ram,

The 2 x Comcrap Deskpro's used for playing with old

betas of whistler etc etc, both PIII-600 with 256mb ram.

A couple of HP Vectra VL's 1 with PIII-450, the other PIII-500

both have 256mb of ram..

I have 3 units running Gigabyte GA5-AX boards,

1= rev 3 board, 1= rev 4 board the last being rev 5.2, the best of them

all running K6-2/500 cpu's.. The K6-2/550 lasted 1 year & 3days

in the rev 5.2 board..

I have a PC chips sytem with a K6-2/500 cpu

A Xcell 2000 PC chips 741lmr running a slot 1 PIII 550

The rest are all PII & P1 systems, with the exception of

2 x socket 3 systems , both running AMD 586 133mhz cpus with

64mb of ram

& 3 x IBM servers all with 2xPII-300 cpus & 256mb of ram,

One day i'll work out how to set them up to host old beta's..

Only have 15 monitors though..


Theres 6 here, these are the systems used for playing with old betas.



This is a small pile of PII & P1's , they all have black CD-Roms as they were

$8.00 each brand new on ebay, did a deal & got 25 for $200.00 delivered for free.






These 3 are used for testing hard drives, memory etc etc, & killdisking

hard drives,, the end one shares the same monitor, 2 of the 3 are setup

on planks of wood so everything can be swapped easy, the one on the

end in a case is just for flashing bios chips using a Willem Programmer..



Main system in the office, which needs to be re-arranged once again as

i'm out of room, + I need to rid of the 19" monitor for a flat screen..



There is 3 in the house as well, 1 for each of my children, & one for

browsing the web, it's the public system, keeps people off my system

filling it full of nasties..

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I have two.

One workstation powered by an Intel 3.00E.

One server powered by an AMD K6-2/400.

The server handles network loads and I use a crossover cable to connect the two boxes. A KVM switch is handy too. I can use two computers at the same time! :lol:

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