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  1. [1] this topic was started 10 days before most likely because it took that period of time to wake up to the breach ... [2] I sent the PM relating to my original post 3 months ago, which can only mean xper insn't interested, or too busy to care... [3] yes I realise XPerties is no kid, just treats others as though they are... [4] as I said above, I won't waste my time posting on any such topic again I can assure you...
  2. You know who I mean goose, don't make an issue of it.A response iv'e come to expect from the kids on this forum. Really.! This topic is the result of This post here.. Which if you can't read, states. My post above mentions the fact that a members account here was hacked resulting in someone else logging in as a different member & causing trouble... I also mentioned that it was possibly the same someone who hacked another forum running the same software, who's IP was logged... But hey, seeing your not interested i'll save my breathe.
  3. I haven't been here for a few months, however last time I was here I contacted xyper about the fact that I received an email from someone here who was also another member on another forum, however I often had fallouts with this member as did other members on the forum, which eventually led to his banning... Now nobody here knows that I dont get on very well with this member yet this members account here on this forum was hacked & an email sent to me with the intention of starting a war.. I replied to the PM asking wtf was going on & the member assured me he didn't send me the abusive PM, claiming that someone must have hacked his account with the intention of starting a war... Which now leads me to beleive that whoever hacked this members account must also be a long time member on this other forum where the original dispute took place, being that it was 2 years ago... that would narrow the members down to about 100, most of who are good contributing members leaving a few trouble makers to choose from... This other forum was also hacked, & an ip was logged of the incedent... So my question is, why didn't Xyper act on the PM I sent him regarding this matter, it could have saved a lot of greif here on this forum....
  4. May, or may not interest someone here, but, Iv'e made a few registry tweaks myself involving the good ole XVi32 hex editor, Reshack, eXescope & notepad, whereas you can right click on any file & choose which app you would like to edit it with.. I spend half of my computing time modding , tweaking or hacking at something so it saves me a bunch of time as a result... I'll post em here if interested... I'm also considering making an install package where it installs either reshack or XVi32 to the program files folder & merges the registry entries along with the usual shortcuts, when I find the time to play some more... ...Opening a dll file... ...Opening a sys file with notepad...
  5. Once a year on my main machines, every weekend on my test machines... even if my main develops problems I try to stick it out by sorting the problem, it's the only true way to learn how things work by fixing them, formatting everytime you have a problem is just the easy way out, & no experience to be gained as such... Iv'e learned more about the system by fixing it, than I would from re-installing it...
  6. Iv'e had the odd false positive with most of whats listed, used them all plus others not listed like spy sweeper,, currently using A-Squared free, so far so good, no false positives & no nasties lurking in my machine..
  7. Open Watcom, it's a big download, but worth it... & it's totally free... Plus there's pedasm, w32dasm8
  8. Ahh, thanks, might help if I enable the view members sigs in my control panel.. I disabled it when joining in an attempt to load pages quicker when I was on dial-up... Although they're for Win2000 &, i'm after one for XP... His how-to page only shows how to modify the 2000 + 2003 setupapi.dll, not the XP version... :-?
  9. Iv'e done a quick search, but, just finding fdv'd fileset in english is giving me a hard time, i'm finding dozens of posts where it's mentioned, just not a link to obtain.. I have modified all files for an xp setup except for setupapi.dll... Cheers..
  10. Hello folks. I'm currently toying with an old Windows 3x build, & have downloaded a program { XnView } that has allowed me to uncompress & modify an rle bitmap that was compressed. I have found that the bitmap needs to be re-compressed in order for the operating system to display during the booting process, XnView doesn't give me the option of re-compressing it. I have searched the web now for a few nights but have come up empty handed, { maybe using the wrong search terms } Has anyone here ever played with compressed bitmaps with the rle extension that could steer me in the right direction about re-compressing it.. Thanks...
  11. Iv'e been using eXescope now on 16 bit exe's & dll's for 2 years, it works pretty well on 98se, it never has locked up on me like reshack does , although this new install of 98se i'm currently on seems to work ok now with reshack, but it has a lot less installed on it.
  12. A very handy tweak indeed, yes many thanks for your efforts Maximus.. It didn't work 1st go though, but I worked it out in the end... 1st it wouldn't detect a thing so I browsed through this entire thread & installed all add-ons I thought might help, & in the end I have 2 98se machines seeing all my different brands of flash drives.. 1st, I installed the nusb22e.exe from the 1st post & not much happened at all after a reboot, except that the machine now has the dreaded shutdown problem { wont shutdown } then I installed the updated usbstor.inf into the Windows\Inf folder, but still no-go. Then I installed the drivers for one of my flash-drives & then it would detect, but now all other brands detect as well, plus the icon for disconnecting the devices also shows next to the volume icon, bottom right.. I'm wondering if installing the drivers for one of my flash drives somehow made a registry change that kept it working & detecting every other drive from there on in using your drivers.. The only problem was the shutdown didn't work, until I installed 3 files from MS 1: 239887up.exe = shutdown supp # 1 2: 4756US8.EXE = shutdown supp # 2 3: 240075up.exe = usb controller update, which according to MS, is for a system running via chipset with K6 cpu, well one system had a K6cpu, but had an ALI chipset, yet this update was also needed for that system to shutdown every time without locking up too. Some pics to show it working below...
  13. The product key is all that determines whether or not the installation becomes either media center or tablet pc. I have a genuine set of mce 2005 disks & have varified the fact using someone elses tablet key. { for the sake of having done so }
  14. I did the same when it happened to me in this post here.
  15. Hey I had the exact same thing happen to me just recently... I have a 120gig drive on my primary master, with a 40gig as a primary slave, used for projects & downloads.. I dual boot 2000pro & XP pro on the 120 gig drive, I run norton antivirus 2003 pro on my 2000 system, & avg free on XP... When I boot to the 2000 partition I could see the 40 gig slave, when booted to the XP partition I couldn't see the 40 gig slave.. The 40 gig drive was formatted as fat32 as I also have my main drive pull out to run a 98se system as well for older business apps, yet again I couldn't see the 40 gig drive in 98se, i'd run fdisk & it would say the drive has no partition, or was unallocated... I figured it had something to do with Norton protecting the files on the drive, so I installed Norton 2003 on 98se & bingo, I could see the 40 gig drive on my 98se system... Now, I don't know what Norton does to make the drive dissappear yet it did...
  16. Yeah, its called Windows 98 Resource kit, it's on every windows 98 installation CD... After you have installed it, you can run various programs within the reskit to not only integrate drivers, but also create an inf file called msbatch.inf using the Batch98 program within the reskit.. With batch98 you can also import registry tweaks..
  17. Only counting the working,complete, running systems, 35 ... The best being my main system which is an Athlon XP2400+ with 768mb ram. The next best here would be the Asus -Cusi-FX running a PIII - 866 w512mb ram, The 2 x Comcrap Deskpro's used for playing with old betas of whistler etc etc, both PIII-600 with 256mb ram. A couple of HP Vectra VL's 1 with PIII-450, the other PIII-500 both have 256mb of ram.. I have 3 units running Gigabyte GA5-AX boards, 1= rev 3 board, 1= rev 4 board the last being rev 5.2, the best of them all running K6-2/500 cpu's.. The K6-2/550 lasted 1 year & 3days in the rev 5.2 board.. I have a PC chips sytem with a K6-2/500 cpu A Xcell 2000 PC chips 741lmr running a slot 1 PIII 550 The rest are all PII & P1 systems, with the exception of 2 x socket 3 systems , both running AMD 586 133mhz cpus with 64mb of ram & 3 x IBM servers all with 2xPII-300 cpus & 256mb of ram, One day i'll work out how to set them up to host old beta's.. Only have 15 monitors though.. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Theres 6 here, these are the systems used for playing with old betas. ----------------------------------------------------------------- This is a small pile of PII & P1's , they all have black CD-Roms as they were $8.00 each brand new on ebay, did a deal & got 25 for $200.00 delivered for free. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ These 3 are used for testing hard drives, memory etc etc, & killdisking hard drives,, the end one shares the same monitor, 2 of the 3 are setup on planks of wood so everything can be swapped easy, the one on the end in a case is just for flashing bios chips using a Willem Programmer.. ------------------------------------------------------- Main system in the office, which needs to be re-arranged once again as i'm out of room, + I need to rid of the 19" monitor for a flat screen.. ------------------------------------------------------------------- There is 3 in the house as well, 1 for each of my children, & one for browsing the web, it's the public system, keeps people off my system filling it full of nasties..
  18. Thanks for the advice Tim, although it was to no avail, it errors on the 1st reboot after file copying, the error says Thanks anyhow...
  19. Hello folks. I'm currently playing with an installation of XP, modifying bitmaps & reshacking certain files, I also would like the option of editing the layout.inf amongst others but unfortunately it's digitally signed. My question is - can the digital signature check be turned off during the installation of this OS.. The only topic I found using the search feature was 84 pages long, Thanks..
  20. If you use a program to extract the boot image that normally boots a genuine 98se CD you'll find what you're looking for, If you can't extract it , i'll paste a rapidshare link for you here to download one. It runs the oemsetup.exe which will both partition & format C: drive.
  21. Opening the setup.ini in the i386 folder on your XP CD will pretty much tell you what the status of the version is There's 2 lines of numbers, ignore the top line. The bottom one will tell you what you want to know The last 3 numbers on the bottom line are either 000 or OEM or 270 270 = corp OEM is obviously OEM 000 can be either retail, MSDN or 180day.
  22. Earlier on in the year I slipstreamed Sp2 into a virgin non service packed XP Home.. The standard iso without anything added or removed is 409mb with Sp2 integrated.
  23. I found cabpack1.4a to be the most user friendly for the in-experienced , using the lzx 16bit option seems to come within bytes of the original MS files when repacked I have 2 folders on my C: drive & have the defaults set so that all files to pack into the cab being made go into the "cabsin" folder.. All files that have been packed go to the "cabsout" folder.. All I have to do then is type the label of the cab being packed each time I open & use cabpack...

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