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System Restore for Win98se. Possible ?

Dr. Mac

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Last I was running 98, I had the registry point's set to 99 hehe. Would periodically scan them to see the time stamp differences (to find out what my longest uptimes had been). Since they were only using up a meg or so each...

(Of course maybe 98 would of been more apropos)

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Remember that you can dump the registry to plain-text (from Win/DOS),

and rebuild it (DOS only):

regedit /e reg04dec.txt

You can keep as many revisions as you please, of course,

and using text-based utilities like "diff", you can easily track

changes made to the registry by viruses and other software.

diff -u reg28nov.txt reg04dec.txt

Rebuild registry from plain text:

regedit /c reg04dec.txt

This has the added benefit of compaction.

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98se has the tools for free: press f8 at boot up and if you know what your doing type c:/WINDOWS/"scanreg /restore" without the quotes: scanreg then a space then /restore enter.

Go back a couple of days

That's for the registry and ini files only!

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Dear Forum Members

I wonder if there is a good program that will enable us to do a "system restore" on Win98se (like the ME and XP have)

I do know about GoBack, and many years ago PowerQuest had a program called Second Chance (but, cab't find that anywhwre to download on the net anymore)

Any ideas?

Do you know of any other system-restore-type programs?

A freebie would be nice ... but I'd also like to know about any other programs available.

Your comments and input will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Dr. Mac

I suggest you get PowerQuest (I guess Symantec now) DriveImage (2002),imho THE BEST.

It may be possible perhaps to "integrate" that feature off WinME into Win98SE ... I can try it some time,since

I have both OS'es..

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It seems that the only software that realy do and do only a system file restore is the old SecondChance.

(Ghost and PowerQuest are for HD restore/replication)

Too bad it's an abandonware, not even distributed anymore and was little known at its time (why?).

Is it safe to use that old program considering the w98se evolution and the new environement today?

What about getting all the files on a CD or in zip files and simply copy-paste them when you want to "roll back" your system files?

A line temporarily added to autoexec.bat to move the files before windows is running and here you go.

How come nobody thought of doing that before?

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I was looking for something like this too

I prefer to use MS System Restore cuz i'm not real heavy on 3rd party apps

although i have a few and thats all i gonna have

Now i hear people complain about how it can restore a virus if you

cleaned your computer.The big ? Is what if you don't have a virus then system restore would be okay

to use right.I figure since microsoft ending support i want need the internet for 98SE anymore

i will use Xp to get

infected with Virus/Malware :thumbup but not my windows 98SE.

Can some1 see if its possible to run system restore in win98se?

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Technicaly I could build some restore app with vbs and bat, even using pkzip and pkunzip to compress the files.

This restore app would work jointly with my Installed File Checker to detect files changes from a certain point.

But I will need some help to know which files can be deleted or replaced while windows is running and which files can't and other advices.

I also need to know if there is some interrest in me doing that. Maybe some true programmers who knows better and knows more advanced programming languages are already or would like to be on a project like this.

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The fella looking for Me's System Restore ported to 98SE should be aware that Me's version often broke down, trashing the system it was meant to protect, when a restore failed.

The technology was a shared one with GoBack. Microsoft System Restore IS GoBack, just dumbed down. Like the ScanDisc and Defragmenter are Norton Disk Doctor and Speed Disk, just dumbed down.

Installed the latest available GoBack (now from Symantec) gives you a full version that actually works. Too bad their version can't be dumbed down! The problem is the way it records ANY file change all the time.

Chugga, chugga, there it goes shortening the life of your hard drive and slowing your system when large file changes are going on. Microsoft's System Restore didn't do that until now with Windows Vista. Although it doesn't provide going back to any time, it does offer GoBack's feature of right click file version changes. So it now does the same chugga, chugga crap, thrashing the hard drive constantly. I turned it off because it wouldn't even restore to any saved points because of the way my drive is partitioned. It needs to use its own partitioning methods, not my way of using PQBOOT to hide the inactive partitions.

So I've got scanreg /restore for 98SE, System Restore for XP, but nothing for my Vista partition. Progress, eh?

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I have been using xxcopy (freeware for personal use) with its /clone switch etc for years to make copies of my system back to its first install. Could easily be scripted as a system restore program including making automatic backups.

For just testing software/driver updates I copy the windows folder to a different drive or partition rename it zindows then cut and paste it back onto drive C. If the software/driver install is not to my liking I boot to safe mode command prompt ren windows to delete and zindows to windows. Hey presto windows back to exactly how it was before any messing about. (assumes system files are not hidden in folder options/view)

This again could easily be made into an app, but I am so use to doing it I have never found the need.

Lastly my systems can also run from a win9x bootcd which enables the above to be done for those who dont like using dos

Hope some of this info helps

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The fella looking for Me's System Restore ported to 98SE should be aware that Me's version often broke down, trashing the system it was meant to protect, when a restore failed.

Is it because WinME was already buggy

it might work better on Win98SE since it was more stable

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I'm working on a script program combined with my "Installed Files Checker" to create "system back ups" and "restore points"... since I manualy erased a filthy virus from my PC with the infos given by Installed Files Checker. (eventualy runing a batch file in dos mode and completing the task by a registry resotre, also in dos mode).

So I think I can do something useful out of that.

I will post a thread about this developement soon... ;)

(click on my signature for Installed Files Checker)

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