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System Restore for Win98se. Possible ?

Dr. Mac

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just wanted to add my 2 cents about backups. After reading about the "Second Chance" program, I searched and found a copy earlier in the year. I tried it 3 times and ended up deciding not to use it. It would eventually freeze up on me it seems. I figured out one problem ... it likes to do one daily backup ... I think it sets a time for 8am ... if you are on the internet or active on your computer I seem to remember that the whole system might freeze up (Win 98SE) ... I set the "backup time" to 3am or when I turn on my computer. I liked the program and may try it out again ... It's been several months. I now use Ghost 8.3 as a good "life saver" ... I have 4 notebook computers (all Win 98SE) and have a current Ghost backup cd from Nov for each one ... outside of a few updates ... CCleaner, MS Money and etc , this does work for me although a good system restore program would be nice.

... just wanted to add, that one reason Ghost works so good with Win 98SE is the fact that most of the programs/software are the "last versions" so you get everything set up the way you want it ... all your settings, sounds and software ... then do a System file check, clean out the junk, clean the registry, do a Scandisk and Defrag and whatever else you can think of ... install the latest Host file or whatever and then do the Ghost backup. If you mess up or your hard drive goes bad ... in less than 10 minutes you can have Win 98SE installed again just the way you like it. ... another 10 minutes to update the Host file, CCleaner and anything else that might change ... it's makes for a quick "system restore" since so much Win 98SE software is in the "last version" stage anyway. ... should be less than 30 minutes for a new "setup".


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