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  1. Hello. I recently made some changes to the registry, which I believe messed up my installation (the tool I was using required me to reboot, once I had rebooted, I received a BSOD - 0x000000F4 closely following seeing my mouse pointer for about... 2 seconds.) Right, so anyways, no problem! I made a system restore point! So I figure I would just boot into winRE and restore... except when I get to the screen to confirm restore, I am given a list of drives, but only one drive is listed. "Drive C. - status: you must enable system protection on this drive" (winRE recognizes drive D as my windows 7 drive...which doesn't even show up on this list.) Amongst all that, the checkbox AND the button labeled "next" are both greyed out. Is there anything I can do to recover from here? Or am I screwed for good?
  2. Hello. A couple months back, I made a quick script in PHP that takes values from a webpage, and inserts them into an SQL database. The script worked for a while, until recently when my web host upgraded to a new server. Now the script always gives me "(52) Empty reply from server" (using curl). My knowledge on fixing these sorts of things is fairly limited, so I came here looking for any help or suggestions someone might be willing to offer. Thanks! My script: error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT); $max_execution_time = ini_get( 'max_execution_time' ); require("updatesig.php"); mysql_connect("localhost","myusername","mypassword") or die(mysql_error()); mysql_select_db("hlallian_rank") or die(mysql_error()); //After Connection $result1 = mysql_query("SELECT name, rank FROM group") or die(mysql_error()); while ($row1 = mysql_fetch_array($result1, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { $char = $row1['name']; // echo "<br/>updating $char"; $searchStatus = getCharData($char, $charData); $exppercent = sprintf('<br>%.2F', $charData['expPercent']).'%'; mysql_query("UPDATE group SET class='{$charData['jobImageURL']}', avatar='{$charData['characterImageURL']}', pet='{$charData['petImageURL']}', level='{$charData['level']}', exp='{$charData['experience']}', percent='{$exppercent}', rank='{$charData['rank']}' WHERE name='{$char}'")or die(mysql_error()); set_time_limit( $max_execution_time ); } Updatesig.php contains the code that fetches the data from the website, using regular expressions and preg_match.
  3. Even if the drivers do not work for Windows 7, the drivers themselves still do not even work in Windows XP.
  4. I have just gotten an Asus AH3450 Radeon AGP (Based on Ati HD Radeon 3450) But I am having trouble installing the driver software for it. The disc that came with it hasn't worked, I also tried the official Ati drivers, and the latest drivers on the Asus website. Windows XP was just giving me a black screen with a blinking dos cursor, However in Windows 7, I receive a BSOD message with atikmdag.sys at fault. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  5. Hello, I am trying to setup a form on a website to send emails... I'm not exactly good with technical terms, so I'll just list the details you would need to know -I downloaded Sonic Contact, which is based off of phpmailer, it appears -They offer little in support documentation, and I fail to find where I should enter server information... smtp -I do not want to be bothered setting up an SMTP server, or email server -I am using smtp.gmail.com for my smtp server, I know the port has to be 465 and it has to be secured (openssl) If anyone has another script to use for Gmail smtp, I will gladly test it. oh, it shouldnt really matter, but just so you know, the form appears on my website without an error, but when I send a message, I get an error, well, obviously, I never specified an smtp server. Thankyou
  6. Hello. I have a Leadtek Winfast TV2000 Global. I can't get it to work after installing it many times. any advice?
  7. Hello. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I recieved a little notice with a lexmark printer I just bought saying that July 1, 2007 will be the last day of the availability of windows 98/ME drivers for my printer. I assume this will mean they are taking down the drivers for all their printers, so if you have a lexmark printer, or plan on getting one, now would be the best time to download them .
  8. Hello. I am having trouble with the file "User32.dll" in windows 98. Many applications I run will say "...linked to a missing export User32.dll:UpdateLayeredwindow" or "...linked to a missing export user32.dll:SetLayeredWindowAttributes" thanks for your help
  9. anyone? I managed to figure out how to work it in MCE. I had to install a software encoder. Now that works perfectly, I just need to get the remote working now.
  10. The "goldbar" was first made for IE 6 running on XP sp2 and server 2003 SP1. both of these contain an IE sp2 but this SP2 was only made for these OSes so they made it apart of the service pack. You WILL NOT find this bar on ANY other version REGARDLESS of your security settings.It's just a majority of users use this so these sites automatically tell you to watch for the goldbar. Firefox uses this bar, yes.
  11. Really? Just like eMachines. eMachines uses MSI too. Are you sure? Most emachines used TriGem befor they merged with Gateway. Most modern eMachines now run Intel/ Low end VIA mobos.( mine was a biostar, my brother's was a intel)
  12. Hello. I just got this ne tv tuner which is certified for Windows Vista, the logo is on the box. But I am having trouble running it. I installed the drivers and it says it works properly, but I cannot setup the device in MCE and the software that comes with it is "Incompatible" according to Microsoft. I also cannot make the remote function. Is it possible to use the remote in other Media applications? or use anywhere to move the mouse or just turn down the volume?
  13. I usually get something similar, Where I leave my computer on overnight, and I get About-56 Error messages to close explorer. This only happens when My computer is idle though.
  14. works for me. Also, this might help:Windows Vista Software Compatibility List I also preference Avast over NOD32. Updated almost daily and has never failed me, where, others have.
  15. Wow, I have 512 mB of ram I plan on upgrading, but my computer runs averagely smooth. for me, I usually have wmp open, firefox, trillian, and maybe a few small apps depending on what Im doing
  16. I came up with a solution. First of all, for the text problem, I adjusted the TV's settings to the best possible, also made sharpness softer to improve text quality. Then in the Catalyst Control Center, I changed the S-video output to More (sharper) and that made the image quality improve greatly. At first, there were big blue and yellow color blotches on the TV, but they went away. The to get full-screen apps to run on the TV, I set te TV as primary monitor. But, since The TV desk space is alo smaller than my Monitor's Desk space, I dragged all my icons and the Task bar over to my monitor (which still remains the secondary monitor) But thanks to all the people that helped me anyways.
  17. If you didnt know, I set my tv's resolution to 640x480. I also fixed the text a little by adjusting sharpness
  18. Hello. I recently got a TV and since I have had no use for it. I decided to hook it up to my computer as a Secondary display. It works great, better than what I expected. I use Windows Media Center to watch videos and stuff on it, but now I have a few questions. I was wondering if I could get a program (shell extension, whatever) which will let me choose fullscreen programs to run on the secondary display instead of the primary, as Windows Vista does not have an option to do this. Also, things like text and videos look slightly grainy, or even blurry, more than what would be If I just had a DVD player hooked up to my TV. Any one have some good tricks for this? My configuration is as follows: ATI RADEON 9600 XT<->S-Video Cable(3 ft)<->RadioShack Coupler<->S-Video Cable (3 ft.)<-> 27" TV I also plan on buying a TV tuner
  19. Thanks for the help. Haven't tried the newer version yet ( Ithink I have in the past) but I did the power trick and I haven't lost my connection yet.
  20. Hello. I have A Linkskey LKW-G553 which uses the Marvell Libertas chipset. Windows Vista came with drivers for it, but they cause an error "The Device cannot start." I installed The XP drivers from the CD it came with and they work fine, for about a total of an hour. Then I lose Network access. The tray usually wont lose the globe, but after a while it will say, "Local access only" and have a yellow exclamation point. over night, It even loses THAT access and has a red X. When I try to disconnect and reconnect, It imeadeatly said Windows could not connect and gives a link to diagnose the problem. It diagnoses fine but ays it has to restart the device, but when It trys it sits with a slow moving progress bar for about 5 minutes than says "Windows could not solve the problem" I tried disabling it and re enabling it myself, but Device manager stops responding so I have to close it. Any ideas? Any solutions? Any help? Any one?
  21. I was wondering if there was a way to show vista glass or transparent windows on maximized windows.
  22. hmm yes I realized that too. My agp pro slot is compatible with both though and I dont know if te motherboard bios could cause it too. I flashed the last official one some time ago but it also is beta so I may have to go back to 1009 I have read on the internet that other people have both this motherboard AND card and have no problems whatsoever. I also found that it could possibly be a cooling problem. There is a jumper on my motherboard with 3 settings: 3.5v 3.3v and test mode. 3.5v being the default. I'll try flashing both bioses and post back. Thanks! EDIT: flasing either bios didnt help and I found out test mode is 3.6v
  23. Hello! Back again with more new problems. I got tired of my nVIDIA Riva 128 ZX doing everything BUT 3d so I went out and bought an inexpensive vid card-- ATI Radeon 9550(Bargain: $25). From what Ive read on the internet /or the box too/ its a pretty nice card. HOWEVER it is giving me impossible to figure out problems. at first it wouldnt load with the system but I fixed that, just added a secondary S3 ViRGE (haha I know) but now when I load Windows xp (right from the beginning of the boot screen, that is) I get blotches of colors and jumping block here and there ( I have installed XPize btw so I have the big blue xp flag screen) when windows finally loaded I installed the drivers but nothing still fixed it self and there is a box outline around the mouse and random blue and yellow lines. I downloaded powerstrip to see if it was clocked wrong but any combination of (safe for now, of course) options didnt help. I looked in dxdiag and all 3 Options were diabled! D3D AGP textures and Ddraw BUT i was still able to run a Ddraw test. Also I looked in the monitor cable and noticed one pin towards the center was misssing but its also like that on a lot of monitors. hmmm. Next I checked the bios. Figuring it was a simple switch but this is (mostly) what I have: AGP setting :4x (also 2x and 1x) AGP fast write: on (also off) AGP drive strentgh: auto (also manual) (in manual it gives you P ctrl and N ctrl and those are hex values from 0 to F) I also tried resetting the bios and changed performance option from optimal to normal. Right now im searching google but other than that, Im stuck! Help me! PLease somboby help me! here are some specs: ATI radeon 9550 A7v133 W/O Audio Bios revision 1010 01a beta Amd Athlon 900 mhz Tbird core. also the vid card is straight from ati, no third party house brand or anything, which kinda breaks the chain of me owning Diamond cards(vid, modem, sound) If anyone needs more info post it for me will get it! Thanks for any and all of your help!
  24. Basically they're saying1. Do not use Fdisk on drives > 512Gb. 2. Use the WinME boot disk, i.e. use the Fdisk on it, to partition the > 512Gb drive. I think they meant that little blue-screened portion of setup before setup. I'm not sure if it was in ME but I know it was in 98. Also not sure if it uses the actual fdisk program because the only option you get is: "allocate disk space" "do not allocate disk space" and if you have an ntfs drive: "remove these files" "do not remve these files"
  25. Well I actually have an AGP PRO 4x slot which seems to work with everything i had tried yet. I used to have an ATI All in Wonder radeon, never could figure out what went wrong with it. I tested a few different drivers. the unified drivers start thier support line at riva 128 TNT. oh well... I tested the card in a few other motherboards. A few were proprietary (including the micron from where I got this card) I tried an abit board. Then tried my asus a7v133 board. I always tried pci cards in it before but they never worked. (probably because they were all s3 cards, 7 of them being ViRGE) To my surprise it works! so now my I have an amd athlon is clocked at about 1.5 ghz running at 117 F degrees, and windows 98 boots up in 9 seconds. Not to worry. I wont be buying any parts... soon. I dont like to show off with great graphics, and fast times so I only upgrade when I absolutely have to. So my guess from this isn't the driver support for the video card, it's the driver support for the motherboard, chipset, and AGP bridge. Just to let anyone curious know...

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