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  1. Re rootkits, mostly system executables etc will be infected usually taking up any padding space left in the target file to inject their code. This code then does it business by finding and executing any required functions in (system)dlls etc in the 2 gig virtual memory address space. By infecting system executables no registry alterations need to be made due to them being system files which run on os start, and they are hidden being they are default processes. System safety monitor or any crc checking utility will help alert or prevent such actions. herbalist lists such apps here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...05936&st=60
  2. You need to format c: /s To copy system files across and make it bootable Your bios needs also to have your floppy drive as the first boot option and should boot your win98 start up disk
  3. Win98 has a 32 bit kernel that thunks when needed to 16bit for dos/16bit compatibilty, and has some 16 bit system files programmed in assembly for performance advantages. Winnt is a hybrid kernel based around the same objectives of Mach, having a kernel structure similar to a microkernel, but implemented as a monolithic kernel. Your win2k/xp wdm driver files will work fine on our win98se systems once the infs are modified and any missing imports in ntkernel.vxd stubbed. I guess it has not happened as of yet because some of us still use older hardware (while my old tbird keeps chugging along I am quite happy) or are not all device driver writers, but it will happen given time
  4. I have been suggesting for some time that the sticky gets Moderated to show people which file to download because of that figure. On the other hand, if you read it, it does state which version is for what. The trouble is that the numbering suggests that one is the "latest" version. Ah well, if people come to that sticky, read nothing at all and download the wrong file, maybe that is supposed to happen! lol Perhaps atlasrune was refering to leet, to primarily describe the behavior or accomplishments of others in the community
  5. To reduce queries and wear, create a ramdrive copy system and user dat to it, allow enough space for their backups which will be created. The reg files will need to be altered to point to the ramdrive, export the registry file rename it to txt, open it in word and use find replace to point the registry from the old to the new ramdrive letter. Rename from .txt to reg rebuild your system and user dat files. This method works also for win9x on a cd , if you want to make it impossible for your system to become compromised via it being a read only media. @patchworks thanks for the link, my download says corrupted archive in winrar, is it compressed in 7zip
  6. Freeware opensource antivirus (no on access) but shell integration http://www.clamwin.com/
  7. Try http://members.aol.com/rloew1 demo ram limitation patch or http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=105373 xenos vcache fix to see via a process of elimination if your system is capable of using larger ram sizes under win 9x. Highest amount of ram of a system running win9x to date is in excess of 3.6 gig
  8. Some1 please send me a PM with all posts [exact URLs/links] you want to have moved to another thread/topic, and with the name of the new thread/topic you want created or the URL/link of the existing thread/topic you want me to move those posts into, and I'd be happy to do it.HTH IMHO this thread should remain as is, as a testament to the lady llxx along with petr, who`s efforts was an inspiration to us all. Along with rloew`s contribution (the guy has got to earn a living) and should stay "as is" to remind us all of what could have been before the politics began
  9. I go by the information relating to benchmark tests performed MS-MVPs Mike Burgess, Alex Nichol, and other MS-MVP colleagues and my own experience of it over the years. Perhaps as you are using winme your results are consistant with Mike Burgess tests under winme in which no performance difference was noted with or without its use. @joe tweaker if you have limited your swapfile usage have you also limited your vcache to ensure it cannot increase beyond 512mb, another cause for memory handling problems Which web browser are you using, reports of firefox using very large amounts of memory prefetching the next 10 googled websites and not clearing its cache abound over the web (300mb consumed in 10 minutes). Hopefully it has been fixed, I do not know I shifted to opera
  10. Sometimes you can have a run away swap file, created by programs requesting the allocation of large amounts of memory. The file size is not reflected by how much windows is actually using at that time, windows and programs will probably be only using a fraction of it. With your amount of ram setting ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 in system.ini will lessen swap file usage and if it is a problem program you will be able to identify it easier by how much ram is being consumed.
  11. Could be achieved by a vxd hooking into file read/writes etc the same vxd bypassed in admin mode, it will be interesting to see which files/reg entries are installed
  12. A nice thought and another enhancement to the os, only problem I can forsee is obtaining the plus cd, ebay over this side of the pond does not seem to have any. Perhaps if you could examine the installed files of protect it, a work around could be achieved via writing similar software. Any way good luck All the best
  13. LFN tools don't work with RAM drives. lcopy then doslfn
  14. In reply to Molecule perhaps what you require might be easily and speedily achieved by using our old friend dos to compress and/or encrypt your windows folder . Then on start up, do the reverse into a ram drive via lfn utilities. This would be very difficult to circumvent especially at higher levels of encryption. "I'd love to see a 2k8 kiosk version" clicking start/shut down holding ctrl alt shift whilst clicking the cancel button allows the last app to run and explorer to close requiring a reboot to bypass, might be of some use to you.
  15. Myself I would use 98lite to create a minimal install, removing i.e and using the faster 95 shell if your applications allow you to. Your wireless network needs to be using wpa to prevent others using your network and browsing your lan or your data transfers, this might require the 98 shell. Wep is the least level of security you should use on your wireless network but the pass key needs to be difficult to brute force and will need changing on a very frequent basis.
  16. Its perhaps not as dead as people think, breaking the 137gb barrier,patching the vmm allowing in excess of 3.5 gigs of ram, allowing xp apps to run, plus all the autopatching apps and gui enhancements. Who would have thought the os could have been modified so much. Hopefully if the system resource limitations can be overcome perhaps by using 32bit for the pointers of its resource table, and work progresses on creating device drivers for later day hardware it will still be good to go for the next ten years or more
  17. You could try http://members.aol.com/rloew1/Programs/Patchm.htm to identify if it is your 2gb ram that is the issue
  18. Nice to see you are still modifying vxds etc, I notice on your web page your ram limitation patch can you tell me what is the maximum size ram you have been able to use via it. All the best
  19. Would xeno`s xp patching system work if this was the case? http://www.sybase.com/detail?id=47705 Would be interesting to found out how much thunking does take place with such a list
  20. Well, when you've people saying things like this: "User interface thread: This type of thread creates its own window so it receives windows messages. It can respond to the user via its own window hence the name. This type of thread is subject to Win16 Mutex rule which allows only one user interface thread in 16-bit user and gdi kernel. While a user interface thread is executing code in 16-bit user and gdi kernel, other UI threads cannot use the service of the 16-bit user and gdi kernel. Note that this Win16 Mutex is specific to Windows 95 since underneath, Windows 95 API functions thunk down to 16-bit code. Windows NT has no Win16 Mutex so the user interface threads under NT work more smoothly than under Windows 95. " http://win32assembly.online.fr/tut15.html Then you wonder if it's really true. Especially this: "Windows 95 API functions thunk down to 16-bit code". Do they mean ALL functions? I thought the Win-95 API was very similar to NT4. Was the Win-98se API improved? Does it thunk as much as Win-95? Then you have statements like this: "The difference between Win3.11 and Windows95 is that, Windows 95 had a lot of improvements. Its was a 32 bit OS but had some 16 bit code. Windows95 had preemptive multi-tasking whereas the earlier OS was co-operative multi-tasking. Microsoft did want to have a single kernel based on WindowsNT, however for the consumer it would mean an very expensive PC. Hence they developed the Windows95 kernel as a intermediate step to bide their time till hardware became fast enough and inexpensive enough for the average consumer to run a WinNT kernel. " http://talkback.zdnet.com/5208-11515-0.htm...amp;start=-9956 So if the NT kernel (and API?) had (no?) 16-bit code, but the Win-95 kernel and/or API did, then didn't thunking take some performance away from Win-95 - which was presumably running on less-expensive hardware and could least afford such a performance hit? Do some 32bit programming, the guys who designed win9x imho were what we called in the old days computer engineers, these chaps had to provide both backward compatibilty i.e dos etc but also produce a system capable of compatabilty for the new guys brought in by ms to develop winnt,hence catered for by the 9x guys in ntkern.vxd.The engineers had to produce a system that would then work with minimal specifications but also have future proofing inbuilt, wdm,ntkern, hence it being around nearly some 20 years later for 98. The 9x system attuned via assembly programming had such performance to cater for all of this, also the reason why early editions of nt being targetted to businesss machines due to the additional system requirements,ram ,cpu and being programmed in c etc.Today Win9x is more than capable of moving 64bits around if drivers are rewritten and more besides,unfortunately today people are of the misapprehension that newer is better, create websites to justify their arrogance and produce smoke screens to satisy running dual cores to do the same things we take for granted every day. Youll find in you system directory numerous 32 suffixed dlls,exes etc and will have no trouble accessing the win32 api. All the best To clarify things further win9x will thunk to access 16bit dlls,exes under the win32 api, when such functions are not present in its 32bit equivalent. I would imagine an easy way of seeing if the frequency of thunking has been reduced between win95,98 or me might well be inidicated by the file size differences in the 32bit dlls. Sorry had to edit post add reply button refuses to work
  21. Would xeno`s xp patching system work if this was the case?
  22. It does not surprise me in the least considering Google holds the purse strings for the Mozilla Foundation, (until googles browser emerges). Its a shame firefox went from a lean fast browser, to where it is today, bloated by all of this rubbish. No doubt it can quite easily be turned on and used by unscrupulous people and used for malicous intent
  23. You seem to forget netscape, firefox is not to far behind its destiny (nobody seems to learn) i choose to give the opera guys a go

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