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How to set pagefile?


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ArtBio thanks for the reply but I really don't think thats the problem since WMI is fully functional... here's some further info:

I have been using Rogues script for numerous installs but now on a machine with 4Gig of Ram it too fails unless I change the "2" value to a max of 1.33

If I change your "2" value to 1.2 the script runs and changes the pagefile size.

Since I don't write VBS all my attempts to correct this have failed but I'm wondering if regonizing a max page file value of 4 gig would be the answer... buy I'm guessing

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There is a limitation in VBS that does not allow setting a pagefile over the 4GB mark. I am not sure of the reasoning behind this, but you are right that detecting a value over to 4096 and reducing down is the answer. If you require a pagefile of bigger than 4gb then you'll most likely need to manually set the settings in windows.


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I'm not sure there would ever be a need for a paging file that large, unless you have more than 4GB of RAM and are worried about having the paging file size available for crash dump recovery.

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