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  1. belivakov

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    What is the syntax for uup.txt ?
  2. belivakov

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Hi Atari800XL, dism++ successfully converts 15007 esd to iso or wim
  3. belivakov

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Hi, JFX, now (3.8.5b1) works on my Win 10. 10x, man. Greetings
  4. belivakov

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Sorry, I'm under Windows 10 X64 I just test all my WinNTSetup - 3.7.9; 3.8.0; 3.7.9 - both X86 and X64 starts 3.8.0 - x86 starts - neither X86 neither X64 Anyway, let's hope MS will update OS and your software begin to work.
  5. belivakov

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Hi, JFX, Unfortunately wont start under Win 3.8 works like a charm, but starts and stop. Both x86 and x64. Just for info. I'll continue to use 3.8 till next edition. Greetings
  6. belivakov

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Hi, jaclaz Short - yes, without internet connection setup cannot finish installation. I prepare Windows 10 with WinNTSetup v3.7.7 (with previous versions praparation finished with error. ( Sorry, I don't remember Nr. and text of error.)) preparation phase finished without error. After restart in final of installation Setup shows network adapters (LAN, Wireless) and here begin cyclingSystem restarts and begin from Language setup->Network setup and again restart. Until I start inetcpl.cpl from console and setup PPPoE and connect to internet. Now everything goes fine.
  7. belivakov

    WinNTSetup v3.9.3.1

    Hi, JFX, Is there any way to configure PPPoE connection in WinNTSetup sysprep. Because Windows 10 is looking for internet connection to finish setup. And without internet computer starts restart cycling. Or any other solution for solving this problem. Regards P.S. I found teporary answer - Shipt+F10->inetcpl.cpl-> tab Connections->Setup button (setup Internet connection). But this isn't so elegant
  8. belivakov

    How to set pagefile?

    wmic pagefileset where name="C:\\pagefile.sys" set InitialSize=2048,MaximumSize=2048 This can be run from command line (RunOnceEx).
  9. belivakov

    KB2481109 Update Fails to Install

    I found solution: Furst uninstall KB956744, then update system and everything is fine!
  10. belivakov

    Imagex GUI Open Source

    Hi, Based on MS ImageX driver and Imagex GUI I compile portable application. For me it works perfect. Size is 784 kB.
  11. belivakov

    WPI 7.7.0 Lang and Manual files

    Bulgarian translation is here! lang_bg.7z Sorry I'm late, but I've got a lot of probs! Help packet will ready soon.
  12. Bulgarian interface language for bulgarian.7z
  13. belivakov

    Want to change default wallpaper

    .....maxXPsoft.... and then open in notepad XXXXX.theme file, find wallpaper's name and replace with your wallpaper name -> %windir%\Web\Walpaper\YYYYYY.jpg. Now you setup your default desktop Wallpaper.
  14. belivakov

    WPI v7.5.0

    When I ran Bulgarian I found several inaccuracies - now everything is fine. BTW I translate all language names, but I couldn't put them in optionswizardtemplate_general.htm. I receive error: line 398 Error: 'null' is null or not an object. I you want use them. Idea is -when user see native language to use it. lang_bg.js option_wizard_lang.doc
  15. belivakov

    WPI v7.5.0

    Hi, Kels and other WPIW developers, I've got a problem! I translate WPIW interface in Bulgarian, but WPIW did not recognize it. Could You help Me to correct this problem! Thanks! Now I'm translating Manuals. Regards! lang_bg.js