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Nero Burning ROM v7 installation


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F#@??Kin' nero scout...

how to be rid of this promotional aid??

...as if it has to reside in your MAIN system area!

gimme a break!

banish this litt'l banshie.

who knows how?!

i dont know how to disable this s*** from setup, but u can delete from registry this keys





ill try to find this s*** inside msi...

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I use orca tool for configure NeroSuite.msi


im add serial num directly in msi, disable all unwanted components, save new msi file...

in *property* table of msi file, insert row *PIDKEY* - *xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-....* (where xx - serial num)

but when i run NeroSuite.msi /passive /norestart - norestart dont work 8(

i try many various options of installer, pc always goto reboot..

is anybody knows where IN Installer i can disable autoreboot?

sorry for bad english...

ok, i solve this problem with installrite - now my nero is only 47 meg exe/silent/selfinstall file, not rebootable 8)

what we should do:

first of all > if u already have installed nero, u must uninstall nero succesfully! clean up your registry (in regedit press ctr+f then enter nero 7, then delete all finded *nero 7* and *ahead* values in all hives)

1) download & install >>> http://www.epsilonsquared.com/anonymous/InstallRite25.exe

2) after first start of installrite close popup window *startup help* then press *install new software and create installkit*

3) press *configure* btn for monitoring only C:\ drive (all other options live on their default values)

4) press next

5) program will collect some info from our drive & registry

6) next window - *installation program to run* - select file *SetupX.exe* in nero7 directory then next..

7) installrite's window will now hide, and nero install will begin..

8) after installing nero (configure nero how u want, enter your serial, .. ) press *not reboot now*

9) nero setup will be closed, and istallrite window will unhide, press *next*

10) installrite will search whole registry & harddrive for changes after nero setup..

11) Type in the name of the installation - i.e. nero7 (without extension)

12) press *build install kit*, then mark needed checkbox (i mark *quiet installation mode* & *never reboot, even if needed* & *never prompt the user and only overwrite older files*)

13) press ok, installrite will compile new exe-file

14) now we can close that cool program & goto *C:\Program Files\Epsilon Squared\InstallRite\Install Kits*, where we will find *nero7.exe*

sorry for bad English, im Russian... if admins can correct my post for lang errors - thats will be great 8)

Привет из России!

How do you disable "Unwanted Components" using Orca?

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@-MAXX- Nero Scout has to Removed from the msi tables, it's listed as NeroMediaLibrary.

Also remove all referances to NeroFileDialog.dll, NMSearch.dll (all of them), and MediaLibraryNSE.dll

BTW in version /norestart works.

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Yes the /norestart works in web 7012 ...

When I customize the features direct into mst / or by conf.txt , the install run fine but the uninstall open an error about NeResize.ax ... event I have the file in the correct directory.

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to Slumpey:

in orca > open file (msi) > goto *feature* table > in right panel u сan see all nero components

take a look at *feature_parent* & *level* columns

if *feature_parent* not contain any record - then here we have beginning of instllation some component..

for example >


>> we see nothing in field *feature_parent* >> here is the beginng of *nero home* block

& we see in *level* field >> 100

so, if u dont want that componet to be installed, simply swith *level* to 0 (zero)


after modificating all unwanted components - simly save your new .msi file > save as .msi...

good luck..

to keytotime:

then maybe simply disable this component directly in .msi file by switching all *NeroMediaLibary* level to 0?

NeroMediaLibary 0 100 COMMONFILESFOLDER_AHEAD_LIB_ 8 97E5875A

> Level 100 by default..

oh! sorry for my crazy english 8(

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I used keytotime method but i changed few things with web 7.0.12 file

NOTE: I didnt do an admin install with /a, turns out you dont have to

which made me happy less space need on cd if you use more components compared to 900mb admin install

Step 1. I reg my serial

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info]
"Serial7_1127858803"="*Put Your Serial Here"

Step 2. I used keytotime's Guide for making MST with AdminStudio but instead i edit the msi directly using the instructions for editing a mst

Step 3. Install nero

nero.msi /qb! /norestart

and in it installed fine with shortcuts made

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I can find solution for myself.But maybe work all languages but some programs you need like wise for windows installer.

First extract Nero- file (110mb.), after extraction (330mb.) run "nero.msi /a" for admin installation point.Open nero.msi with wise for windows installer,it ask "would you like to convert this package to wise project".The answer YES.Remove unwanted components from feature section.I'm keeping just nero,image drive and audio plugins.After the fixed up build a new installation.Now it just a 42 mb.

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I cant make an admin piont after extracting Nero-,I have used "Nero.msi /a"

What is the exact command?


I solved this problem but now another problem after making an admin piont,CAB B6F3F7B6 could not be found, :unsure::unsure:

what should I do,I use the Dutch Nero

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