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  1. Where do you get the Sonic Encoders? How do you install it unattended? What do you mean by "all other parts of the rollup 2..."?
  2. Download the file from nero.com because you can choose the file WITHOUT yahoo toolbar.
  3. NEW Nero 6.0 versions are out: Nero Burning Rom v6.6.0.18 NeroVision Express v3.1.0.21 (Uncheck Yahoo Toolbar so you don't get the corresponding file that has it integrated) NCAB works perfectly with both!!!
  4. What are the "other hotfixes" you are referring to? Are you talking about .NET framework 1.1 or are you taking about extracting MCE Rollup 2 KB900325 (30MB File), installing all the individual updates that are inside of the "bin" folder, and the installing the KB900325 hotfix (19MB)? Can you please post instructions for proper unattended installation?
  5. Where do you find the "islegacymce-key (the edited)"? Is a download?
  6. Are all the BETA tester slots full?
  7. How do you disable "Unwanted Components" using Orca?
  8. All are Installed unattended... 1) Microsoft Office Pro 2003 + SP2 2) Nero Burning Rom v6.6.0.16 3) Ad-Aware Pro v1.6 4) Maxthon v1.5.0 5) WinRAR v3.51 6) UltraISO ME v7.6.5 7) FlashGet v1.71 8) K-Lite Mega Code v1.38 9) WinDVD Platinum v7.0.B27.115 10) GrabIt v1.53B 11) BitComet v.60 12) CuteFTP Pro v7.0.2 13) Bandwidth Monitor Pro v1.3 14) Easy CD-DA Extractor v8.2.1.1 15) Nlite v1.0 RC1 16) Bootskin v1.05a 17) Everst Ultimate Edition v2.20 18) Sandra Pro 2005 SP2 19) Crap Cleaner v1.24.180 20) Macromedia Flash 8.0 & Shockwave 10.0 21) PerfectDisk v7.0.42 22) Adobe Reader v7.0.5 23) Logitech SetPoint v2.41.309 24) Samsung MagicTune v3.6 25) Intel Matrix Storage v5.1.0.1022 26) QuickPar v0.9.1 27) PeerGuardian v2.0.6 28) CableNut v4.08 29) TweakUI v2.1 30) ATI Tool v.025B7
  9. I can seem to get a working silent install for MCE Rollup 2 (KB900325). I've tried the normal Windows Update switch (/Q /O /N /Z) but it does NOT work. Anyone have a try?
  10. One PROBLEM... I no longer have the check box that says "Shut Down computer after burn" when Nero Burning Rom is burning something. (It is located above the check box that says "Verify written data") How do I get it back?
  11. I'm trying to create an unattended CD with MCE 2005... Is there a way to uninstall Windows Digital Media Enhancement and Sonic DVD Recording automatically during or after my installation?
  12. Flasget 1.71 installs GOOGLE! How do you setup a silent install so that Flashget does NOT install Google?
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