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  1. to use just a single cmd to perform the diskpart funtions; try somthing like... @echo off ver set script=%temp%\vdisk.txt >"%script%" echo create vdisk file=c:\Win7_x86.vhd maximum=%1 >>"%script%" echo select vdisk file=c:\Win7_x86.vhd >>"%script%" echo attach vdisk >>"%script%" echo exit diskpart /s "%script%" info on above: cmd is part of my windows 7 vhd based setup script placed in the pe system32 dir.
  3. Awsome guide, really good! I found CA_BlockDirectInstall_Cartman_MSI twice.
  4. thanks so very much, Gosh! I have been working on a set of component removal batches/infs for xp, so I can't wait to see your discoveries! --wondering if you also have an infOptional dir. somewhere! Too bad more people don't enjoy using nt cmd shell based tools, it's to be expected though.
  5. Using MS BDD is the approved method, one can also find the old ximage.exe to mount the old format and slice and dice a longhorn setup to achive this. I'm doing something similar now. I wound up looking at how the early longhorn builds were converted (by members here and elsewere) to use the i386 dist folder and winnt.sif for ua setup, this helped me to uderstand more possibilities. Suggest you google winflp and check out the old winfx runtimes also.
  6. In winnt.sif (unattend.txt) you may specify the default theme. Try pointing it at the classic theme. ( or any theme file ) [Shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\Windows Classic.theme" It may work. I usually remove luna manually or using nlite (much faster), or, swap it for the Zune theme.
  7. @arjuna07 What your trying to do is not difficult if your interested, just time consuming. While you work on it, think about how you'll undate the finished image. Keep folders you use to create silent setups, configuration files, etc. for adding to a ua template, if so inclined.
  8. WinFLP sounds interesting. I'lll search for more details, thx.
  9. And currently, this leads to a problem if nlite is left to just run a default course. You must use a little logic applied to some clicks of the up / down arrowns in the hotfix ui. <-- This feature is essential if nite is to work for builds a few months after it's release. Thx for the cmd-line support Nuhi! Regards, -t
  10. thx to jaclaz for pointing me here... I too am trying to setup XP from USB (without PE or DOS assistance). Searching just now I found THIS. It's called 'Flashboot' and is buried in side the nlite addon. I can't say more but will test it out later and see what's up. It has an option to convert a bootable iso image to a bootable USB device. Perhaps this combined with 'SetupSourceDevice' altered in txtsetup.sif will work, who knows. I do have a feeling the answer to this one is more obvious than one might think. I would like to think grub isn't required for this task. -- upd -- flashboot is shareware and only makes boot disks out of isolinux and floppy based images, oh well, the search is on again.
  11. I used IE7 beta then final, the last ver. makes many troublesome changes to core components of explorer causing problems for some users. I'm sticking with IE6 and Opera for everyday use. I'm reminded at WinUpdate to install but take WU w/ a grain of salt.
  12. XP on xp behaving odd as always, networking and audio issues on most setups.
  13. just add your password... AdminPassword=yourpassword couple thoughts, using * is not recommended, it's used for blank password Windows 2000 requires that you enter a password in the answer file for autologon, XP does not. If you don't include a logon count entry it allows unlimited autologon. (W2K) hope that helps.
  14. I'm certain there must be a few interesting discoveries left. Hoping some of you might like to share what you've found that's not included in ref.chm. I'd like to put together a collection of all the undocumented components entries for W2K/XP (many good ones found at msfn).

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