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  1. Hi, For website blocking and msn blocking I use OpenDNS - look at opendns.com, its very very good and saves a lot of headaches. Just set the opendns DNS servers as your DNS on the network. As for stopping the users being able to install things etc, take a look at Microsoft Steadystate, not perfect but I think will solve a lot of your problems.
  2. Anyone know how I can get Winamp to work???
  3. The first sbs cd is basically a windows 2003 cd with a wizard that runs on startup so I think that windows 2003 updates can be slipstreamed with no detrimental effect.
  4. I already an a tester but just making sure
  5. NOD32 works find on Windows 2003 if you get the right version. I use it everyday when installing servers.
  6. Yes you can, if using Windows XP search for WIA (Windows Imaging Aquisition) or TWAIN if 98 onwards. Be aware, its not as simple as you may think.
  7. I've been testing it but not had much time recently, will spend some time this weekend doing some application setups and testing.
  8. @GDogg - No I meant to boot from my EBD CD instead of installing a second version of windows to allow me to remove the required files.
  9. Hey guys, If I edit the batch files can I remove stuff from My EBD CD???
  10. Excellent - Well if you would like any testing/help let me know, I can also provide hosting if you require it at some point.
  11. The two things this lacks currently for myself is Wireless and Dynamic IP Support, I currently run an nLited XP in my Car for my CarPC and would like to make it even smaller, if someone can point me in the right direction, I'd even have a go myself to put some work into the project. Let me know if you need another more beta tester, I'd be more than willing to test for you, my current smallest working install with Nlite and a few manual tweaks is 150Meg, would love to make this even smaller then I could boot off a smaller Compactflashcard
  12. Set it up using a dynamic WAN IP as you are doing, then use the instructions below: http://www.draytek.co.uk/support/kb_vigor_multinat.html
  13. Are you sure these licenses aren't just SBS 2003 licenses you are trying to add??????
  14. I'd give up ..... there is almost no chance of getting a SATA drive to work on NT4 - there are no drivers available for NT4, only 2000 and 2003 Server.
  15. Nice app, any chance you could add the facility to export to a text file or copy to clipboard?? I'm a Systems Engineer and this would be so handy for my everyday work.
  16. Looks good, wouldn't mind a copy if poss for my AIO.
  17. Whats the make/model of the printer??? It maybe Laserjet III compatible in which case the standard Windows XP Laserjet III drivers will work.
  18. Sounds good but which order does it run the updates???
  19. My MS Antispyware removed IE7 Beta one as Spyware - well done MS!!! :-)
  20. Hey there, I have vb6 installed on here and have also tried installing the vb6 runtimes and the DAO fix to no avail, Is there anyway I can get a debug version to find out what I am missing???
  21. I'm getting Error 429 When trying to install this app, any idea what dependencies I may be missing???
  22. Gobby

    Mindows Project

    At least with the CAD_Trap stuff acknowledge the original author rather than ripping all the info pertaining to them. I know the author of the software and know for a fact they won't be too happy that it has been placed for distribution without his permission especially not in its full original form in the compressed package.
  23. Hi, I'm trying to silently install some updates to some bespoke software we use, unfortunately the updates use a Wise installer to run, I can run them silently but some of the updates ask for a reboot and won't continue until either OK or cancel are pressed, is there anyway to either suppress the reboot prompt or unpackage the Wise installer and repackage?? Thanks for any help Gobby
  24. Thanks for the beta Wraith - tried contacting you on IRC but we always seem to cross each other ... will give it a go and get back to you ..... I have been waiting for this since the previous verisons. :-) Gobby

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