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XPize uAE 2.0 MCE BETA 2


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Beta 2 ready. Things to have into account:

1) Download only if you're going to contribute to the bughunting. Don't waste our bandwidth.

2) XPize Settings needs .NET Framework to run. Links on my site.

3) Please be informative when reporting bugs / suggestions (Windows version, language, file, resource, etc...)

4) I will release a Luna (wizards images and custom visual style)) version and a lite version (no 128x128 icons) when all bugs are fixed.

5) Uninstal previous version of XPize before installing this one.

Please, test this version with unattended installs and i386 integration

***USAGE: Post-install ; Silent (/S) ; I386 integration ; nLite***

Silent switch: /S (this switch is case sensitive)


ECHO Installing XPize uAE
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\XPize\XPize.exe /S

You can also create an XPized Windows CD using the I386 Patching Feature, which also has silent switches support. Example:

xpize.exe /S /mode=i386 /source=C:\XPCD\I386 /dest=C:\Users\XPero\Desktop

or (in the case that the path has spaces, you need to surround the switch with " ")

xpize.exe /S /mode=i386 /source=C:\XPCD\I386 "/dest=C:\Many Users\XPero Rulez\Desktop"

Note 1: The order of the switches is not relevant.

Note 2: /source and /dest are only available when used with /mode=i386

Note 3: All the switches can be used in the normal way (not silent). They will change the default values.

Note 4: /mode switch supports this two values: i386 (i386 patching) or normal

What's new in 2.0 Beta 1:

- Added winbrand.dll
- Added wiashext.dll

- Added irprops.cpl
- Added intl.cpl
- Added joy.cpl
- Added ncpa.cpl
- Added nusrmgr.cpl

- Removed winhlp32.exe

- Fixed hmmapi.dlll

- Added bitmap 64 in msoeres.dll

- Fixed bitmap 50 in timedate.cpl

- Fixed bitmap 101 in winnt32u.dll
- Fixed bitmap 102 in winnt32u.dll

- Modified bitmap 8416 in shdocvw.dll
- Modified bitmap 8417 in shdocvw.dll
- Modified bitmap 8418 in shdocvw.dll
- Modified bitmap 8422 in shdocvw.dll

- Modified icon 100 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 101 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 102 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 103 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 200 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 201 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 202 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 203 in quartz.dll
- Modified icon 301 in quartz.dll

- Removed icon 108 in netplwiz.dll

Miscellaneous / 3rd Party Files:
- Added Widcomm bluetooth software
- Added Adobe Gamma
XPize Settings:
- Fixes in "Icons" tab (Big icons will be displayed in "icon view" only)
- Added "Icon Title Warp" option
- Added horizontal and vertical sliders for custom spacing
- Added "Desktop" options (possibility to change desktop view to "list view" and to set icon's background to transparent)
- Added notification area icon

I386 Patching:
- Fixed msimn.exe
- Fixed msoeres.dll
- Fixed oemig50.exe
- Fixed wab.exe
- Fixed wabimp.dll
- Fixed wabmig.exe
- Fixed wab32res.exe

Let's continue the bughunting! :)


Edited by XPero
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ok just a question if i have intergrated beta 1 using nlite.. ( i still have the folders on my drive) can i intergrate beta 2 on the same build.

Yep, but not recommended.

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D:\Program Files\Windows Media Player

Ive set winnt.sif to install as follows:


D:\Program Files\

E:\Documents and Settings\

Yep, the same problem other users are having. Even if I use the $PROGRAMFILES variable in the code, it seems that NSIS like C:\Program files the most :realmad:

This bug is killing me, gonna contact NSIS creators.

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XPero i must say wonderful package. i do hope this version comes out of beta soon. also

i wondered if there was any plains to add a vista like theme to this pack, if not it is still a dang fine product. and no errors on my install. thanks

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