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Best spyware blocker


What do yuo say is the best Anti Spyware Program?  

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  1. 1. What do yuo say is the best Anti Spyware Program?

    • Yahoo's Tool Bar
    • Microsoft's Beta
    • Spysweeper, Webroot
    • SpywareBlaster
    • Ad-aware
    • CounterSpy
    • Aluria SE
    • McAfee AS
    • Norton
    • Pest Patrol
    • SpySubtract
    • SW Doctor
    • X-Cleaner
    • OTHER

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Since the biggest medium for spyware and other crap is Internet explorer, i wld say this makes Opera the best spyware blocker B) .

Coming back to topic i wld say giant's aka Microsoft's antispyware as a very good blocker. It monitors 50+ checkpoints on the computer.

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for me, i've found a combination of products that seem very successful for blocking spyware/malicious scripts/etc.. that combo is firefox, with some key extensions, and thunderbird. i use nLite to remove a lot of garbage from windows but, at this point, i'm still keeping the IE core files. since i keep that, i also find it necessary to configure IE security settings to a point where they are very restrictive.

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Grisoft AVG7 Anti-virus (with email in/out checker)


Microsoft Anti-spyware (Beta)

Ad-aware SE

Spybot - Search & Destroy +on guard


SpywareBlaster +on guard system

WinPatrol +on guard (Scotty)




RegClean 4.1a (Microsoft)

Registry Mechanic



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I don't believe that anyone program is necessarily better, but take that with a grain of salt because I'm just a Newbie. Zone Alarm Pro just upgraded its addition to a security suit which now incorporates spyware detection. It's not interfering with my Webroot Spyware, nor with my Norton Anti-Virus worm detection. As you can see, I'm paranoid, and the more protection you have the better.

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I use a combination of 4 different programs.

Ad Aware, Spybot, PestPatrol and Microsoft. Each program has a different way of looking for and removing spyware and between the 4 of them, I usually have good luck in removing most spyware.

Panda online scan also works good.

The nice thing about PestPatrol and MS is that they run in the background and prevent stuff from being installed.

The latest version of ZA Pro is also cool with the spyware protection added. Another one to add to my mix of anti-spyware weapons!

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As an IT professional, who specializes in Computer Security, I'm here to tell one and all that there is to date NO one program that totally immunizes any PC against all threats.

Anyone running just One progran and thinking that he/she is safe is living a fools existance.

To clean up a Dirty PC I have to use every program in my somewhat large arsenal to totally eradicate the crap, crud and assorted malware.

I start by installing, updating and running AVG 7 FREE, anti virus.

Then I install, update and run AdAware SE/Personal to get the largest part of the installed Spyware. Next I install, Set-Up, update and then run Spybot S&D and get rid of many items that AdAware SE misses (don't forget to do the immunization after you download the updates),,,,then I install and run MS Anti-Spy. Again some new items will usually be found.

Then I install, update and run Trojan Hunter. This program is free for 30 days with full functionallity. It removes the really nasty trojans that AVG can't remove.

Finally I install and update "Spyware Blaster" a very good spyware blocker.

Then I install a custom hosts file.

Somewhere along the line I also run CWShredder and Kazaa Blaster.

So to really say what my favorite program is....is more than just a little difficult.

Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep here.



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Spybot is a very good program. If it weren't, I wouldn't be using it.

However, it still does not find Everything. It does however pair up very nicely with AdAware. Even the author of Spybot suggests that you use Spyware Blaster for added prevention. It's FREE and does not run as a TSR....so why not?

Spybot unlike AdAware is the creation of ONE man and not a software corp. like AdAware. A year or so ago, Spybot dissappeared off of the scene for about two months. NO upgrades, NO updates and no word as to what was going on. It just wasn't there. We all had to scramble for adequate Anti-Spyware protection.

Personally, as a computer security professional, I don't want to be put in that position ever again. I had dozens of phone calls from my customers, wanting to know where their Spybot updates were and I had NO answers.

That's why I keep a whole arsenal of security software with me at all times, on every service call. What one doesn't get the others will.

I don't want to beat anyone up here......I do want to say, however, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket".

Layer your computer protection as you would winter clothing.



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How did that quote go? "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". I think the same goes for this. Spyware starts up with Windows, usually by sneaky methods, so why not just disable all registry startup paths? I've done this and all of my occasional scans never detected a bit of spyware.

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