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  1. i thank all of you the issue with the drivers is every time i install them they go to the c drive instead of f now that i am back on the vista side i just have to dual-boot it now and btw you've all helped me out i can't find my vista cd because i just moved trust me i have looked all over for it is there a way i can do a boot menu without it i know i can use vista boot pro but do i have to install it on the vista side because it's already installed on the xp side and i know if i re-start it will just take me back to vista.
  2. yup thats the way i am set up but i managed to install vista boot pro and i am not booting up into vista now but the first time i tried to install the vista boot pro it said that i needed .net framework 2.0 so i downloaded it and burned it to a cd and installed it then i installed the vista boot pro now i just have to get it to dualboot and then i have to find a way to get the drivers for the xp partition that i mentioned earlier thanks anyway.
  3. thanks and no i did not expect it to dual-boot on it's own i though that i could just install EASYBCD but since i have no drivers i can't install any updates when i try to install the EASYBCD it's saying san unexpected error occured.
  4. xp is installed on another partition that i made vista is on C:/ and windows xp is on F:/ i can see partiton C:/ when i go to my computer but when i boot the notebook up it boots up to windows xp. and i have no drivers for ethernet controller,pci device,Sm bus controller,video controller,and video controller (vga compatible) i know where to get them from but everytime i try to install it it wants to install on the C:/ partition shrunk my c drive and it has three partitions now recovery vista and xp.
  5. hi everyone i installed windows xp on a notebook that already had vista installed i used nlite to make an iso cd to install xp i installed xp but now i can't boot into vista and i just moved so i cannot locate my vista cd or recovery cd to fix this is there anything i can do?
  6. i already use firefox as my browser i was just wondering if i really need it. i searched the web and found out it has something to do with my processor. and i've seen the secuirty warnings on my friends pc's it's like you can't download anything without the prompts warning you about what you are about to download. but isn't it a very important update for windows xp?
  7. what if you can't i've tried and tried i know i need it but i can't can i just slipstream it in?
  8. i've been looking around and i found out what my problem is it's the type of processor i have i justs happne to have an intel pentium 4 and my bios does not provide the required production support i found this out by downloading everest home edition and it told me my cpuid which starts with an F this means that i cannot upgrade to service pack2 and i also went to microsoft and they say not to operate the computer without an updated UPdate.sys file installed. question is can i go on without service pack2 or should i just get another motherboard and cpu? or is there away around this without losing my data? update: for some strange reason after i buy a new tower and after i download the latest video card driver the darn pc now took sp2 but at least now i will have a faster processor thing is that they don't take the same kind of memory thanks for helping everyone
  9. thanks but i have no problem un-installing it i am able to go into safe mode and un-install i just want to install it but i will try what you suggested thankyou and for some reason i cannot update my bios either. i may need some mmore help with the nlite
  10. i use adaware and spybot because which ever one misses anything the other gets well it's working for me at the moment since i cannot install sp2
  11. hello everyone haven't postedin a long while just reading the topics but i knew where to come to ask this question i have been running windows xp pro and home on two seperate hard drives i have a dual boot system and i know that i have to update everything ie; my video card i tried to upgrade my video card which is a nvidia geforce 2 mx/mx 400 but when i did that all i got was a black screen i had to install xp on top of its self to get my screen back i couldn't even go into safe mode. anyways back to service pack2 i downloaded and installed it and when it was time for my pc to restart i would get the windows logo screen and then a 1 sec blue screen then a back screen again in other words my pc kept re-starting i know it could be a number of things but i need some help i don't know what else to do because i have to much information to just try i clean install and i did do that one my smaller drive and still no luck is there a way for me to pinpoint the promblem with the install?
  12. i don't know if this will help but did you scan your system to adware and viruses and did you update the drivers of all the components in your pc? and if you did try to re-install xp without losing files and setting and then get all of the updates again up until service pack2 and one more thing make sure you don't have any software installed that would cause conflicts with servicepack2 i hope this helps
  13. my pc got really sick no matter what i do it keeps rebooting went into safe mode and had to uninstall it.
  14. hi everyone, i am having a bit of a problem with my netgear router it's very strange i have two pc's they both have multiboot and they both have xp home on one drive and xp pro on the other. a mac is also on the network the mac isn't on as much as the windows machines.here's the problem my husband can get online log into the router on both of his hard drives but he has to be pluged into the network via netgear switch pluged into the router. i can only log on on oneside i have tried everything that netgear told me to try they insist ythat the router is malfuctioning it is not because i had a connection on my c: drive before which was almost 2 months ago.where correct before and all of a sudden they where gone. i reset the router when i try to put the same settings as my d: dive i am receiving packets ans sending but i cannot browse the web i can also ping the router. and it will not detect the settings for the router comes up with an ip address that i do not recall. i am not using the orginal nic card from the cable installation due to a powers surge but it was working with the new nic card can someone please help me
  15. hello all i am having a bit of a problem i brought a extra hard drive which is a 160gb for my pc i already had a 20gb hard drive. i installed the drive but the entire size is not showing up in windows but when i booted into the bios the correct size was there. so i went to do some reading up on this and i found out that i may have to update my bios which i will do tomorrow and/or buy a controller card i would like some more information if any of you can help out by the way it's a western digital 160gb hard drive my 20gb is as well
  16. good i can't wait for the release
  17. depending on who manufactured the pc though ithappned to me my os dsk wasn't working anymore and they would not replace it they said i had to buy another one
  18. i got everything up and running my c: drive was bad had to get a replacement i was still under warranty whew and even got my multiboot screen back thats wheni was getting the hard drive error but all is well now thanks again
  19. sorry about that i didn't have my cup of coffee. here it is again before all of the happened i had my digital camera connected to my computer. i don't know if it was yanked out, i always have it connected. i was just wondering what could of caused the drivers assignments to change. and as for the drive when i would boot from the c: drive my second drive would come up as a d: drive but when i booted up with the second drive i would see the (the second) drive as an f: drive. but now i changed the driver assignments and also installed software on the c: drive maybe this will help when i am on the c: drive ( my master drive) the driver assignments would look like this local disk c: local disk d: 3 1/2 floppy a: cd-rw drive e: dvd drive f: and when i am on the d: drive (my slave drive) the driver assignments would look like this local disk c: local disk f: 3 1/2 floppy a: cd-rw drive d: dvd drive e: i hope i did a better job this time
  20. i think this all started with my digital camera that's when i noticed it all i had to change was (from the c: drive side was the other hard drive it was coming up as d: drive on the c: drive side but wheni was actually on the d: drive it would say f: all is well now i opened up some programs and didn't notice anything different accept that everything says f: as always on this side should i go to my c: drive to see if anyhting will act up?
  21. oops forgot to say that i did change the drive assignments before i installed windows on the c: drive but after that on my f: drive hung on start up ( norton would not start up completely but the other programs like my instant messingers would and i had no taskbar so i reinstalled windows on top of itself so i would not lose any files and settings and i am on the drive right now. but i know something will go wrong what i don't know
  22. thanks i had no idea i have windows installed on both drives and i do have software on both drives the smaller drive c: i use it for business and the bigger one drive f: i use for myslef. i really was trying to aviod reinstalling evrything even though i do have everything backed up that i need.and i haven't tried to open up any programs that i haveon my f: drive i should of thought about that one. so should i just reinstall everything won't the drive assighnments go back to the way they were if i reinstall?
  23. thanks i have done that but now when i boot up my slave drive which is my (f:) drive it doesn't show my taskbar and a norton error comes up i am going to try to do a reinstall without loosing files and settings maybe t his will fix what's goingon now but just in case it doesn't i am moving all of my files to the (c:) drive i may have to do a raw installation i'll let ya know thanks again for the help

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