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How lite is your xp?


the size range of I386 directory of ur lite xp?  

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  1. 1. the size range of I386 directory of ur lite xp?

    • over 600MB
    • 550-600
    • 500-550
    • 450-500
    • 400-450
    • 350-400
    • 300-350
    • 250-300
    • 200-250
    • 170-200
    • 150-170
    • 120-150
    • 100-120
    • less than 100

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~ 120Mo, SP2 integrated, but without any app, hotfix, or third-party driver (I prefer install them separetly, in order to install directly the newest version)

edit : some users have directory smaller than 100mo... great work ! you reached a symbolic step !

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In my nLited folder, I just removed Brother Devices from Hardware Support, so the CD could be capable of running with almost everything.

Choosing a couple more of them should give me another few MBs saving.

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386 directory is 95mb

Windows directory is 159mb

The whole install takes 162 mb on harddisk ;)

Will sink my teeth into 386 now, think I have reached the smallest possible installsize.

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My I386 is about 200-250MB. But I integrated many other stuffs. Some large ones are: Office XP, Borland C++ Builder 4, Acrobat Reader, photoshop 6, Symantic Anti Virus, MiKTeX, LyX, several boot floppy images. And I have more than 10 small softwares on it, like Irfan. So my ISO is about 500MB. I'm planning to integrate BartPE to the ISO, it will add 150MB to the disc. I want to add a game which is 100MB. It exceeds 700MB, so I need to shrink it more. I'm testing PDF Reader which is much much smaller than Acrobat reader. I may need to decompress some files in I386 in order to make the final ISO fit to a 700MB CD :)

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