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  1. Please close this topic, i give up on this. I cannot get FDVFILES to work with german XPSP3.
  2. Thanks for the info Acheron. Finally found the error code 0xFFFFFBDA -1062 0xFFFFFBDA JET_errInvalidLanguageId Ungültige oder unbekannte Sprachenkennung 4294966234 JET seems to be the database component of XP. part of MDAC/ODBC/ADO/JET I commented out mdac.inf in syssetup.inf. But that wasn' the cause: content of dberr.txt in catroot2
  3. I like Win 2000 more than XP, because of it's clean GUI. XP is only good when removed dozen of features und GUI crap. I started with Win 98, ME what a crap! But then came XP. Stable and fast. What a glorious gaming time. Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 are no successors. Filled with crap nobody needs. Multimedia funky junky Systems. Hail to the king baby, XP rules! Despite I'm using OSX 10.6.8, XP will always have a place in my heart.
  4. For patching, i used your post: -Disable error messages in Setupapi.log and pop-up driver install dialogs with patched syssetup.dll..... and -Disable Syssetup.inf protect and -Disable OOBE i rename setupapi.dll to setupapi.dl_ no cabing. what exactly does Disable SFC files scan in T-8 mean? FDV tells in his article of disabling SFC per: ; these two keys control whether WFP is on or off. ; Simply use an invalid path like Z:\ to shut WFP off.; these keys do NOT exist by default.HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon","SFCDllCacheDir",,"z:"HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Windows File Protection","SFCDllCacheDir",,"z:" or to use an empty SFCFiles.dll. FDV modified his layout.inf and i use his files: http://www.vorck.com/windows/xpsp4.html Yes IE is needed by many applications, but i wanted to try it once without it.
  5. It worked as basic install. The idea was to make a lean and ie free gaming os. hfslipfc.cmd tells me that rootsupd.exe needs to be in HFSVCPACK_SW2 otherwise it's not recognised. Arrrrrrrggg, with FDVFILES i get this in setupapi.log: Last line of Setupapi.log is (D drive is CDRom):[2016/02/23 19:47:33 272.8]#-199 Executing "C:\WINDOWS\system32\setup.exe" with command line: setup -newsetup#E360 An unsigned or incorrectly signed file "D:\I386\NT5INF.CAT" for driver "Windows XP Professional Setup" will be installed (Policy=Ignore). Error 0xfffffbda: Unknown Error. Catroot folder on c is empty... Either my dll hack of syssetup and/or setupapi.dll is wrong, Layout.inf or txtsetup.sif are corrupt (needed files missing? nt5inf.cat is on disk and in infs), oobe is broken, sfc ist broken, wrong winnt.sif entries... Any hints?
  6. Hi Archeron, yes i use the latest version: HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta K v9 build 20150818 You're right, i try a basic procedure. I use no posready fixes, just postSP3 ones: Is it possible to update to WMP11-Codecs (wmfdist11.exe)?
  7. Hello everyone, this is weird, I try the following: -Use HFSLIP with most PostSP3 Fixes -use FDVFiles (needed some localisations for german) -version of sourcefiles is GRTMPFPP_DE -used FDVs syssetup.dll and setupapi.dll, no luck -patched like described (http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/163817-a-new-patch-to-edit-syssetupinf-without-any-error-messages/?p=1070787), no luck I always get these errors: error:Signature of Windows XP Professional Setup is invalid. error: fffffbda.Serious error:Setup failed to install the product catalogsDoes anyone have a clue? Are there german users of FDVfiles that got it working? Please help me, thanks.
  8. I tried cleaning the whole REGINST Section up, with no success, it was obvious: The REGINST Section was already in the Registry so cleaning of the files hasn't affected anything. Does the installation of the cleaned out files work? Any ideas on how to get rid of the Cache-Folders? Cutting out IE from Windows is a pain! I know why my primary OS is OSX!
  9. The idea was to make Windows it should be. No crap, very very small registry, only an Operating System. But M$ forgot to make its OS modulary so everything requires each other. Thats why i look for a shell that doesn't need any Explorer and/or IE crap dlls.
  10. Hi guys, i'm doing some real crank stuff. My Windows only consumes 30Mbs of Ram. Okay need to say that it now runs without a Shell, Explorer Shell and IE completely ripped out. Thats why i ask you, which shell is a real standalone one? I mean not one which needs the Explorer/IE Files.
  11. Hello there, has anyone started to slim down .Net? Assembly Cache uses too much MBs. Want to slim it down to make only the C# tools work.
  12. Unfortunately my vLited Vista does not work with XP in network. Yes i have installed on XP the Networktopology responder update. Firewall on Vista is completely disabled. My commection says always that the connection has less connectivity. I've given it a fixed IP adress and Network connection turns always back to public network later after i've set it to private. One more weird thing is i neither can activate networkrecognation nor deactivate it. On my connection in the settings of MS Client there is nothing set. Hasn't there to be Windows Locator? Which Vista services has to run to garantee a flawless filesharing process?
  13. Hey guys, i wanted to know if i can activate, when i install home basic, flip 3d, taskbar thrumpnails and Aero's glass effects.
  14. @prx984 I just use a trial version of Vista ultimate. But i removed everything with vlite so i decided to buy an original vista. to keep the price cheap i want to buy the cheapest vista. Thats why i asked you guys if aero glass runs on home basic, Home Premium has definitive aero glass!!!!
  15. Hi there, is there a chance to activate in Vista Home basic Aero glass and flip 3d? This is the only feature i need of Vista, else i need to buy home premium.
  16. The *.msu files are some kind of cab files. They contain this, take KB929427: a xml Windows6.0-KB929427-x86.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend"> <servicing> <package action="install"> <assemblyIdentity name="Package_for_KB929427" version="" language="neutral" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35"/> <source location="%configsetroot%\Windows6.0-KB929427-x86.CAB" /> </package> </servicing> </unattend> a Windows6.0-KB929427-x86.cab which contains new files and cats files for it. a WSUSSCAN.cab caontains: package.cab -->seems to be a small installer and the forth but least file is this one: Windows6.0-KB929427-x86-pkgProperties.txt: Applies to="Windows 6.0" Build Date="2007/01/26" Company="Microsoft Corporation" File Version="1" Installation Type="FULL" Installer Engine="Component Based Servicing - WUSA.exe" Installer Version="" KB Article Number="929427" Language="ALL" Package Type="Update" Processor Architecture="x86" Product Name="Windows 6.0" Support Link="http://support.microsoft.com?kbid=929427"
  17. Hi, i need help in closing the Vista ports. Here is a list of open ports when no program is running: TCP 49152 Listening TCP 49153 Listening TCP 49154 Listening TCP 49155 Listening TCP 49156 Listening TCP 50300 Listening TCP 135 epmap Listening UDP 5355 llmnr UDP 123 ntp I dislike that epmap port is listening! is there a chance to get it closed?
  18. Its cool to read that everybody here seems to have the very expensive Enterprise Edition!!! I don't think that you have the money to buy it!
  19. What about to remove the resource eater WMP11? The version of Vista RTM has a home and business N Version maybe we can learn how to prevent WMP from being installed. It will be nice to keep the Codecs from WMP ;-) .
  20. Hi nuhi, the only thing i can do now is to say it was the program files directory. Sorry image isn't possible cause i've fixed it. Its the same weird thing i told to you once ago that i had with windows XP SP2 and nLite.
  21. Hi, my problem ist as follows: I've vLited a Vista RTM. Now i have a Security problem. Some of my programs won't install cause there is a Creator-Owner entry in the Security tab. The Creator-Owner is empty so that everybody who is part of this group like me as user is locked out of the folder. This is a weird thing that is happening after vliteing. The best of all is that there is no methody i know to reset this entry or delete it. I've disabled UAc and logged on as Admin, no way to get access to the security entries to write.
  22. How do realize then Soundplaying without rpc in mindows (xp)??!
  23. Sometimes anything is blocking my RPC Service the Footprint in the Memory is then very low and this is good. Unfortunately is Windows then nearly unable to do anything without RPC. I'm looking for a method to get the Sound working. I think i have read this on Project Mindows?
  24. Hi, i saw an old Vista Driver from ATI which contained the following files: [sourceDisksFiles] atikmdag.sys=1 atitmmxx.dll=1 atiumdag.dll=1 atiumdva.dll=1 + the cat file and the inf. Is it possible to cut down the actuall Catalyst 6.3 down so much? All i need is OpenGL Support. Does anybody know what the ati2evxx.exe for is?

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