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    xpize 5 Release 6

    @W3bbo, I really fine-tune my xpize install : no WinRAR theme because I use mine, no bootscreen because I don't like it, no visualstyle because I'd rather use my current one, idem concerning the wallpaper, etc... In a nutshell, I am only using the sysfiles patches and the logon/logoff screens. And so, each user customize its desktop as he wishes, hey, here is the interest of a powerful and flexible software as anobis @ Happy-Dude, this bug is quite interesting, but whatever I certainly won't harm hardware acceleration because of this FYI my ForceWare version is 182.50, it isn't that old...
  2. OuTmAn

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Hi, some suggests : 1) 7-Zip theme doesn't have transparency: some icons have black background, others have white (or grey don't remember) background. Might be due to my visual style, I don't use those of xpize... no screenshot, could provide if needed 2) because there is alot of options to (un)check in the installer, it would be very convenient if, when a child box is unchecked, the parent box became checked, but on a greyed box, instead of remaining unchanged Otherwise, this xpize resurrection is really impressive Cheers
  3. OuTmAn

    xpize 5 Release 6

    W3bbo, the funny thing is that I'd already rebooted one time and the problem was still present
  4. OuTmAn

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Hi, I started xpize installer then cancelled it (just after the update check routine, which has been blocked by my firewall). It is now impossible to start it again, it says "detected previous installation which needs computer restart". I restarted the computer, cleaned my temporary files, and checked the "pending operations" registry keys you mentionned above. Still unable to start a new installation... "/ignoreCondition" switch workarounds the problem, but I'd rather know the culprit. Any clue ? thank you edit, here is my PendingFileRenameOperations reg entry : \??\C:\DOCUME~1\OuT\LOCALS~1\TEMPOR~1\Content.IE5\index.dat \??\C:\DOCUME~1\OuT\LOCALS~1\History\History.IE5\index.datif you wish, my IE version is 7 edit 2, after the same cleanup/reboot procedure one more time, it now works... do not know exactly what changed Cheers
  5. Hi, I noticed KB886903 for .NET 1.1 SP1, which is from 2005 RogueSpear includes it in its packs : http://www.doitrightconsulting.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=132 and here is the Microsoft page : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...BC-1A0DC2273FF9 It seems .NET Maker doesn't support it, is it simply a miss? In this case, it would be great to add it Cheers
  6. mooms, I have some suggestions: - just to be sure, do you run as administrator? - if "TCP/IP NetBIOS helper" service was not running, give a try with this service set to "auto" and running (this one not running caused me some bugs with old installations) - MSI error 1720 makes me guess your Windows Installer installation might be somewhat broken, try repair it: 1. run "msiexec /regserver" then "msiexec /unregister" 2. if it doesn't work, run Windows Installer 4.5 redistributable package again (KB942288) see you
  7. Windows 2003 : WINS server needs the Remote Registry service
  8. I mentioned it, it is SP1 for .NET 1.1 you're right, I hadn't noticed... would it break install on XP if this hotfix is included?
  9. .NET 3.5 SP1 includes .NET 3.5 SP1, 3.0 SP2 and 2.0 SP2 so you need : - .NET 3.5 SP1 installer - hotfixes (NDP20SP2-KB958481, NDP30SP2-KB958483 and NDP35SP1-KB958484) - MSXML6 update (KB954459) - .NET 1.1 installer - SP1 for .NET 1.1 (KB867460) - hotfixes for .NET 1.1 (KB928366 and KB947742) quite simple isn't it? lol
  10. Thank you for your reply, you are right, msxml6 update integration is already working It updates msxml6.dll from 6.10.1200.0 to 6.20.1099.0, and msxml6r.dll (no version change, just file signature refresh) One thing I haven't understood yet is that the update seems to be integrated into .NET 3.0 whereas RogueSpear puts it into the .NET 2.0 part. Even if the answer should be simple, I won't investigate into this since both ways seem to be flawlessly working You might want to add the msxml6 update in the supported files list of 1st post EDIT: wouhouuu missed the update while editing my post... let's have a look at this new release
  11. Hi, Very useful script, many thanks for keeping it alive Latest RogueSpear's .NET installers include MSXML6 SP2 (KB954459) in order to update the one present in original installer... Since .NET original installers have been updated since latest RogueSpear stuff, does that hotfix still need to be added? If yes, can it be integrated using .NET Maker? Also, I know this hotfix is included in Windows "UpdatePacks", however it is very appreciable to have an .NET installer with up-to-date MSXML! Cheers
  12. in my installs I always remove the language bar, and the quicklaunch isn't show by default. but I don't know if this is related to the language bar removal.
  13. to begin, try if working with non-nLited install some advices: cmd run "ipconfig /a", look at results (is your interface up and assigned with correct addresses?) ping (localhost) ping hosts of local network ping known internet IP like (this one is OpenDNS server)
  14. Hi, for my wireless connection, if I want to make Windows "repair" it, I need these services : connection manager : works if set to "manual", however it is always started as soon as network is running so I personally set it to "automatic" cryptographic services : I just discovered about this one today. If it is not running, Windows cannot even disable the adapter. If set to "manual" but is not running, Windows don't start it so it fails. I used to set it to "manual", however I remember I always seen this service running. Should be started by Windows at boot. Now will set this one to "automatic" network location awareness (NLA) : the same as cryptographic service except it is not adapter disabling that fails, but the the IP acquisition step. repair process hangs. DHCP client : again the same except it is final registration step that fails. displays a message box "failed at DNS register". and DNS client nearly the same, it fails just before, at releasing the previous DNS set. as you can see, crypto, NLA, DNS and DHCP are called at different steps of the repair process. I think these services might be crucial for wired connections too. Also, I've already constated removing too many network-related components can lead to serious issues, like impossibility to accept incoming connection requests (server-oriented apps). about my config : manually set adresses, no DHCP server on the network, do not use the Windows wireless assistant, no WEP or WPA regards
  15. OuTmAn


    you are right, this is the password expiration thing thank you johnhc
  16. OuTmAn


    Hi, in Last Session.ini, section [unattended], I can't figure what is "NoPassExpSpec" for [Unattended] NoPassExpSpec (...) does somebody know? thank you
  17. I haven't tested these plugins, but it should be from far a better alternative to MauSau plugins. For example, I heard about audio CD creating problems with Musepack files and MauSau plugins, and I can't fix this kind of problem since my only tools are ResHack and hex edit :\
  18. Hi, As a lover of Musepack audio format, I updated its MauSau plugin. In case one's interested, I provide it here: nxMyMPC audio plugin (unofficial) changes : - obviously, updated to mppenc 1.16/mppdec 1.95e - changed all occurences of "MusePack" to "Musepack" (the correct writing) - bumped version number and build date, added notice of my update tools : Resource Hacker, cabarc.exe, hex editing Cheers
  19. Hi, I just can say nLite hacks sfc_os.dll and syssetup.dll differently than these patch addons So, to be sure things are ok, I disable SFC using only nLite (so it recognizes the original sfc_os.dll and let me disable SFC ; if patched before, selection box is grayed and displays "SFC enabled", so nLite doesn't seem to like other patch methods than its own one) About syssetup.dll I do nearly the same : since nLite automatically patches syssetup.dll following its needs, I let nLite handle it. Since I always remove components, I know nLite will remove the syssetup.inf integrity check. Cheers
  20. Windows XP Pro SP3 - Corporate - English SP3 directly integrated on SP0 (vanilla) source, then latest RyanVM UpdatePack, then WMP11+hotfixes using WMP11 Slipstreamer, then IE7 addon by OnePiece, using RyanVM/Siginet Integrator Even on a very little nLited source, Additions can install, but if try to uninstall them, uninstall process fails, however after reboot no mouse integration, shared folders etc. and need to do some heavy registry deletions in order to be able to reinstall Additions and make it working again. As I said, I'm very very busy of that breaking events... on my working source, I will simply try to remove some components that annoy me, like firewall/ALG, QoS, etc. and see if they're needed for Additions. It can also simply be network tweaks... absolutely no idea as of now... could try some process/file access monitor on an unmodified source, or step-after-step image comparison... but I'm tired of it and simply don't have time (work+studies...)
  21. jaclaz's method (in his 2nd link), using "TYPE | FIND /V", is simple and interesting I could use this method for some of my personal stuff! (but my method using NirCmd is good too )
  22. Hi, If your source is VLK (aka Corporate, no 30-day activation), you can remove "OOBE" component in nLite If your source is not VLK (retail, OEM etc. activation needed), you shall not remove OOBE, but in "unattended" section of nLite you can check "skip OOBE" option If you're adventurous you can do some "WinMerge" on pre and post nLited sources and try to find how it apply this skipping cheers
  23. using NirCmd ATTRIB -R -S -H C:\boot.ini NIRCMDC inisetval "C:\boot.ini" "boot loader" "timeout" "2" cheers
  24. made several nLited iso, installed them in Virtual PC... but in many, VirtualMachine Additions don't want to install (MSI launches install but does a rollback before the end)... I already figured that "file and printer sharing" network component is needed in order to execute setup up to the end. However, in some cases, after install and a reboot, mouse integration doesn't work, shared folders aren't available, etc. and also cannot uninstall (same problem: try but rollback)! some iso are working, but they are very very few nLited (ie. remove 2-3 components and no tweak at all) I know, should do (many) bunch testing try-and-see; but to be honest I'm too tired, I'm busy of nLiting, breaks too many things, not enough infos of "this component is used by X and Y", no real dependencies management... and each test takes a LOT of time espacially on my turtle computer so I drop, before I become crazy

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