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BETA testing


Are you a regestered Microsoft BETA technical tester (using BetaPlace)  

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  1. 1. Are you a regestered Microsoft BETA technical tester (using BetaPlace)

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    • That Exists?
    • How do I join?

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Well, talking about beta... MS is planning to have much "wider" beta programs, so there will also be public betas available (similar to MS Antispyware or VS Express today). If you go to windows update, you may find in your option ability to include betas (default in unchecked)

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How do I join?

Go to BetaPlace (beta.microsoft.com)

Do the first survey (guest id: "betareq")

Wait for Microsoft to e-mail you with a beta guest code to koin that beta, or look up guest IDs on the internet. :thumbup

I did not know about it either, now I signed up and used the guest id betareq but it says invalid...


I tried with diff case BetaReq like that and it says The Guest ID you entered has been locked out of Microsoft Beta


Created account now im in sweet!@

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2bledd: Yes, they work like this. Every beta project is with documentation, product forums. About blogs - in my opinion MS have best implemented blog for their employees/developers. Once I subscribed to developers bloglist and I received unmanageable amount of posts every day. Now I use RSS only for my favourite guys, like Michael Howards, Valery Pryamikov and few others.

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